“The Kelmscott Chaucer was printed in two columns on handmade paper with specially designed large gothic type in red and black, with 87 woodcut illustrations. Results 1 – 30 of 91 The Kelmscott Chaucer by Geoffrey Chaucer and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at by Geoffrey ChaucerThe Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, which took four years to complete, was a masterpiece of book design and is acknowledged widely as the .

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The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer now newly imprinted. Clarendon Press, – Sparling, H. At the same time, Morris felt no restraint in using krlmscott latest methods and technologies of the time.

After covering the photograph with a wash of Chinese white, Robert Catterson-Smith reworked the image with bolder lines. In addition to the Chaucer typeface — a smaller version of the Troy type — Morris himself designed for the book the woodcut title, 14 large borders, 18 different frames and 26 initial words. Morris produced the frames, borders, and initials which surrounded the illustrations, and designed the type and layout of the work. The most ambitious and magnificent book of the Press, the Kelmscott Chaucer was four years in the making.


Fine art prints produced by us. Morris designed the watermark for the paper, which was copied chauecr an Italian incunable in Morris’s collection and made entirely of linen by Batchelor. Morris utilised his library of incunabula and early printed books to find models for these types.

Kelmscott Chaucer

This wardrobe is now in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. He managed to find two suppliers in England who could meet his high standards after the Vatican bought up most of the good Italian vellum.


He admired early calligraphy and typography, saying: Printing began on 8th August 9 and chauce finally finished on 8th May From orginal to fine art print. Ornamental woodcut title, 14 large borders, 18 different frames round the illustrations, 26 initials designed by William Morris and 87 wood cut illustrations designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and engraved by W.

In the seven years of its existence, the press produced a staggering 52 chacer in 66 volumes. Leave a bid with us. The type Morris designed the typeface for the book, using photographic chaucr of type from the 15th century as his model and the woodcuts both have the same texture, or “color” as typographers would call it. Ideas for illustrations gradually increased as did the time taken to produce them.

The Kelmscott Press Chaucer()

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, which took four years to complete, was a masterpiece of book design and is acknowledged widely as the zenith of 19th-century book production. Two of the talks, given by Emery Walker on the book arts, are widely accepted to be the trigger which prompted Morris to found the Kelmscott Press innamed after the house in Oxfordshire where Morris had lived for chauced time.

The contrast between thick and thin strokes is very consistent across the page, between the type, the prints, the ornate decorative frame, and the initial caps and words. The Vision of William Morris.

A Crowning Achievement | William Morris’s Kelmscott Chaucer

You’re already signed in. Edward Burne-Jones’s original sketch of the “Prioress’s Tale”. He contemplated making his own, but never did, instead trying a variety of suppliers.

Kelmscott Press, Pages taken from an original vellum copy of Chaucer’s Works. In keeping with his interest in typography, Morris designed three types: Finding ink to satisfy Morris was far more difficult than sourcing either paper or type had been. The Kelmscott Press, In fact, it was printed in After having being announced in a list of Kelmscott titles kslmscott preparation inprinting began in Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris in Pencil studies on Sunday afternoon Finished Burne-Jones pencil drawing The two friends would work together on Sundays.


After Morris established the Kelmscott Press inthe two old friends agreed that The Canterbury Tales and other works by Chaucer would be a major goal for the enterprise. William Morris Poet, architect, designer and political activist William Morris was from a wealthy family in Walthamstow and studied at Marlborough before going to Oxford and then London.

Morris spent three years creating these designs and by the end of the process, he was visibly ailing. The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer published in by the Kelmscott Press was the chsucer of William Morris’s vision for an ideal book.

Excellence in design and print A lifetime of artistic endeavour The Kelmscott Press marked the chaucef great adventure of William Morris into the creative arts. It embodied his love of medieval literature and art, as well as his love of beauty.

Housed in a brown morocco slipcase. Notice, most importantly, how the lettering is an integral part of the design of the page, and by complementing the decoration, itself gains a decorative effect. In fact, Morris did die in the October following publication, making the Kelmscott Chaucer his last great work. This took four years in the kelmscoty and over a year to print. Binding of the Kelmscott Chaucer continued for some time; those early examples from the Doves Bindery stamped in the year of publication are preferred.