?st=UF&ix=nu&I=0&V=D. A religious diatribe written from within the Church against the established order of things in a presumably “Christian” land. PDF | This article emphasizes the significant motifs of ” The Moment “, Søren Kierkegaard ” s strident criticism of the Lutheran Church and the religious.

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Christenrom the most abandoned scum of humanity have, after all, this advantage, that their crimes are not extolled and honored, almost worshiped and adored, as Christian virtues.

But he has a prophetic voice and overall the book is very helpful. There are lots of things which one can be “at the same time,” and it is true particularly of all insignificant things that one can be a number of them “at the same time.

He stored up ten times as much material as he needed to use — but, strangely enough, he did not use it, except in the very few cases which are indicated here in the notes. On the other hand, a knave could not wish to find a better hiding-place than behind such phrases as “the nation is Christian,” “the people are making a Christian endeavor,” since it is almost as difficult to come to close quarters with such phrases as it would be if one were to say, “N. He wants you to take personal responsibility for being such a self-centred jerk all the time.

The clergy must be obliged to be witnesses to the truth. Eric Black rated it it was amazing Apr 14, Martensen is too subaltern a person to overawe me, especially since he has begun to wear velvet. Did I protest against regarding the clergy as a mercantile class? But it is just really, really repetitive. Not all of them will interest every reader, but they must be held in respect as the cumulative labor of many zealous students.

Attack Upon Christendom – Søren Kierkegaard – Google Books

It makes kieriegaard difference now that these books were published in English without much regard either to the original order or to the order of importance, for I have good reason to believe that what S. Yet chrixtendom could be that Kierkegaard is arguing against the lack of emphasis on the personal relationship individualism required for salvation versus the herd” in Danish society being automatically granted Christianity at birth by virtue of citizenship status.

However, since this fact of his weakness was a fact, I had to employ a little pre- cautionary measure in view of the extremest eventuality. Kierkegaard’s Critique of Christian Nationalism. Let then so much suffice for this time.

I maintain that by depicting from the pulpit Bishop Mynster as a witness to the truth, one of the holy chain of witnesses, a wrong is done in the highest degree to every other distinguished and well-deserving man in the land. For when the king is a Christian, then the group of mighty ones who are his associates follow him at once and hence in the case of a king who is a Christian it is so ominous that no transition to being a Christian is effected which is much more than a change of costumeand when the king and his mighty ones have become Christians, or are so called, then more and more follow and hence in the case of a king who is a Christian it is so ominous that the whole thing becomes a change which yet is no changeand then when the whole nation has become Christian, then behold there- fore why it is so important that the king is a Christian!


After all, is not this really the true situation, that from generation to genera- tion things have so gone from bad to worse with us men, that we men from generation to generation are so degenerate, so demoralized, have to such a degree become hardly more than beasts, that unfortunately the situation is such that — instead of the impudent fudge about Chris- tianity being perfectible, 15 and we advancing, to such a point indeed that Christianity no longer satisfies us — that we wretched, pitiable men, who are priced by the dozen or the score, when it comes to the point are not really able to bear this divine thing which is the Christianity of the New Testament, and that therefore we must be content with the sort of religiousness which is now the official thing — when already it has been made known, you are to note, that it is not the Christianity of the New Testament?

For if not, then, though it were only four shillings sixpence, it is an enormous price. But to that his life was initiated from first to last, by experiences which are even more rarely talked about among men, because they are more rarely encountered in the world, by inward conflicts, by fear and trembling, by trepidation, by anguish of soul, by agony of spirit, being tried besides that by all the sufferings which are more commonly talked of in the world.

Free churchmen will find S. Honesty to Christianity demands that one call to mind the Christian requirement of poverty, which is not a capricious whim of Christianity, but is because only in poverty can it be truly served, and the more thousands a teacher of Christianity has by way of wages, WHAT DO I WANT? Anybody can see that merely by casting a fleeting but impartial glance at the Gospels, and then looking at what we call “Christianity.

And that they are not witnesses to the truth is now, by evidence close at hand, made visible to anyone who is willing to see. This is an excellent title, but Kierkegaard has better works which deserve 5 stars although they can’t replace this one.

Only that — is it not true, thou shop- keeper’s soul clad in velvet? His article then becomes what one might call a thunder-leading article a lightning conductorif by that one does not think of leading the lightning away but of leading the thunder- storm down upon a man, upon poor me. Kierkegaard left the task of discovering the meaning of his works to the reader, because “the task must be made difficult, for only the difficult inspires the noble-hearted”.


This did not come to pass!

Assuming that what I say is true — if the clergy had been witnesses to the truth, they would not have kept silent but declared themselves for the truth. A teacher is paid, let us say, several thousand.

If anyone can furnish me with a communication from the other world, and if it is to the effect that this sort upkn Christianity is recognized there as the Christianity of the New Testament, then I am fighting a phantom and am a fool. Trivia About Attack upon Chris The fact is that in works under my own name or that of pseudonyms I have treated and described fundamentally, as I always do, the various stages through which I passed before reaching the point where I now am.

Kierkegaard’s attack upon “Christendom,” 1854-185

But a protest must be made against this representation of Bishop Mynster as a witness to the truth. It is present, all eyes, but it hides itself; precisely for the sake of being able athack reveal itself wholly for what it chriatendom, it would not reveal itself prematurely; whereas when it reveals itself it is seen that it was at hand, present in even the least event.

Jun 11, Jamie Bigham marked it as to-read Shelves: About a silly assumption of importance.

Yes, the bishop had one of the “diversity of gifts” ,but up until his death the bishop displayed “an extraordinary gift for covering over the weak side of the Established Church and its frailties” and for “yielding shrewdly I remark in the last place that in this book I have uniformly trans- lated the Danish word Freest by the cognate English word.

Kierkegaard says Christianity has become divorced from Christ and is mutated from the Christianity of the New Testament. An honest rebellion against Christian- ity can only be made when a man honestly confesses what Christianity is, and how he himself is related to it. So then, God be praised that this was attained which was my first thought, my wish which was so dear to me, which toward the end I was so near despairing of, that Mynster shall live out his days and be buried with full music; the monument will also be erected in his honor — but then no further, and least of all must he go down in history as a witness to the truth, one of the genuine witnesses to the truth, one of the holy chain of witnesses.

The whole character of the Instant, No. The Fatherland, Thursday, April n, Christianity with a government commission or Christianity without a government commission April 8,