The Karezza Method, by J. William Lloyd [], at Dear Hopefully Hard,. Hopefully it won’t be hard for you to learn Karezza, a lovemaking technique of “gentle intercourse” in which affection. What sets karezza apart from traditional religious teachings such of tantra yoga is that karezza method applies equally to both partners in the relationship.

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Karezza pronounced ka-RET-za is a type of gentle, affectionate sexual intercourse. Karezza encourages sexual partners to be as relaxed as possible, and to take deep breaths to relax when feelings of intense energy surge. The emphasis of Karezza is not on sexual passion but spiritual love for another person. Practitioners of Karezza engage in sensual bonding activities such as smiling and skin-to-skin contact rather than typical foreplay activities.

According to Lloyd, the Quaker doctor Alice B. Stockham is responsible for naming the practice and popularizing it in the United States. Later, Karezza came to be defined by both of the partners having a non-orgasmic sexual experience. According to Lloyd, a major goal of Karezza is to maintain a strong karfzza energy and stave off sexual tension or diminishing sexual desires.


Lloyd also wrote that Karezza is capable of helping to treat various bodily ailments including:. However, Karezza is capable of boosting meethod feelings in the brain. There is no one set method to perform Karezza. However, in his book, Lloyd emphasizes the need for quiet, warmth, relaxation, and love instead of passion. Lloyd includes sample Karezza instructions in his book.

Touching moves into intercourse, which should be slow and, again, focused on love rather than passion. There should also be a focus on unity and becoming one with your sexual partner in feeling, energy, and thought.

Common Karezza positions are very relaxed, such as lying side by side or on top of metnod another. Penetration should be slow and deliberate to avoid orgasm. According to Karezza practitioners like Lloyd, doing so will prolong your sexual experience and increase your connection or magnetism closeness with your sexual partner. During Karezza, try using some of the following bonding behaviors to enhance your sensual and sexual experience, without causing an orgasm:.


Unlike traditional sexual intercourse, the end goal of Karezza is not orgasm but increased closeness with your sexual partner.

The emphasis of Karezza is not passion but love. Karezza can be difficult methos those who have never tried it. Biologically driven sex, where orgasm is the end goal, is often stressful and far from relaxing.

Relaxing, bonding behaviors used in Karezza signal safety and closeness. Experts recommend trying the Karezza method for at least three weeks and then checking its effect on your wellbeing and sexual life. It takes a lot of practice to kqrezza so it can become tedious. You might even feel frustrated while trying to avoid orgasm.

Coitus reservatus

Remember to be patient and be sure to kareza with your partner while trying this and any other sexual practice. Trying any kind of new sexual technique can be both exciting and challenging. Karezza is very different than most types of traditional sexual intercourse methods. So you might be skeptical that it can satisfy you and your partner.

The Karezza Method | Reuniting

But practitioners argue that Karezza is infinitely more satisfying than more traditional types of sexual intercourse, where orgasm is the end result. If you decide to try Karezza, be sure to take things slow and maintain good communication with your partner. Sex is a two-way street. When having sex, you should not only consider your needs but the needs of your partner. Is there more to sex than pleasure?

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