Irish crime novelist Ken Bruen tells Bob Flynn how he exorcised his The Guards, then subverts the premise with his protagonist-narrator. A woman makes an unlikely choice by asking Jack Taylor to investigate the apparent suicide of her teenage daughter in Galway. Jack is ex. Ken Bruen (born ) is an Irish writer of hard-boiled and noir crime fiction. Bruen’s works include the well-received White Trilogy and The Guards. In

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The first six jack Taylor novels were adapted into a television series starring Iain Glen; Blitz was adapted into a movie starring Jason Statham; and London Boulevard was adapted into a film starring Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley.

Some of them are described as book-lovers without much discussion of their tastes. I rarely cry with books but that one sent me over. Each week, our gguards select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

The woman, whose name is Ann, has recently lost her daughter, Sarah.

But ke to Elmore Leonard, who always remembers he needs a story to go with the dialogue, is simply name-dropping and nothing more. Views Read Edit View history. The other characters surrounding him really help to draw out Jack’s personality; they are also very well drawn.

As he himself describes his life and behavior, “I could say it was the booze, but that’s not true. I put off reading this book for years, thinking it was too gritty, too depressing. gurads


Oh, there’s a story nibbling around the edges regarding some missing women and the bad men who did them in, but that’s pretty much it, though you could probably toss in some mid-life crisis moments as an extra yawn subplot. For anyone wanting to read the Jack Taylor books it is essential to read them in the correct order as the characters do develop in the series and what happens in one book often has a huge effect on the following books.


Iain Glen plays Jack Taylor and now, having read the first book, he did an excellent job.

Kathy — There is definitely dark, dry Irish wit in this novel and I like it too. Praised by authors and critics around the globe, The Guards heralds the arrival of an essential new novelist in contemporary crime fiction. I think I read maybe 3 in one week? Wit Pathos Noir literary references Writing lists of things The Guards is a great novel from an obviously talented writer.

Somehow Jack is the first in a long time that makes me relate to his struggles and suffer with him instead of being annoyed by it. I found this book to be predictable boring derivative. In contrast, what I found in The Guards was a loosely told story about a drunk cop who pretty much stays that way. With Rankin, you know you’ve read a story. I started this book last night, stayed up way too late and finished it and was totally blown away.

Her daughter Sarah has recently died and the police have reported it as a case of suicide. Ho fatto bene ad ascoltare il Don. In the meantime, Taylor has other challenges. Jack is a great protagonist.

The intimate, bustling city of Galway, crashing into prosperity, illuminates the story at every turn. However, if you don’t mind a protagonist who spends most of the time drinking, quoting various books divided — in my case — into ‘by authors I have never heard of’ bduen ‘by authors I have heard of but never read’drinking a bit more, not really investigating the case, drinking a lot more, finally investigating the case and using methods that are not only slightly questionable from a legal standpoint, while quoting more classics and drinking a lot more then this is the perfect novel for you.


And the ending involves a frequent, even cliche element in hard-boiled detective fiction that usually is a deal breaker, and in a strange way it’s because Jack is so damaged, it comes off less cold-blooded than it usually would. Taylor is a tge character, brilliantly done by Bruen. The woman, whose name is Ann, has r Jack Taylor has been thrown out of the Irish police force–the Garda Siochana–because his drinking got out of control.

She wants Taylor to find out the truth. Thanks for checking out my site!

The Guards by Ken Bruen – book review

Jack Taylor stands out as an incredibly fascinating character, one for whom you can’t help but feel sorry. There is something about the Jack Taylor series that keeps me coming back for more. The novel is littered with quotations – every three pages or so there is something written in italics, taking up an entire page.

The novel has virtually no inner tension.

The Guards

In the end, Sutton kills Jack’s dearest friend Sean for fear he would reveal Jack and Sutton have been involved in two murders of pedophiles and murdersand Jack eventually realizes that Sutton has to go too. I’ll continue on with the series because I want to find out what the future has in store for Jack Taylor.

An ocean of drink and a small chaser of plot. I’d watched the TV series.