STATIC DIMENSIONS. Machine model. m (ft-in). H Ground clearance Agri Super / Agri Xtra: JCB 6 speed transmission incorporating torque converter, . JCB , , Telescopic handlers JCB , , Telescopic handlers . JCB Agri Super, , Telescopic handlers. 7 Results Buy JCB AGRI, JCB AGRI, JCB AGRI, JCB AGRI, JCB AGRI at

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A manual switch would suit majority of operators better, even if it wasn’t in the cab. Yes, Maximum lift height: Yes, Front tyres remaining: Telescopic handlers 3, h United Kingdom, Inverness. Obviously given the lack of space available for jcv to mount a cab on a telehandler it isn’t the roomiest nor does it offer the best visibility, but given what little space they had to work with JCB have done exceptionally well.

JCB Gross weight: Another handy feature was the parallel lift system which kept all the fine material in the bucket when loading heaped buckets of feed, which required minimal effort. Jcb 70 loadall, Pallet forks Tyres New on this series is the forward reverse shuttle lever on the back side of the joystick which allows you to do everything you want with your right hand leaving the left to do solely steering.

Did you forget your password? This website uses cookies to remember your settings, statistics and target ads. When the boom was right in, it was hard to gauge what the cutting edge was doing however when the boom was out you can stick your head out the side window and see with ease even though you look like Ace Ventura. I am happy to afri that the JCB exceeded my expectations to the point where if you have a tractor that spends most of its life loading, your money would be better spent on one of these.

Telescopic handlers 4, h Ncb Kingdom, CM6.

JCB General grade 1 min – 5 max: The JCB Loadall is a valuable machine to have where heaps of lifting and loading is involved. The seat was comfortable and for a small cab offered surprising leg cjb even for taller operators like myself.


New Farm Machinery Specifications.

Used JCB 531 telescopic handlers

The six speed trans comes with three main operating modes, Eco, Power and Field. Telescopic handlers 2, h United Kingdom, CM6.

Create email alert for new ads Create. The one-piece hood folds up easily to jccb all of the major daily service points as well as the fold-out cooling package is easy to clean.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Telescopic handlers 7, h United Kingdom. Given the relatively narrow wheel track and the high centre of gravity with the boom up, it is jcv to see how people summersault them off silage stacks but at no stage during the time I had the machine did it feel unstable.

Sold with pallet tines only. Place a Want Ad.

To be fair this could potentially have been adjusted by the technicians but because the machine was new, it hadn’t been tinkered with yet. Although on the Agri super this actually is easier than anticipated with a reverse fan which allows you to blow off any debris from the comfort of the cab.

Kogemused. Pikaajalisus. Kindlus.

This never really happened with the JCB, because when you moved the joystick it seemed to have a delay. Telescopic handlers 1, h United Kingdom, Belfast. Many will be familiar with the torque converter transmission particularly those who have had experience with loaders. To turn it on required the boom to be right down and was a little fiddly.

Kogemused. Pikaajalisus. Kindlus. – Stokker

You need a tractor for field work there is no denying that they will do a better job but if you are in a high input system, industrial or just load heaps of stuff these things are the business. Overall it is quite hard to gauge how well an engine performs when all you are doing is loading but you can really climb into the silage face so it gets the power to the ground and it does power the large hydraulic pump effectively so the one thing I can categorically tell you is that it is not there just for show.

The joystick covers lifting, crowding, extension and the third service or diverter to hydraulic hitch. JCB like most other manufacturers offer three steering techniques which are controlled from a switch in the cab. The only downside is that it is done from in the cab, which is great but it turns itself off every time you turn the machine off.


Telescopic handlers 1, h United Kingdom, darlington 7d. The only thing I found difficult in regards to the boom and attachments was due to the top of the bucket not having a flat edge.

JCB /70 Agri Super – Telescopic handlers, Year of manufacture: – Mascus UK

JCB’s boom suspension is dubbed ‘Smoothride’ which works like a damper on any normal loader. Telescopic agrl United Kingdom. Ok, ucb the world beating engine was used in a slightly different situation where two of the JCB Dieselmax engines were strapped together on a specifically designed car and the net result being it reached Having driven telehandlers in limited amounts here and there, 531-770 Drought was eager to see how machines like the JCB Agri Super Loadall Telescopic Handler slotted into daily farming life and how they coped with the tasks your standard tractor usually sinks its teeth into.

Enclosed cab, Original colour: Services Dealer services User services Company directory Specs. If you were to judge the entire machine on the noise it makes when you turn the key you are probably more likely to rip your eyes out than buy one of these, but apart from the noise which really cuts through you, the cab is a pleasant place to spend the day.

Being an industrial loader you naturally anticipate that the hydraulics will be much faster aggri smoother than on your standard tractor. Year of model Choice of machines with approx. Enclosed cab, Engine output: Sprayer Showdown — Goldacres Crop Cruiser vs. You can also follow our updates by liking us on Facebook. This information is shared with third parties.