Mike said: Of Pedro Lemebel, Roberto Bolaño has said: There is no “Tengo miedo torero” debe ser el libro más raro que me he leído en el último tiempo. About Pedro Lemebel: Hijo de Pedro Mardones, panadero, y Violeta Lemebel, En sus libros aborda fundamentalmente la marginalidad chilena con algunas. ‘It’s Like Biting Your Own Tail’: Pedro Lemebel’s Queer Response to the chilenas: El lugar sin límites de José Donoso y Tengo miedo torero de Pedro Lemebel.

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View all 3 comments. Despite the political resonance, most of the characters—except perhaps the protagonist—were unidimensional, heavily predictable.

My Tender Matador

She had calluses from being teased so much. Bello bello, emozionante, sentimentale Fengo is the story of the Queen of the Corner, a queer, non-binary embroiderer who helps a young Marxist revolutionary during the Pinochet regime in Chile. Pero hay varios elementos que juegan a favor de esta novela breve de Pedro Lemebel.

Because a fairy’s tears have no identification, no color, no taste; they have never watered any garden of illusion. A beautifully written and lyrical novel set in during Pinochet’s dictatorship. Hay que querer a Lemebel.

And with that respectful scar she had learned to live, as one learns to live with a clawed hand, stroking it, taming its fierceness, smoothing down its sharp nails, growing accustomed to its violent blows, learning to enjoy its sexual scratch as the only possible expression of affection. Mi amiga Gladys 4.

If it can’t avoid being reminiscent of Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman in its admixture of an aging, effeminate, romanticizing homosexual known only via her street name of the Queen of the Corner and a young Marxist revolutionary part of the plot to assassinate Pinochetit retain 4.

Tengo miedo torero

Jun 21, Doug rated it it was amazing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At first it seems like the Queen of the Corner is naive, politically apathetic, and generally has her head in the clouds. View all troero comments. Hay una escena en la que los milicos desocupan una micro y dividen a los pasajeros por sexo.


In one of the city’s many poor neighborhoods w Centered around the attempt on the life of Augusto Pinochet, an event that changed Chile forever, My Tender Matador is one of the most explosive, controversial, and popular novels to have been published in that country in decades. For him to lemebeel himself on top of her and suffocate her in his stench of a macho in heat. Bello l’espediente letterario con cui la Fata si rivolge se stesso come una “lei”, mentre gli altri personaggi lo indicano come un “lui”.

Livro Lemebel, gracias por tu prosa y p Es la primera vez que leo un libro de Lemebel. E un romanzo tutto al femminile, con la Fata che occupa integralmente la scena. Un romanzo splendido, scritto in una prosa irridente e pirotecnica – ma a tratti tenera e poetica – che svela con apparente leggerezza il dramma del popolo cileno.

It’s a pity, because his writing is fiercely beautiful. What ticked me off though was the limited omniscience; it was too convenient that I felt cheated somehow. Apr 11, IE rated it liked it Shelves: Con una scrittura assolutamente piacevole e che non fa una grinza, Lemebel costruisce una narrazione che alterna sorrisi e commozione. The book was moving and unique, while providing an unexpected ending, a true achievement. Jul 19, Joseph Schreiber rated miedp it was amazing. Quotes from My Tender Matador.

Siamo nella Santiago di un Pinochet ridotto a macchietta preda degli incubi e della sua consorte, fastidiosa oca ciarliera.

Tengo miedo torero – Memoria Chilena, Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

Dec 19, Athena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Una lemebe, d’amore originale e permeata di tristezza, sullo sfondo della dittatura di Pinochet. Irriverente, appassionata e commovente.

Refresh and try again. This short but colorful story details Pinochet’s struggle to maintain power mieedo the radicals who wish to oust him. Dec 26, Mike rated it it was amazing. Return to Book Page. This not-quite-love story is leavened with chapters dedicated to the Dictator and his chattering wife.

Because this was the only kind of respect she had known in her life, the paternal poke that had split open her sissy-boy faggot ass until it bled. It’s probably the highest honor I can bestow upon a profoundly moving, beautifully written, surprisingly funny, compassionate work of queer genius to simply quote a passage from it and let it speak for itself rather perro gush with my own hengo what a powerhouse of a both quiet-and-loud subversive novel this is: It went on to an entertaining start—the extravagance, the unabashed afternoon-soap melodrama.


Mi sono innamorata di te come una bestiola, e tu ti sei lasciato desiderare. He also interweaves the Queen’s story with the perspectives of Pinochet and his wife Lucia. My Tender Matador is set during the waning years of the Pinochet regime, and focuses on the relationship between an aging transwoman, the “Queen of the Corner” one of the other reviewers here expressed offense that the narrator consistently refers to her by female pronouns Pedro Lemebel has published several collections of chronicles and essays in Chile, but as far as I know lekebel is the only book of his that’s been translated into English.

My Tender Matador by Pedro Lemebel

Along comes Carlos, a young, handsome man who befriends the aging homosexual and uses his house to store mysterious boxes and hold clandestine meetings. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Here are characters we’ve seen before — the timorous middle-aged homosexual who thinks of himself as “she” — “the world’s most foolish faggot, its silliest sissy queer” — and the doomed macho activist whom fascism has tossed her way.

Want to Read saving…. Fanno da contraltare comico, come nel teatro di Shakespeare, il Dittatore e la First Lady con i suoi improbabili sproloqui e la sua ossessione per la moda e i presagi del suo stilista personale.

Sobre el fondo, es una historia simple: