initiated by the Commission for Peace and Reconciliation (Cocopa). .. 21 See ‘ Modificaciones del Senado a la ley Cocopa’, in Perfil, supplement de LaJornada . of the San Andrés Accords After these meetings the COCOPA wrote the final proposal and sent it to the national congress for consideration (Ley COCOPA). “La Ley sobre derechos de los indígenas que hicieron los de la COCOPA de por si nos reconoce como mujeres, porque como mujeres de por si tenemos más.

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By early January, Fox had withdrawn troops from three of the seven points demanded by the Zapatistas, released 17 out of more than prisoners sought by the Zapatistas and submitted the Cocopa bill to Congress. Though some of the aspects originally agreed to were missing in this new version, the EZLN accepted the proposed document. This site uses cookies. The attitude of both groups is frustrating, the stubbornness of those Senators and Congressmen that approved the Bill and the childish attitude of those that did not agree with it.

References in periodicals archive? Email required Address never made public. Analysis and Proposals of Public Policy Journal. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What surprised members of the media is that President Fox congratulated the Senate for approving the Bill and Xochitl Galvez who works directly for him said that the Bill did not meet the needs of the Indian Pueblos and Communities.

By signing the accords, the federal government committed itself to constitutionally recognize the indigenous peoples by means of the let of a new juridical system that would guarantee the political representation of the indigenous at the local and national levels, the right for the indigenous to organize and rule themselves according to their own customs, their right to develop their own alternatives to economic development and production, and the right for them to preserve their own cultural identity.

In a nutshell, the Cocopa proposal provides limited recognition to the traditional forms of government found in many indigenous communities, grants decision-making power over resource use on indigenous lands, transfers the administration of local development, welfare lye cultural programs to indigenous peoples and provides access for independent indigenous radio and media projects.

Mejorias en pueblos indigenas gracias al EZLN: Lessons from the Zapatista Caravan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are ely using your WordPress.


Cocopa – definition of Cocopa by The Free Dictionary https: Could you therefore explain why you [the comandancial] have rejected the proposal of the COCOPA to meet with a committee made up of senators and congressmen from the two houses? El Congreso debate la propuesta de ley de la Cocopa que consagra los usos y costumbres de los pueblos indios. Fox’s attempt to settle Zapatista conflict draws accusations of appeasement.


We Make the Road by Walking: Xochitl Galvez who is the Director of the Office of Development of Indian Pueblos created by President Vicente Fox on December 1, announced on April 30, that the Bill that was approved by the Senate and the House did take into consideration some of the proposals made by President Fox, the ” Acuerdos de San Andres Larranzair ” and ” LEY COCOPAbut it needs to describe with greater depth central aspects, like the autonomy and free determination, the use of natural resources like land and territories, among other things.

México: El EZLN responde

Congressmen should come up with proposals and agreements, but in Mexico negotiating among members of Congress of different parties is still a taboo. Reactions lej state and federal governments to the Zapatista mobilization of 21 December 27 December Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The job of the Executive Branch, Xochitl Galvez and Luis Alvarez, Commissioner for Peace in Chiapas, both representatives of President Vicente Fox need to lobby and serve as mediators between all of the groups that are a part of this historic change.

Rutilio Escandon, who has been pushing to bring COCOPA back to the forefront, said the decision to reactivate the commission followed reports of violent clashes between residents of the municipality of Zinacatan and their neighbors in the autonomous community of Jecho.

If the Mexico has waited six years for this we can wait a couple of months, but in return we want a quality document.

This entry was posted on Saturday, March 1st, at Cocopah Hoka Hokan people Yuman. In this way was it denied to the indigenous to participate autonomously and collectively in the decision-making structures of the political and juridical institutions of the Mexican State, thus limiting their ability to organize autonomously in accordance with their own uses and customs.

Farther A way Now than Ever Before. An interview with comandante David, a Tzotzil member of the Zapatista delegation to Mexico City, The PRD left the House floor as a sign of protest after the vote took place in the House, leey acted in a very childish manner.

Bartlett says lfy one of cocopaa major changes is that each state Local Congress, Governor and Indigenous Groups will decide what are the traditions and cultures of each Indigenous group. What is interesting is that the entire Senate voted in favor of the Bill and it was there were the greatest opposition to modify the Mexican Constitution took place.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Mexican Congress as a whole needs to reevaluate their attitudes and sit down and negotiate a new Bill.

The PRD and those that voted against the Bill should start looking for other alternatives and lobby with the State Legislatures that lye to approve the Bill and have them make changes. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Cocopa – definition of Cocopa by The Free Dictionary

Comparativo de la reforma constitucional, la iniciativa del ejecutivo y de los acuerdos de San Andres. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Senator Manuel Bartlett of the PRI lfy that experts in Constitutional Law were consulted and proposed some changes in the wording in order to have a law that would include all Indigenous groups in Mexico and not just those in the state of Chiapas.

In sum, the agreement recognized the indigenous peoples of Mexico as public participants with the capacity of organizing themselves autonomously.

Galvez said that if the President had asked her to say that ccocopa Bill did meet the needs of the Indian Pueblos and Communities she would have resigned, but the Cocoa agreed to support her. The EZLN needs to understand that the Constitutional Amendments will affect every single person in Mexico and that there are some parts of their proposals that will not be accepted, but at the same time the Legislative Branch needs to take into consideration that the minority, which in this case are the Indian Pueblos and Communities need to be protected and recognized by the Constitution.

Bilingual education will now be an obligation of the state.

Notify me of new comments via lej. Those that voted against the Bill said that it was “too light”, that it did not really attack the issues of inclusion, autonomy, traditions. You can follow any cocola to this entry through the RSS 2. In a country there needs to be consensus, we must come up with agreements that in a very general way give us what we are asking for – a win-win situation.

Yuman – a group of language of the Hokan family in Arizona and California and Mexico.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Acting like a kinder garden kids who did not get there way, only gave the EZLN an cocpa to break all contacts with the Mexican Federal Government.