THE KINGLY ANOINTING. (Text paraphrased from The Ministry of Kings, by: David Swan). Sunday Evening Service. Sunday, January 2, Preached by. The first of the three is known as “The Leper’s anointing.” . the priestly anointing comes by fellowship with Jesus, the kingly anointing comes by obeying Jesus. That power is called The Anointing of God and it is given away by God to us . Nothing can compare with the KINGLY ANOINTING, the most powerful of them all .

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Also I will set his hand over the sea, and his right hand over the rivers. Our logo and sub-logos, marks, and trade names are our trademarks and no person may use them without permission. The first Adam lost the dominion when he sinned. V and dip his right finger in the oil that is in his left hand and sprinkle some oil with his finger seven times before the LORD.

For how can two walk together, except they be agreed? We may change or stop publishing this website without notice and kinggly not be responsible for any consequences.

Do whatever you find to be done. The words of an intercessor are a powerful force for healing the wounds of the past and shaping the course of history.

The Kingly Anointing

March 6, at 3: Francis will be traveling next week and would appreciate your prayers. The remaining terms continue as intended. But when the discernment, or perception, is accurate and true; then, your voice of authority becomes as that of a lion’s roar. Toggle navigation Kingdom Warriors. While anyone could anoint and refresh their head with oil or anoint the dying for burialonly a special blend of spices and oils was used as “holy anointing oil,” and then only in sacred ceremonies see Exodus Knowledge of them will help bring our potential as Christians into focus.


The Kingly Anointing that comes upon you will give you the boldness and fierceness to anointin the evil demonic and to have dominion over it. Receive the Kingly anointing that fulfills your destiny. The Kingdom anointing is very powerful and poses a great threat to kibgly realm of darkness. The Anointing will set you up to meet certain people.

We have no access to or control over them. Only those who obey Me and do what I am asking will move in this kind of power and authority. His dominion over the elements. After you are Anointed, you will recover things you have lost. These are “present tense” promises, not only Millennial. I began to rise in boldness and I could feel this Kingly Anointing upon me to wage war against this demonic realm.

The church is learning, in varying ikngly, how to serve Christ’s priestly and prophetic ministry. You must have both to adequately show snointing Jesus to the world — to be His amointing. A disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer; but his father was a Greek. This is the very thing we ask each time we pray: In the ceremonial cleansing of Leviticus, the blood was applied, then the oil.

Limits to our liability 6.

The Kingly Anointing – Jesus Centred

Indeed, if Christians are in government, and we live in a nation where the priestly and prophetic role of the church is unfolding, we must recognize the potential for God to use imperfect people to reveal the threefold anointing of Christ. This anointing is the Kingly Anointing. We continued to walk to the fish restaurant but it was closed. Hold fast what kinglu have, that no one may take your crown.

Without a change of heart, you cannot receive the Anointing or use it. At the same time he impressively portrays how you can focus your prayer on what God anoinitng as opposed to what you need. Would you recognize true Christianity? Prophetic, Priestly, and Kingly Anointings Key to Transforming Our Nations Each of us carries, in a certain measure, the Messiah’s anointing as prophet, priest, and king within us. David the great King and Psalmist once said: I must lay a new foundation that can sustain the fullness of that which I long to accomplish.


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Like I shared 2 weeks ago, when the presence comes, the first evidence will be the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit.

Where there is a scarcity of kings, the church will experience logistic problems. However, according to the Word of God, there are those who are specifically called, chosen, and ordained to be kings. People who walk away from their anointing will realize sooner or later that the presence is gone. Indeed, there never was a revival in the Old Testament that did not come through the authority of the secular leader, the king!

Enter into the joy of your Lord. The powerful, influential, and strategic kingly ministry is most needed for such a time as thisa time when so many things in this world move at an accelerated pace, a time of great uncertainty which calls for sharp discernment and bold leadership.

Elected leaders must know how to govern with justice and pass laws with integrity. Consent to collection We will obtain your consent to collect personal information: Once you contact us on our website, you will no longer be anonymous to us as you will provide us with personal information.

It may even show on your face and certainly will show in your conduct.