Jatropha mollissima är en törelväxtart som först beskrevs av Johann Baptist Emanuel Jatropha mollissima ingår i släktet Jatropha och familjen törelväxter. Rese arch Articl e Aqueous Leaf Extract of Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Bail Decreases Local Effects Induced by Bothropic Venom Jacyra. Biomed Res Int. ; Epub Oct Aqueous Leaf Extract of Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Bail Decreases Local Effects Induced by Bothropic.

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Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Therefore, a plausible hypothesis is that the major compounds of the J. The venom was weighed and dissolved with phosphate buffer saline PBS and the protein content quantified by the Bradford method [ 26 ].

Jatropha rufescens Brandegee Jatropha rumicifolia Fern.

The pathophysiological process of the snake envenoming is complex and includes the combined action of several toxins such as snake venom metalloproteinases SVMPssnake venom serine proteinases SVSPsphospholipases A 2 PLA 2hyaluronidases, bradykinin-releasing enzymes, lectins, L-amino oxidases, and pharmacological mediators [ 78 ]. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The Bothrops snakes have high complexity and variation in the molliasima composition of their venom. Moplissima Jatropha chacoana Uatropha. Another group that received i. The authors declare that there is no actual or potential conflict of interests including any financial, personal, or other relationships with other people or organizations. Additionally, SVMPs are responsible for hydrolyzing proteins in the cell membrane, such as integrins, cadherins, collagen type Jatrophs, laminin, and fibronectin [ 42 ].

Jatropha marmorata Thulin Jatropha martiusii Pohl Baill. To receive news and publication updates for BioMed Research International, enter your email address in the box below.


Jatropha mollissima

This activity is the result of combined action of various toxins found in Bothrops venoms, acting rapidly in the connective and muscle tissue, inducing the release of various endogenous inflammatory mediators. View at Google Scholar D. The hemorrhagic SVMPs hemorrhagins are the main compounds responsible for this effect, causing proteolysis of basal lamina components of the microvasculature leading to a rupture of the blood vessels with the appearance of fissures, which will result in leakage of blood to the exterior [ 43 ].

Jatropha purpurea Rose Jatropha ribifolia Pohl Baill. The water used was purified by reverse osmosis.

Indeed, several medicinal plants are rich sources of natural inhibitors and have pharmacologically active components. Evaluation of the leukocyte influx after treatment with the extract of J. Our results indicate that J. The inflammatory reaction induced by the snake venoms contributes to further development of muscle damage [ 6263 ].

Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Baill. | Plants of the World Online | Kew Science

Moreover, accidents caused by snakes are considered a neglected disease mainly in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania [ 12 ]. W innych projektach Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. In this study, an increase in the leukocytes was observed in the peritoneal cavity after 6 hours and mollissi,a hours induced by B.

The aqueous leaf extract of J. Jatropha woodii Kuntze Jatropha zeyheri Sond. Currently, the intravenously antivenom serum therapy is the only specific treatment for snakebites. Webster Jatropha melanosperma Pax Jatropha microdonta Radcl.

Jatropja Performance Liquid Chromatography of the aqueous extract of J. A group in which animals received i.

BioMed Research International

Table of Contents Alerts. Moolissima, these phenolic compounds are capable of chelating metal ions, which are essential for the activity of toxins such as SVMPs and PLA 2 [ 3438 ]. The retention factor, behavior, and color of the spots were compared with the chromatographic profiles of the reference substances. An Jatropha mollissima [1] in uska species han Magnoliopsida nga jatroph ginhulagway ni Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohlngan ginhatag han pagkayana nga asya nga ngaran ni Henri Ernest Baillon.


Local skin hemorrhage, local edema, leukocyte migration, and myotoxicity were significantly inhibited by the extract. Jatropha eglandulosa Pax Jatropha elbae J. Mozinna Ortega Zimapania Engl.

After identification and confirmation of the plant species, the leaves were dried at room temperature, triturated with an industrial blender, and stored in hermetically sealed bottles until used for aqueous extract preparation. SVMPs also have mollisssima important role in the inflammatory response by degrading the extracellular matrix, an effect that jaatropha affect wound healing molllissima tissue regeneration [ 48 ]. The mobile phase was comprised of acetic acid 0.

Inhibition of the edematogenic activity of B. Jatropha pachypoda Pax Jatropha pachyrrhiza Radcl. Treatment with dexamethasone reduced serum CK induced by these venoms. Local hemorrhage is one of the main symptoms of bothropic envenomation [ 42 ]. Thin Layer Chromatography TLC Profile For phytochemical analysis by TLC, the aqueous extract was fractionated by liquid-liquid partition to obtain fractions with different polarities, thus facilitating the chromatographic analysis of the compounds. Additionally, the action of the extract on the indirect myotoxic action of SVMPs could be supported since the extract also presented an antihemorrhagic effect.