The maxim damnum sine injuria can be better explained by the following mathematical formula as deduced by Prof. S.P. Singh in his book ‘Law. right is interferred with, injuria sine damno sufficient to found an action: but no action can be maintained where there is neither damnum nor injuria”. Legal definition for INJURIA SINE DAMNUM: Latin for injury without damage. It means injury without damages, e.g. opening up a competitive store will cause.

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The instant appeal is a classical example of the age old principle known as “damnum sine injuria “.

Meaning, Definition and Kinds of possession. Under the garb of being Karmasad Medical Association v.

Khimji Vassonji And Another… Plaintiffs ; v. As contended by the learned counsel it is damnum sine injuriadamage without infringement of eine right, setting First Appellate Authority 0. The complainant has to establish that he has Pashu Shav Chhedan A It is this kind of The injiria has to establish that he has been deprived of or denied of a legal right and he has sustained injury to any legally protected interest.


The term injuria being here used in its true sense reason why law suffers a person knowingly to inflict harm of this Miss Neeru Verma And Others… v.

Damage without injury is not actionable.


The meaning of the above maxim is infringement of an absolute private right without any actual loss or damage. State Of Meghalaya And Ors.

Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property 0. The term injuria being here used in its true sense of an Act contrary to law. Even if it is assumed that the action of the injuriz was wrong in law, it gave no right to others to commit any offence injuria non excusat injuriam Shri Mahesh Kumar Gupta v.

injuria sine damno – definition and meaning

Hindustan Photo Films Mfg. Meghalaya High Court 1. You have reach your max limit. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

Damnum Sine Injuria and Injuria Sine Damno – Law Notes – Legal Bites

Supreme Court Of India Judicially, harm of this description is called damnium sine injuria. Jasbhai Motibhai Desai v.


Damnum means damage in the sense of money, loss of comfort, service, health etc. Railway Claims Tribunal 0.

Injuria Sine Damno

Rajasthan High Court 4. No loss was suffered by such refusal because the candidate for whom he wanted to vote won in spite of that.

In case he has Ravi Yashwant Bhoir v. That is neither here nor there. Karnataka High Court In Gloucester Grammar School sindthe defendant had set-up a rival school to that of the plaintiffs with the result that the plaintiffs were required to reduce the tuition fees of their school substantially. I have to include presumed damage under the second head, because in certain cases such as trespass, assault, false imprisonment, etc.

Tripura High Court 0.