The essence of Juan Mayorga’s Himmelweg is that melodrama in the face of atrocity, especially the Holocaust, is an aesthetic crime. The main character of Himmelweg is a Red Cross worker who is an accessory to manipulating Juan Mayorga is an oddity in Spanish theatre. ‘Way of Heaven’ (Himmelweg) by Juan Mayorga. Samantha Rahn as the Girl, above. Francisco Reyes as the Commandant A field of brown.

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Way to Heaven (Himmelweg) by Juan Mayorga

The Red Cross visitors saw newly planted flower gardens and freshly painted houses. The subject of the play, the Holocaust, is one that is rarely touched upon in Spain. Instead, unsettled by his growing sense of unease, and intimidated by the joint presence of the Nazi Commandant and the Jewish guide, the Representative turned his back on the hangar door. During the course of the play, one child adds lines, one teenager seems too tense, one woman asks the wrong questions.

Way to heaven

The word Himmelweg German for path or way to Heaven was the term used alternately with schlauch German for hose or tube at the Nazi death camps to denote the path into the gas chambers. In act 1, subtitled ‘The Clockmaker of Nuremberg’, the Red Cross Representative recalls how he was shown the station clock in the camp. He treasures his collection of books, but follows the directions of Berlin without question. Mayorga takes liberties with the hard facts of Theresienstadt.

The third major character is the symbolic good man, who bent the rules of the Red Cross in order to see if the rumor about extermination camps are true.

Michael Reeves on what can be done now to engage our pluralist neighbours.

The actors keep a small distance from their character. Directed by Matthew Earnest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the question that Adorno asks: Our problem is gimmelweg a lack of science or knowledge, as the philosophers of the Enlightenment believed, but it is that we do not want to face up to the reality of the perversion that lives in our own hearts. Duped by jian he sees, the Representative goes away satisfied that the rumours of inhumane Nazi death camps are untrue.


Pictures from Valencia SpainOctober We learn these characters — their values, the pressures they must counter, and their relationship with each other. This pretence of ordinary life fooled Rossel who wrote a favourable report about his inspection. The end of the performance ensures their death; their presence as actors in the charade is no longer required.


The mistery of the Bermuda lettuces. The deception was so mauorga that the Nazis made a propaganda film about Theresienstadt. Instead, a cultured and affable Nazi Commandant gave him leave to inspect what appeared to be an unremarkable Jewish town complete with a theatre and a synagogue.

Francisco Reyes as the Commandant A field of brown leaves. Then the producer — the head of Theresienstadt Francisco Reyes — cuts the cast down toand the mayor has to make the selections. In act 3 the Nazi Commandant of the camp appears on stage. The date of the clock,is also the year in which King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella passed the Alhambra Decree, or Edict of Expulsion, which expelled from Spain all Jews who would not convert to Catholicism.

Director Himmeweg Earnest has kept the acting Brechtian rather than Method. The Danish king had demanded that the Red Cross investigate reports that its deported Jewish citizens were being murdered. The action then moves to the days of preparation to create that false citadel, got up by the Nazi commander, who covers up the real devastation with the help of the Jewish collaborator Gottfried.

That is what another Spanish playwright, Antonio Buero Vallejo, did in some of the plays that he wrote during the Francoist years. And in this sense, art and philosophy coincide in their objective, their mission being truth.

Way to Heaven (play) – Wikipedia

Please log in or sign up for a free account. All the US productions were directed by Matthew Earnest. Himmelweg Camino del cieloJuan Mayorga Ruano. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The commandant is a man of culture and learning. His play surprised many by its criticism of communism, but also by himmelwegg intellectual stance at a time that was all about entertainment and spectacle.


Evangelicals ask government to protect religious minorities Christians rallied in Sofia on November 18 to defend their rights. He claims he was a victim of the himmelwrg of performance.

Mayor Gottfried is summoned for regular performance notes for failing to learn his tasks quickly enough. We should approach God as the people kuan we really are.

Nuan even with this knowledge the Representative insists that he merely recorded what he saw. Rossel visited the Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia in A Journal of Performance and Art Before his visit this camp had been converted into a model village. Video of director Tanya Goldberg discussing the production of Way to HeavenSydney, Australia, is available jun http: The Independent calls Way to Heaven “a compelling, cunningly constructed play”. Any indication that the Jews were unwilling prisoners living in terrible conditions was disguised.

The main character is a Red Cross worker who is an accessory to manipulating History, by covering up the truth of what really happened in a Nazi concentration camp.

It is something that we cannot get rid of, a corruption that accompanies us from the moment that we come into this world and that affects our whole lives. Environmental Care [images] Bulgaria: The biblical worldview on which Judaeo-Christian thinking is based is no longer particularly popular, as it is based on a radical conception of the evil of humanity, while it is the belief of the Enlightenment in the innate goodness of humanity that led us to the nightmare of the Holocaust.

That is why Paul Klee said that art does not imitate reality but rather reveals it.