Le Ménagier de Paris a été imprimé aux frais et par les soins de la Société des Bibliophiles françois. Il en a été tiré vingt-quatre exemplaires sur grand papier. The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris). ‘You said that you would not fail to improve yourself according to my teaching and correction, and you would do. Le Menagier de Paris. After these matters it is desirable to tell you of various general terms relating to cookery of any quality, and then you will be shown how to.

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At the sauce-maker, a quart of cameline for the dinner, and for supper two quarts of mustard. And note that to make beet soup using milk of almonds, the milk should not be strained; and for other soups or for drinking, it should. And when it is all well fried or cooked, add beef stock, and make it all boil, then grind toasted bread, ginger, grain, saffron, etc.


The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris)

Frumenty, venison, browned [vegetables], fish jellies, fat capons a la dodine, roast of fish, fried bread slices and meat tarts, jellied eels, crayfish, thin pancakes and little sausages. Gut towards the back under the vent: Item, have two ounces of coriander, which has not been confined in a box, and of which one ounce costs one blanc, and let it be ground and moistened with wine and verjuice, then boiled and thrown on the two dishes.

And then take sixteen well-beaten eggs, both yolks and whites, and grind and stir in the mortar along with what is already there, then divide in two, and make two thick omelettes which will be fried in the following manner: The upper abdomen is that part which is between the guts and the short-ribs. As a result, The Good Wife’s Guide is eminently teachable.

Do not stir it and take it laris from the fire, etc. And when you want to eat it, take a little of the cooled sauce, and add either charcoal?


Le Menagier de Paris: A Parisian Bourgeoisie Household in 1400

And first cut it longways along the belly as you would a pig, then let it be emptied, chunked, and put on to cook in wine and water and let the wine evaporate; and as the wine boils away, keep adding more wine.

And the other kitchen equerry or his helper will go with the the cook to the butcher, the poulterer, the grocer, etc.

Item, carp with pale-coloured scales and no yellow or red, are from good water. Danish JH ], peas, menafier in yellow sauce, venison in soup. Item, with the pheasant from which you remove the tail, save back two or three feathers for when it is roasted, but serve it with them.

Publication Ithaca, United States. Shoulder [67]apris and roast your mullet: Keg Herring should be put in fresh water and left three days and three nights to soak in plenty of this water, and at the end of three days should be washed and put to soak for two days in more fresh water, and each day change the water pais times. Put pieces in water and a little wine to cook then fry in fat, then take a little bread, moisten in your stock, and first take ginger and cumin, mixed with verjuice, grind and sift and put all together with meat or chicken stock, and then dd color with saffron or eggs or egg-yolks strained and poured from above into the soup after it has been removed from the fire, Item, the best way is use milk as I said before, then grind your bread after your spices, but you must boil the milk first so that it does not curdle; and when the soup is done, the milk should be added to wine, though I see no reason for this, and menagisr, Some do not fry it, but it is said to be better fried.

To Salt Beef Tongues. In soups, you must add spices very well ground and not sieved, and at their sharpest.

Le Menagier de Paris

Roast of bream, galantine, swan, caponized falcon, jelly, portioned fricassee, plaice in water, turbot with cypress menagiwr, cream tarts, lampreys in hot sauce, browned [vegetables], smothered rice, etc. Red cedar is a wood mwnagier at the spicers, and is called cedar for making knife handles. Pluck dry and leave the feet, and spit through the body: Should you notice any transcription errors, please bring them to our attention so that we may correct them.


And some make the soup with spices and milk as above and call it ‘cretonnee’. And the brette is quite like the dogfish, but brette is smaller and sweeter and better, and some say it is the female of the dogfish: Item, you make a gift of the head and the feet to the lords, and do not eat them: Item, the breast is good salted; and salt venison the same as beef.

To the cook four and a half francs, and helpers and porters, one franc: A bacon gruel, smothered rice, jellied eels, any roast saltwater or freshwater fish, rissoles 41, thin pancakes and much sugar [or sugared sea-wife, a fish JH ]. Cook them in water and wine, more wine than prais, and skim, then add a little salt I have heard that some say not, because the salt causes darkening.

Le Menagier de Paris: A Parisian Bourgeoisie Household in –

Break open the end of the shell and empty out the white, leaving the yolk inside, set this shell on a tile [96]the hole upwards. Take gizzards and livers and put to cook in wine ,enagier water, first the gizzards and last the livers, then put in a dish with minced parsley and vinegar.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Since this is a standard limitation on references of this type, modern scholars will often attempt extrapolation or trial-and-error experimentation to produce a redaction nenagier the recipe.