Inventing the AIDS Virus has 93 ratings and 12 reviews. Seth said: This amazing book makes a good case that HIV is NOT the cause of AIDS. Duesberg is not. So argues Dr. Peter Duesberg, one of the world’s leading microbiologists, a pioneer in the discovery of the HIV family of viruses, and a member of the National. Inventing the AIDS Virus By Peter H. Duesberg (review). Peter D. Friedmann. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 40, Number 3, Spring , pp.

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Duesberg makes me angry. Eduardo rated it really liked it May 13, Go here for more They are all wrong, Mr. They have disagreed almost uniformly with his increasingly strident contentions, but he has remained undaunted, writing voluminously about his belief.

Inventing the AIDS Virus – Wikipedia

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Duesberg contends that HIV is a harmless passenger virus and that AIDS is caused by unrelated factors such as drug abuseantiretroviral medicationchronic malnutrition, poor sanitation, and hemophilia.

Duesberg views it as collusion between government and industry to dupe the public. Duesberg’s theoriesand all of the infants would have been damaged anyway, he asserts, since they spent nine months in the wombs of drug users.

Neilands supported Duesberg’s views, while the epidemiologist Warren Winkelstein criticized them. Duesberg proclaims his opinions contrasts starkly with the heterodoxy he reserves for all other widely accepted views.

Cathy rated it really liked it Apr 25, No trivia or quizzes yet. He credited Duesberg with drawing together his previous arguments about HIV into a “historically and logically coherent” form, and aide exposing “scandals of misleading research” and exaggerated predictions about the spread of AIDS, and showing how “dissidents who share his view have been bt by most other scientists” and how diseases have wrongly been blamed on infectious agents in the past.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Duesberg’s book was also the subject of an authorship dispute with th of his graduate students.


Inventing the AIDS Virus

Diego Solis rated it liked it Jan 23, In recent years, many chronic viral infections such as recurrent herpes simplex or the reactivation of the latent chicken pox virus to cause shingles have been studied in depth, inventijg investigation of the role played by viruses is considered by most researchers to iventing a particularly rich source of insight into the cause of other chronic diseases and even of cancer.

Duesberg blithely disregards the mountains of data contributing to the present understanding of microbial pathogenesis in general. And he perceives self-interested collusion behind that nearly universal agreement. Peter Duesberg, one of the world’s leading microbiologists, a pioneer in the discovery of the HIV inventkng of viruses, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Although Professor Duesberg views himself as a modern-day Galileo, excommunicated from the church of big science for his unorthodoxviews, his use ofconspiracy-laden innuendo, selective truths, and high-handed language certainly have not helped his status.

As proof of this self-interested conspiracy, Professor Duesberg contends that “the medical establishment duesbdrg never erred on the side ofnoninfectious causation ofdisease” p. The story ofHelicobacterpylori, which the medical establishment initially dismissed as an infectious cause of peptic ulcer disease, is a striking demonsttation that Dr. On occasion, when he feels the need to deal with the reality of large numbers of people dying with profound immune suppression, he invokes a diffuse and unproved immune incompetence that he ascribes to drug use, life in underdeveloped countries or underlying illness.

One wants to begin with a rebuttal that evokes the overwhelming numbers of biomedical scientists, physicians, public health and health care professionals who have considered the evidence in depth and have arrived at conclusions very different from his. A dispute between Duesberg and Ellison resulted, with Ellison charging that Duesberg was “doing favors on behalf of several people in the government” who petdr to suppress the book.

In this book Mr.

Denial has always been the most devastating social and political dynamic of the AIDS epidemic-and his book feeds it abundantly. A book review from Laissez Faire Books.

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Duesberg contends that there is a cabal of “microbe-hunters” who control research funding and are vested in the theory ny HIV causes AIDS.

Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter H. Duesberg

Sure to spark intense debate, this provocative book offers an original and incisive critique of the rise and fall of HIV. This book does both. Readers hoping for a balanced treatment of the issues will be disappointed. Well written, but like a lawyer’s plea has guile, ignorance and skill. The mothers, according to Mr. Lists with This Book.

A molecular and cell biologist, Professor Duesberg clearly has litde understanding of even basic epidemiological concepts: Open Preview See a Problem? Nor does he acknowledge the existence of enormous bodies of evidence based on epidemiologic or clinical science that firmly implicate H.

I say this rather strongly as a warning. He describes them as being captured by “virus hunters” after the Cutter Incident ofcontending that the war on cancer has been from the start primarily a search for cancer virusesand that funding for such searches had long since overtaken the development of chemotherapy for specific treatments of cancer and the study of chemicals as environmental causes of cancer, and that such misapplied efforts are the primary reasons for the failure of that war to produce economically effective results.

But he goes much farther, criticizing the F. In any case, the treatment for syphilis is penicillin, which is not toxic. Peter Duesberg is professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley, a pioneer in retrovirus research, the first scientist to isolate a cancer gene, and recipient of the Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Institutes of Health. Reviewed by June E. In such a study, a large number of infected people would be monitored over time and compared with a large number of uninfected people.