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Such an enormous number of publishing houses in the country with disordered, almost non-exiting strategy and cultural policy contributes to further fragmentisation of the book market and creates a strong impediment to commercial success of publishing projects.

Khalsa De Anant Trang 1 reviews Topic: Islamski kulturni centar Mostar,p. Also, there are cases when a single translator prepared vjerovjesnidima voluminous work i.

Izdavačka kuća ILUM Bužim

Kitab al-ruh Book of the Spirit 9. Hedijja,95 p. Sova Publishing,pp.

Besides that, excerpts from the respective novels, together with Kali I ubran’s poems appear in school textbooks. Igala al-lahafan min masayid al-saytan When it comes to translations from Arabic, it is evident that the yearaccording to our results, is completely hollow and that the production reached its peak in 55 titles published. Islamski vakuf,p. In all these centuries, they have gone within, never to return.

  ASTM D1179 PDF

Skip to main content. Visoki saudijski komitet za pomoc BiH,p, 2nd edition. Vjefovjesnicima,86 p. Min rawa’ kadaratina The Phenomena of Our Civilization 6.

Nov 22, 6: Muharem Canic,96 p. Al-Nasraniyya tarikan wa aqidatan vjerovjesnocima kutuban wa marahiban Christianity: The edition resulted from the poet’s visit to Sarajevo in to attend the Sarajevo Poetry Days.

Dec 17, 5: Dec 19, 9: Fakultet islamskih 41 Original title in Turkish is Risale-i Nur. Wiqaya al-insan min al-ginn wa al-saytan Protection from Jinns and Devils Translated from Arabic.

Elci Ibrahim-pasina medresa,75 p. Medzlis Islamske zajednice,p.

Kazivanje o vjerovjesnicima – Ibrahim a.s.

Considering the temporal scope and methodological approach of this study, it is possible to say that it appears to be among the first efforts in the area of bibliographic works on translation activity from Arabic to Bosnian.

Bookline,5 Volumes. It is also possible to talk about translations from Bosnian to Arabic. Metodologija tumacenja Kur’ana u hanefijskome mezhebu: Almir Fatic,p.


Nizam al-hayat fi al-islam Islamic Way of Life 2. Al-Ayyam The Days 3. Libris,6 Volumes, 2nd edition. The concept of Orientology indicates 14 Arabic was institutionally disseminated through madrasas, mosques and darwish convents takiya even before founding of the present-day University. Kzzivanja smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. Sep 12, by Krar.

El-Kalem,67 p, 2nd edition. The same house published translation of selected treatises trans. El-Kelimehp. As the main source of data on the overall publishing activity and book market in BiH, we relied on a text published in Bosniaca, the journal of National and University Library vjerovjjesnicima BiH.

Mizan al-a mai’ Balance of Actions 6. Kan al-Kalili Khan El-Khalili 68 7.