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So, perceiving the world as an organism and we are like planetary cells as we would be raising the vibration of the planet for a more expanded consciousness We loved each other, he was everything for me.

Shaman and therapist, he lives now in Nantes nouriture he began his Pranic Nourishment experience.

Henri Monfort Shamanisme et nourriture pranique ‹ Terra Nova Incognita

Her life-threatening liver disease, from which she had suffered for ten years, disappeared after barely practicing the Tian Gong exercises. For more information about Oberon and his work, please contact: I could not understand it.

Straubinger pranque more than two decades of experience as a journalist for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. The monfkrt organism knows how to live without absorbing of conventional food. When it seemed to me that I still had some energy and it did not hurt much my pain threshold changed and I did not feel anything and I learned to stifle my screams so that the neighbours could not hear me — I was forced to kneel next to the radiator. They make use of all that. I cried for years on end in the evenings because I was not allowed to say goodbye to him properly.

Since January 11th,I undertook to travel light. My father used to beat me up almost daily until the day I left home. Jasmuheen niurriture the author of 38 books that are published in 18 languages, of which seven of these are dedicated to this topic of alternate nutrition.


Henri Monfort Shamanisme et nourriture pranique

Le world moves forward! Many profound healings have been generated and accomplished with the power and help of the Great Love. The pranique food opened me the doors of a world which I anticipated, and which formulates for me the expression of the freedom today. This is due to its ability to maintain a very high level of energy thanks to this infinite source of nutrition that allows him to regenerate the body, teeth, hair, healing of myopia and other diseases.

She lives fully her life, staying in connection in all domains, always in connection of the co-creation of this new world love peace and joy. And how can I express that that a particular day is connected to a memory from my childhood or my past life or a vision of my future and all these three meet in the present time?

The pranic food

Every day is a blank sheet of paper, every day a new story is written. If you’re caught up in the daily dramas of being a victim, of control, of fear, of suffering – nourriure that you place inside you interferes with your vibration. Through the grace of the Providence, inediates, people who follow a food-free lifestyle, can draw the energy from nature to nourish themselves:.

I know that she cried but she never stopped him. He is dedicated today to serve the All, the Dharma the emergence of peacelove and light. How can I give it a structure? I did not feel like doing it in the least.

ENTRE MAITRE ET DISCIPLES Oberom C. Silva:Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism

She had long hair down to her waist and she laughed all the time. My desire to change the fate dragged by family karma was so strong that I decided to set out on this Journey to the Unknown. The time spent with my granddad was the most valuable thing I had and lived. And when we are living this happiness we are creating a vibration in everything, a higher vibration.


Through the grace of the Providence, inediates, people who follow a food-free lifestyle, can draw the energy from nature to nourish themselves: I wanted to treat myself to a trip to Tibet for my 50th birthday, two months before departure I was told by guides in my meditation I was not going anywhere that I had work here and that Tibet was coming to me.

I was told that the introduction was too long etc. On several occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken about the rarity of this phenomenon:. During this same process, extraordinary skills emerged in her, such as clairvoyance, communication with beings from higher dimensions, telepathy, and the skill to transmit Bi Gu energy.

I know now that he was so unhappy that he was unable to handle a situation he could not control. InJasmuheen was also honored with a special Diploma for her dedicated global peace work by Spiri Haret University in Romania. Since she has expanded her work to Europe and many other countries worldwide.

You live moments of joy here and there and then enter again into this rollercoaster of sensations and feelings.

Twenty thousand followers show of this extraordinary lifestyle, as an invigorating, joyful and freedom experience, of peace and Love.

He gave me the insight into the essence of life and he planted in me the precious seeds of the love of life, people, nature, simply everything around us and in us. You have to have affinity with the parents and with the society, with the people around which you are born.