Kristijono Donelaičio Metai Europos nacionalinio epo tradicijoje The Seasons by Kristijonas Donelaitis in the Tradition of European. National Epics “The Seasons” by itis is an epic poem of the Lithuanians from Lithuania Minor. This epic poem, as usual for this genre, embraces the whole life of the.

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Truly, after suckling, as his soul requires, Carefree, grows each day, climbs slowly from his bud, Yet the blossom does not flower in one day, Many days must pass before his bud can burst And display, quite open, all his hidden beauty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Texts list Authors list lt.

Metai by Kristijonas Donelaitis (5 star ratings)

Ah, where are you now, you wondrous days of spring, When we, re-opening the windows of the cottage, Welcomed back your first warm flood of sunshine? Such a blockhead, having squandered his reserve, Sometimes crawls half-naked — a poor laughingstock.

All these meats the Krizas’ cook so chopped and pounded, Violently boiled and roasted for the wedding, Such a roar and tumult all along the street Startled village neighbor Pauluks with amazement. Skeletal Death racks all the shrubs and candid forests, And the tempest tears and wastes away their beauties: Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstockfor example, used it in Summer must come again, and we’ll enjoy her balm.

Oh, how empty are the labors of our age! He outwits the gentleman who, richly tailored, Reaches for his spoon, but stops to list his ailments.


Kristijonas Donelaitis : Metai | About text |

Retrieved from ” https: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The Seasonsmoreover, followed the literary tendency of the day to portray not cities and aristocrats but rather the natural setting of the village and its inhabitants for example James ThomsonAlbrecht von HallerEwald Christian von KleistBarthold Heinrich Brockes.

Donelaitis is an epic poem of the Lithuanians from Lithuania Minor. Thirdly, Donelaitis is characterized by his clear stand in the social, ethnic, and moral clash between the immigrant colonists and the old Lithuanian inhabitants.

Kristijonas Donelaitis

Kristijonas Donelaitis – Metai The Seasons. Oh, how often K.vonelaitis, in k.domelaitis shoes of felt And his peasant sheepskin jacket, worn for visits, Under his plain roof sings like a nightingale As, with his whole heart, he gives praise to his God.

University of California Press. Then quick helpers piled the many foods together, Set out pork, fat cuts of beef, brown roast of goose, Lungs and liver, giblets, an array of morsels!

The Seasons (poem)

And how often, as we hop and skip so gaily, Reaper Death moves in with wicked pox, to strangle Or to rack and twist the feeble wretch with ague. The narrative of the poem is often interrupted by asides, didactic passages and lyrical reflections. Ah, now in every place new life was all athrob; The air was filled with tunes of songsters on the wing. He never waters down a phrase, nor does he euphemize, but is able to recreate in words the substantiality of the world and the speech of the rustics he portrays.

This page was last edited on 11 Mayat It was a wondrous thing that of the endless flock None of the warblers wept when reaching our dear shore. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Open Preview See a Problem?


Each man at his birth is like a simple bud — First his blossom will unfold and open out, Then, his flowering over and himself divested. Then, when they had eaten some few toads and froglets, They thanked God with all their k.donelaiyis and hearts. Nefolk rated it it was amazing Sep 13, And rats with skunks walked out of their cold crannies As crows, ravens and magpies, with the owls, Mice and their offspring and the moles, praised warmth.

Classic Lithuanian Literature Anthology. Spiders, in corners motionless, wove yarn Or soundless, climbed the scaffolds of their snares. Meeting peasants, highborn lords puff up with their pride like Globes of bacon fat afloat on leftover soupstock; But the wretched peasant, holey cap in his hands, stands Trembling by his empty stove for fear of their lightning Or, from far away, bows low, k.donelxitis stooping.

K.donelqitis had written”The Seasons” in the seventh-eighth decade of the 18th century. Daily dimming, she begrudges us her radiance, Daily longer, shadows yawn and stretch before us. Look, how everywhere on pondwater panes are appearing Just as, in that house, a glazier is putting in windows.