As Disintegrating agent: Kyron T has a very high swelling tendency of hydration either in contact with water or G.I. fluids causing fast disintegration without. Article | The purpose of present study was to compare Kyron T with other superdisintegrants and optimize the fast dissolving tablet of. industry to mask the taste of bitter medicine to achieve stability and drugs. It is white to off white fine powder, swellable in water. KYRON T is derived from.

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These materials can be a good substitute for inert superdisintegrants, which are normally used in tablet manufacturing. A blend of crospovidone and Kyron T in the ratio of 1: The purpose of this investigation was to develop mouth dissolving tablets of aceclofenac using KYRON T Polacrillin Potassium as a novel superdisintegrant.

Cumulative percent drug released was calculated and kinetic study models like zero-order and first-order were applied [ 15 ]. Development of Fast Dispersible Aceclofenac Tablets: The study was also aimed to facilitate rapid disintegration of tablets in oral cavity without need of water and subsequent dissolution of active pharmaceutical kuron to elicit quick onset of action.

Erick Legrand Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy Zero-order rate equation describes the one whose rate is independent of the concentration of drug undergoing reaction, while kjron first-order rate equation describes the one whose rate is directly proportional to the concentration of drug undergoing reaction.

The flow prpoperties were shown in Table 3. Furthermore, our wide distribution network in around 15 countries enable us to supply the products in more than 35 countries. Author’s work Hide Show all.

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Nature of Business Exporter. Dietary Potassium Search for additional papers on this topic.

Direct compression, co-processed superdisintegrants, solvent-evaporation, crospovidone, Kyron T, metoclopramide hydrochloride, wetting time. Department of Pharmaceutics, K. Packing 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, net in laminated corrugated box with polyethylene liner.

Jadon Editorial Members Prof. Formulation of a convenient dosage form for administration and achievement of better patient compliance are the two most important criteria in novel drug delivery system [ 1 ]. Owing to these features, we have been able to serve industries like Pharmaceutical, Nutracuetical and Cosmetic Industries.

Dietary Potassium Menthol aceclofenac. The co-processed superdisintegrants were evaluated for their flow and compression properties in comparison with physical mixture of superdisintegrants.

A total of thirteen formulations were designed and evaluated including control formulation without superdisintegrants and also compared with the marketed preparation Table 2.

Directly compressible excipients, Flocel and mannitol were used as diluents to enhance mouth feel. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Skip to search form Skip to main content.

The tablets containing co-processed superdisintegrants in a ratio of 1: View Contact Call Seller Now. Product Description As Disintegrating agent: DaveNehal H.

SammourMohammed A.

FTIR spectra of the crospovidone, Kyron T, physical blend and co-processed mixture of superdisintegrants in ratio of 1: Toxicity Kyron T is high molecular weight polymer, so doesn’t get absorbed by body tissue and is safe for human consumption.

Oyron dried granules were sifted on sieve and stored in air tight container till further use [ 10 ]. Wetting time, dispersion time. Formulation of a fast-dissolving ketoprofen tablet using freeze-drying in blisters technique. At a predetermined time interval, 5 ml samples were withdrawn, filtered through a 0. Undoubtedly, all the formulations showed very short disintegration time, apart from fulfilling all compendial and other standard specifications, and exhibited faster release rates of metoclopramide hydrochloride.

Aceclofenac in the management of inflammatory pain.

Export Data and Price of kyron t | Zauba

Subscribe to our Newsletter All our latest content delivered to your inbox. The result of flow property of formulations indicates that the blends were free flowing. Abstract Orodispersible tablets ODTsalso known as fast melt, quick melts, fast disintegrating have the unique property of disintegrating in the mouth in seconds without chewing and the need of water. Presently, our organization has become one of the prominent engineering group who has all the modern facilities for designing, developing and manufacturing defect free range of Polymers to the clients.


Get in Touch with us Corel Pharma Chem. A tablet was placed on the paper and the time required for complete wetting was measured.

Evaluation of KYRON T-314 ( Polacrillin Potassium ) as a novel super disintegrant

Besides, our company is proficient enough to provide effective solutions to various industry’s specific problems and needs. The reasons for selection of crospovidone are high capillary activity, pronounced hydration capacity and little tendency to form gels. The coprocessed superdisintegrants were prepared by solvent evaporation method.

The thickness of the prepared tablets was found to be in the range of 3. Comparison between wetting time and in vitro dispersion time of all the prepared formulations is shown in fig. This is achieved predominantly because of solvent evaporation method. It was observed that ykron tablets with shortest wetting time showed minimum disintegration time. PatilKaveri R. In comparison to direct compression tablets containing the physical blends of crospovidone and Kyron T, a faster drug release was observed from the tablets made from coprocessed superdisintegrants which might be attributed to increased porosity.