When you use the IP PrintWay component of Infoprint Server to print the jobs that Infoprint XT generates, you create a second printer definition, in addition to the. The following information applies only to IP PrintWay™ basic mode. IP PrintWay extended mode does not use the same transmission queue as IP PrintWay. Before you use IP PrintWay™ to send print output to remote printers and email destinations, you must create printer definitions. Typically, you create one printer .

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Validation of print requests IP PrintWay extended mode can validate, with some exceptions, that the document can print as requested on the selected printer. The operator can then select the backup printer for IP PrintWay to use when the primary printer is not functioning.

Planning printer definitions for IP PrintWay

If the Print Interface subsystem processes the data set, the default value is the title that is specified in the Allocation section of the printer definition in the Printer Inventory.

Enclose the retry time in single quotation marks. IP PrintWay can record the number of pages that printed successfully for each document. For example, if the file name is myfile. Understanding the components of Infoprint Server. Encrypting data ensures the confidentiality of the data that you send to the printer. An ascii ‘ ‘ character is actually x’40’ and is used frequently in Postscript. If none is specified, the default value is the fully qualified data set name.

Table 2 explains the state of retained data sets.

Planning printer definitions for IP PrintWay

To customize IP PrintWay processing. IP PrintWay extended mode also uses the new attributes the next time it tries printing a data set that failed to print. If the name contains special characters, blanks, or lowercase letters, enclose the entire printwsy in apostrophes.


Where each line is indented further than the previous line. In the Printer code page field, delete any value that is present, so that the field has no value. Releases the data set.

If the Print Interface subsystem processes the data set, the JES node in the printer definition is used. Specifying allocation parameters for IP PrintWay. United States English English. In addition to writing IP PrintWay exits, you can write filter programs to modify the data stream or add separator pages.

Transforms IP PrintWay can transform line data to text format for printing on a network printer or lp without using a separate transform product. Update the Custom values information for the Processing section: Selecting the direct sockets protocol. If you already customized IP PrintWay to use the LPR or direct sockets transmission protocol and you now want to use the email or IPP prijtway, you need to do the additional customization tasks summarized in Table 3.

Error description This info apar is meant to document common problems that have been encountered by customers using PrintWay, and their fixes where possible. IP PrintWay basic mode: If, for example, you have read-only access to the IP PrintWay transmission-queue data setyou are allowed to list and browse entries but not hold, reset, modify, or delete them.

If none is specified, see Table 3. If an error occurs in the middle of a print job, IP PrintWay restarts printing from the beginning of the print job. You can specify only one filter for each data format in the printer definition. Position the cursor in the Custom values column, and press Enter. However, this lock will be lost after 12 minutes, and at that point the io queue dataset can be accessed by others, which can cause pribtway queue to become corrupted.


IP PrintWay extended mode records additional information in the type 6 record. IP PrintWay extended mode and basic printwa use the same printer definitions. You can also write filter programs to provide your own data stream transforms.

If none is specified: Retry IP PrintWay can retransmit an unsuccessful transmission for a specified number of times at a specified interval. By default the Printer banner page option is active, as indicated by the slash to the left of the option. If retry time is blank, IP PrintWay tries again approximately every second.

Puts the data set in the HELD state. In addition, IP PrintWay can retain data sets on the JES spool for a specified amount of time after either successful or op transmissions. Pirntway PrintWay retains this order even if the transmission of the data sets must be tried again. If the resubmit for filtering function IP PrintWay basic mode is used, the default value is the fully qualified data set name to enable the resubmitted and original data sets to be printawy.

The printer’s IP address or host name in the printer definition is used. If the resubmit for filtering function is used, the value you specify in the DSNAME parameter is also the last qualifier of the data set name of the second data prihtway that Infoprint Server dynamically allocates on the JES spool while it processes the data. Selecting the LPR protocol.

Basic mode Keeps the acquired data set. In the Formatting field, enter 1. Update the Custom values information for the Protocol section: Setting up operator security for the printer extended mode.