The book also features an innovative analysis of Luther’s virulent anti-Semitism in the context and aftermath of the Reuchlin Affair. Johannes Reuchlin. REUCHLIN, JOHANNES° (Capnio, or Phorcensis; –), German and Hebraist; one of the architects of the Christian *Kabbalah and famous as the. A re-examination of the case of Johann Reuchlin, one of the best-known controversies of the 16th century.

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Next Johann Sebastian Bach. Bad Liebenzell, Germany, June 30, At Heidelberg Reuchlin had many private pupils, among whom Franz von Sickingen is the best known name. Don’t have an account? In he published as a manual for beginners an edition of the Hebrew text of the Penitential Psalms with a literal Latin translation. Leo X called a temporary halt to the conflict inbut the battle was resumed when Reuchlin’s publication of the Clarorum virorum Epistolae Latinae, Graecae, et Hebraicae … ad J.

Robert Appleton Company, In his “De accentibus et orthographia linguae hebraicae”he treats in detail the word-accent, and more briefly the rhetorical accent and musical emphasis.

Early life and education history of Protestant Reformation In Protestantism: From November of this year to the spring ofthe veteran statesman sought refuge in the University of Ingolstadt where he received an appointment as professor from William of Bavaria.

He was glad, therefore, hastily to follow the invitation of Johann von Dalberg —the scholarly bishop of Wormsand flee to Heidelbergwhich was then the seat of the Rhenish Society In this court of letters Reuchlin’s appointed function was to make translations from the Greek authors, in which his reading was already extremely wide.

Reuchlin, Johannes°

Pfefferkorn’s abusive and slanderous Handspiegel wider und gegen die Juden was answered by Reuchlin’s Augenspiegel ; Wahrhafftige Entschuldigung gegen und wider ains getaufften Juden genant Pfefferkorn … unwahrhaftigs Schmachbuechlin Tuebingen, and supplemented by Ain clare verstentnus in tuetsch uff Doctor Johannsen Reuechlins Ratschlag von den Judenbuechern ibid.


The Dominicans appealed to Pope Leo X. Reuchlin, himself, remained a Roman Catholic. He hoped to learn to write Greek well enough that he could support himself by copying manuscripts. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. He proposed that the emperor should decree that for ten years there should be two Hebrew chairs at every German university, for which the Jews should furnish books.

In he paid his third visit to Romeand perfected his Hebrew by intercourse with some learned Jews. Judgment was not finally given till July ; and then, though the decision was really for Reuchlin, the trial was simply quashed.

German humanist; born Feb. His fine voice gained him a place in reucchlin household of Charles I, Margrave of Baden. To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats. Further Reading Reuchlin’s life and work are discussed in the historical introduction to Francis G. When, early inReuchlin was visited by the apostate ex-butcher Johannes Pfefferkorn and was asked to assist in the confiscation and destruction of Hebrew books, he demurred, only to be drawn unwillingly into the affair by the imperial decree setting up a commission to deal with the problem.

Reuchlin spent the winter of teaching at Tubingen. This unprecedented effort to end the practice of Judaism throughout the empire was challenged by Jewish communities and also, unexpectedly, by Johannes Reuchlin, the founder of Christian Hebrew studies.

The johhann lasted but a few months, but it brought the German scholar into contact with several learned Italians, especially at the Medicean Academy in Florence; his connection with the count became permanent, and after his return to Stuttgart he received important posts at Eberhard’s court.


Copyright The Columbia University Press. Though Reuchlin had no public office as teacher, he was for much of his life the real centre of all Greek and Hebrew teaching in Germany. Reuchlin’s works on subjects of specifically Jewish interest are: This grammar is far superior to the one which appeared inand shows the result of the thorough studies of the author.

The matter was brought before the Lateran Council at its session ofwhich decided in favor of Reuchlin. But Reuchlin managed to have the jurisdiction changed to the episcopal court of Speyer. Ostensibly serious letters from monks supporting the persecution of Reuchlin, the collection was in fact a withering satire on Reuchlin’s opponents.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica Company. Armed with this mandate, he visited Stuttgart and asked Reuchlin’s help as a jurist and expert in putting it into execution.

Johann Reuchlin |

A violent controversy developed between the humanists supporting Reuchlin and the clericals and powers of the Inquisition supporting Pfefferkorn. The German humanist and jurist Johann Reuchlin was one of the greatest Hebraists ojhann early modern Europe. One of the leading Greek scholars rsuchlin his day, Reuchlin first tried to study Hebrew in Paris and is said to have learned the Hebrew alphabet from a Jew named Calman in And while the obscurantists escaped easily at Rome, with only a half condemnation, they received a crushing blow in Germany.

Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

In Reuchlin was acquitted of charges of heresy by the bishop of Speyer, but his enemies then managed to transfer the case to Rome.