Kullen-Koti is one of the biggest manufacturer in Europe ✓ Know how since years This ensures that only high quality products are supplied for your use. Antistatic and Ostrich-Feather-Brushes. Antistatic and Ostrich-Feather-Brushes. No other brush type is as versatile as Kullen-Koti strip and sealing brushes.

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We offer antistatic brushes with carbon fibre or stainless steel yarn. We can supply seperate holders for fixing our strip brushes type 25 and type Further informations to cookies you can find in our privacy policy.

Technical Brush for electrostatic discharge │KULLEN-KOTI

You will also gain an understanding of the exacting standards we set for our products. The data we collect are only those necessary for the proper use of our service.

The complete “Throw-Away” brushes can be simply assembled onto the customer’s existing shaft. Special bristle based on polyamide, very good alkaline resistance also at high temperatures, straight or crimped, colours on request, dia.

Moulded disc brushes are characterised by their filling density. Circular and Roller Brushes. Roller brushes type are mounted in axial direction around the circumference. With an outside diameter of only 20 mm it is possible to reach an inner diameter of zero. Type is made of single section brushes mounted together on a core up to the required face width.


Secondary activities Producer Distributor Service provider Dental laboratory equipment and supplies Brushes for dental laboratories Brushes, domestic use Brushes, spiral wound Draught excluders, brush type Components and accessories for individual arms Cleaning brushes, horsehair, for rifles Abrasive tools Honing tools, flexible Brushes, abrasive Brush wheels, wire Brush wheels, bristle or fibre Grinding wheels and abrasive stones Polishing and buffing wheels Knitting machinery and attachments Latch brushes, knitting machine Textile finishing machinery and equipment Raising and brush fillets, textile industry.

Strip and Sealing Brushes │KULLEN-KOTI

To read an article from the print version of the magazine online, please enter the webcode at the bottom of the page in the box below. The face width corresponds to the required total brush length BLG.

Wires – SSD Steel wire: That leads to perfect deburring results and has a longer service life than conventional brushes. What we produce are light and easy-to-handle packages with a constant, high density which facilitates and accelerates the equipping of a brush core or shaft carried out by yourself.

At the end of the s, Kullen-Koti found its market niche: If you have any problems with the view then kulen to.


All polyamid qualities have strong recovery properties. They are used in the industry as a rotating tool.

Kullen-Koti GmbH

Steel wire, natural hard, extra hard, crimped, dia. Wires – AZD Steel wire, tempered, hard and tough: Horse hair, soft or medium back.

We use cookies to give you the best online experience. No other brush type is as versatile as Kullen-Koti strip and sealing brushes.

Further informations to cookies you can find in our privacy policy. Since then we have been developing this brush type and have manufactured the most variations.

The right solution to every problem

In this way, we are able to offer the most appropriate product kulleen almost every industry and for most applications. Economising, automating and continuously optimising production sequences. These profiles can also be used as mounting flanges, for example in a self-adhesive design, or fixed by screws or by welding. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. SinceKullen-Koti has influenced the world of brushes. Making more out of wood. Up to now, Kullen-Koti has constantly launched new products, installed new technologies and embraced new markets.