Projector InFocus ScreenPlay User Manual . (see page 40) replace lamp When sending the projector in for repair, we recommend shipping the unit in its. Products 1 – of the right to download the INFOCUS LP70+ user manual Infocus Lp infocus lp service manual infocus projector infocus. And now my latest problem: My Infocus SP DLP projector from has Also attached is the service manual for the X1 which is similar.

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Re-assembling, aligning and gluing is, manula the Brits would say, a bit fiddly. I replaced all of the ‘lytic caps including the filter cap on the power supply janual but it still behaves the same. Page 40 Lamp Reset: Basically, you can’t know that your ballast is good without a certified good bulb and you can’t know that you have a good bulb unless you know you have a good ballast I xervice be ordering more this week. The LED flashes green and the fans start to run.

One edge of your “light tunnel” has started to come unglued and has slipped a little. For example, if the projector is set to a video source but the source, such as a DVD player, is turned off video menu options are grayed out. But as said, don’t be afraid to try repairing it yourself if you’re out of warranty – it isn’t all that hard.

Do not place objects or people in the 2 foot. Servicr am getting the problem when my fan comes on but no beep or sergice. They’re that small and that close together. I have since removed the lamp to determine whether mnual had become unseated, but that looks fine and it still doesn’t light.

  EB 1761W PDF

Long out of warranty. Infocus SP powers on but no lamp Hello again. Is there a fix for this? While repairing my PJ for the light tunnel problem my dog banged into me and the PJ. Login to post Please use English characters only.

Especially getting the light to shine again Help! Final scoreboard on the swap: I Have the phone number of the place and also the link to the forum giving you fully pictured diagrams of how to change the light tunnel, and also I have a service manual if anyone would like it to be sent to them.


TV screens are usually 4: There’s a good guide in the zervice about cleaning up the inside of the PJ. I guess it could be pretty tight such that the wheel is slow to begin spinning and the software checks on the lamp start up could have its “timer expire” before hand which could mean that it really never attempt the strikes Related Topics service manual diagram light tunnel y plan diagram.

So the bottom line here is if your unit won’t strike the lamp and the color wheel twitches and eventually spins, you have a problem with the color wheel drive circuitry on the main board. After 2 hours of work I have ansolutely no visibility of the light tunnel malfunction, clear white screen all the way. First check that the air vents on the back of the projector are not blocked or dirty. Do this only after changing the lamp.

Cleaned lens, blew out case, changed bulb, still with dark spot. I don’t want to take the PJ back apart until I’m sure.

Jaime Hernandez Level 3 Expert Answers. Adjust the zoom and focus. I can’t quite explain what I mean. Again the result was the same. Video of the Day. You can check this by powering the projector and flexing the case or with the top case infoocus, gently press on the back of the optical engine.


I use my PJ with my PC, just upgraded my gfx card from a geforce to I am getting a ‘1’ flash code which according to the manual indicates “unable to strike the lamp after 5 attempts” Last edited by bluto; at When I went to the Infocus website I saw 2 sservice from my current 1. Hello all, its good to be back on bcn! Presets—cycles through the available preset settings page servicw Well it worked perfectly before I put it into storage.

DO NOT touch the bulb with bare fingers. So I hooked up the original components on the bench and did a firmware re-flash. Well, if that was the case then why not try taking it appart and see if it’s possible to do something about it. Please insure your shipment for its full value.

InFocus SP4805 User Manual

indocus To contact technical support, visit the support section of the Infocus website the link is located in the Resources section below. We have 6 Infocus LP projectors at my office. Displaying video Remove the lens cap.

So now I had to remove the DMD chip and board from the donor optical housing because it was dusty has a bad light tunnel and screw it onto my original. Posted on Jan 02, Not sure but, I thought there were flash codes to indicate the failure. Next, check that the lamp housing screens aren’t full of dust and other debris.