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Sudhamoy, seorang dokter yang turut berjuang memerdekakan Banglades dari Pakistan, tak pernah menyangka bahwa nasibnya akan menjadi seburuk itu di negeri tercintanya.

At every step, Kironmoyee had to sacrifice and behave according to the imposed authority of the ruling class in Bangladesh. Dengan kepongahan mereka menjadi hakim, mengadili keyakinan orang lain tak jarang dengan memakai cara-cara kekerasan. Furthermore, in LajjaNasrin shows how women are doubly jeopardized—on the basis of sex and on the basis of nationality which is identical with religion.

He felt helpless as he could not find any assistance to locate his sister. She is with other ladies and all of them appear to face a similar fate. The book subtly indicates that communal feelings were on the rise, the Hindu minority of Bangladesh was not fairly treated, and secularism was under shadow.

He felt a strong desire to avenge the honor of his sister and was filled with anger and hatred for the Muslims. Namun kalau lebih diresapi, buku ini sebenarnya tidak menghina Islam. A feminist writer denounces treatment of women as objects of lust, physical and psychological violence. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Feminist Analysis of Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja – Spring Magazine on English Literature

A very nominal sum is allotted for minority religions — in fact four times that sum goes only to rehabilitation of those who chose to converted to Islam. A man who believed that both the communities can live peacefully together now witnesses only death and destruction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Although I also had an Uncle who had another attractive, practical and secular idea as to lahja should be done to disputed land and if you were to extend the idea a little, it will solve all religious problems at once – his idea was to build a pub in that place, and both Hindus and Muslims would drink in the pub in complete communal harmony.

Time and again he was haunted by the pain of losing his innocent sister, Maya. Taslmia begins as a slow paced story spirals into a heartbraking account once the violence hits the protagonist and his family.

All she could do was secretly shed tears and behave submissively, which is refrential of the patriarchal setup, where the family is led by a male member, who is supposed to be all powerful and centralized.

The book subtly indicates that communal feelings were on the rise, the Hindu minority of Bangladesh was not fairly treated, and secularism was under shadow. Let the edifices of religions crumble, let a blind fire consume all the bricks in temples, mosques gurdwaras and churches, and on those ruins let us grow enchanting Gardens of sweet-smelling flowers and build schools and libraries. Books by Taslima Nasrin. The spread of this fundamentalist-driven mayhem across international boundaries proves that religious fanaticism presides nationalism.


Tragedi yang dipicu dari pembakaran mesjid Babri di Ayodya pada 6 desember di India oleh umat hindu. Saat teman-teman, tetangga, dan kerabatnya berobondong-bondong meninggalkan Banglades menuju India untuk menyelamatkan diri, Sudhamoy sekeluarga tetap bertahan dengan sebongkah keyakinan bahwa biar bagaimanapun yang terbaik adalah tetap tinggal di tanah airnya sendiri, kalau perlu sampai ajal menjemput.

The book is set in the back-drop of riots that followed demolition of Babri Masjid. Kironmoyee as a mother is expected to be gentle, polite and understanding.

Lajja- Tasleema Nasrin

Lajja meaning ‘shame’ is a novel set in Bangladesh and revolves around the life of a Hindu family, the Duttas. Why, friends, it was just your every day Blenders Pride brewed with a lot of sugar at initial stages to give it a sweet taste. A year after Lajja was published inMs. Lajja English Paperback Nasrib Anchita Ghatak works with development organizations on issues of poverty, rights and gender.

Lajja (English) (Paperback)

Plot summary from Wikipedia Sudhamoy, the patriarch of the family, feels that Bangladesh, his motherland, shall never let him down. You want to cling to that hope that, no matter what the family has gone through, Maya will return and “everything will emglish all right. Our official history removes such gruesome details for suit their political agenda.

May 30, Arvind rated it liked it Shelves: Kemerdekaan yang diraih bersama-sama, tanpa melihat perjuangan merebut kemerdekaan adalah untuk satu penganut agama saja. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.