NEW YORK CITY La Hija de Rappaccini Gotham Chamber Opera 6/17/13 T he Brooklyn Botanic Garden made a most appropriate selection for the first opera. ABSTRACT. In his drama, La hija de Rappaccini (written in ), Octavio Paz re – creates Hawthorne’s tale, “Rappaccini’s Daughter” (first published in ). In a Gotham Opera production of ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’ at Greystone Mansion, much of what makes Daniel Catán’s work remarkable comes.

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La hija de Rappaccini | Gotham Chamber Opera

On other levels, the opera demands to be examined as a dark and complex symbolist fantasy. Without that spirit we are not entirely human. Baglioni states that there is still time to free Beatriz from her father and return her to a normal life. The Poisoned Kiss Rappaccini’s Daughter Scene 6 In his dream, Giovanni enters Dr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms raappaccini Use and Privacy Policy.

San Diego isn’t reputed to harbor the world’s most progressive opera company, or, for that matter, the world’s most adventurous audience.

The music is beautifully crafted and tastefully restrained, to be sure.

These are issues that have concerned us always and continue to be particularly relevant, perhaps more today than ever before. Catan’s score rappqccini avoids the easy lurid road. The two men depart.


The doomed heroine does get to bija some otherworldly pianissimo tones, and her suitor, the medical student next door, does get to flex a few ardent tenoral muscles. Isabela rushes to him and reveals that there is a secret entrance to Dr. Tenor Daniel Montenegro fell apart convincingly and lustfully.

Review: ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’s’ passionate exoticism

The 20th Century has provided us with more examples than we would ever want. Rappaccini’s Daughter brings up some issues that have more relevance to our world than to 15th Century Padua, for better and also, unfortunately, for worse. The dominant metaphor in the work is Rappaccini’s exotic garden. Barbara Bush created the simple, stylish costumes. A vision can become perverted.

Mimi Jordan Sherin oversaw the fluid lighting scheme.

The best art and classical music in town Amplification at Greystone proved relatively crude, and the instrumental ensemble and conductor Neal Goren were a considerable distance from the stage.

It is what makes us want to stand rappaccino and look up to the sky.

The best art and classical music in town. Should he be allowed to do similar things with human beings? There is more parlando here than is par for so colorful a narrative course. In rappaccnii, he questions what he saw. Rappaccini represents that which is most precious in human beings and makes them come close to the divine.


Still, in the quirky and irrational world of opera, one has to be grateful for small favors, and Catan’s opera is just that. Another barrier broken at last. Rappaccini but not all of that came through at Greystone.

Amplification at Greystone proved relatively crude, and the instrumental ensemble and conductor Neal Goren were a considerable distance from the stage. She reveals that she had been waiting for him. Most of the time, however, the disparate characters all sound pretty much the same as they gasp and sputter in the lush symphonic garden.

Catan’s Padua proved more congenial for the tenor than Verdi’s Mantua, which he explored here last month. Opera is not only a great art form. A quest may lose its direction. Rappaccini arrives and Beatriz runs away.