The relationship between rotor parameters and performance of a high efficiency type supercharger (Lysholm compressor) was studied. It is necessary that. The cost to repair the Lysholm Compressor Oil Seals is estimated at $ and why does it cost so much to repair the oil seals. The present invention relates to compressors of the rotary screw type in which two or more cooperating rotors mounted within a suitable casing operate to.

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D rawings above show the Krigar screw wheel compressor, right and the first Lysholm 3 lobe rotary screw design, left. Moreover, because the boost level at low rpm is negligible, the engine does not need a lot of modifications not even reduce compression ratio to avoid knocking. As an example, a HP compound compressor is a large piece of equipment that generally requires a special foundation, building accommodations and highly trained rigger s to place the equipment. This mean the air flow goes through the inlet will be slower.

Rotary-screw compressor

By wheatiesDecember 29, in 2L I4. A compressor of the rotary screw type including a casing having end walls having an inlet and an outlet for fluid, a first rotor and a second rotor mounted in said casing between said end walls, said rotors having interengaging screw threads forming pockets therein formed and arranged together with the inner walls of said casing to provide compression spaces registering at different times with said inlet and said outlet and Ito decreasing in volume between the time of registry with said inlet and the time of registry with said outlet, said compression spaces including a first pocket in the first rotor and a second pocket in the second rotor, said first pocket and said.


As a result, centrifugal supercharger produces little boost at low to medium rev. The term “blower” is applied to rotary screw, roots-type, and centrifugal compressors when utilized as part of an automotive forced induction system. On the downside, it is very expensive to build, because the tightly meshed nature of the screws means they need very high precision machining.

Sign in with Twitter. I’ve had the misery of having to remove the supercharger from one of those, not that it was difficult, but more time consuming than anything I’ve done. In this embodiment, the pockets P and R may be connected by a passage 80a provided in the cylindrical portion 14 of the casing and terminating in two ports 82a and 84a.

It was good for an oil free 2: While it is simple for understanding, it is not necessarily an effective design. A lower redline and declining high-rev output means the supercharged engine does not encourage the driver to work harder at throttle or gearchange. When the car is travelling at speed, air will be forced into the intake manifold through the ram air inlet which usually locates at the top of bonnet.

In fact, Roots-type superchargers waste a lot of energy in the form of heat. Using CFM to rate a compressor is incorrect because it represents a flow rate that is independent of a pressure reference. Usually the male rotor has fewer lobes than the female rotor, so that it rotates faster.

For units in the 5 through 30 HP range the physical size of these units are comparable to a typical two-stage compressor.

George Nutz for sharing papers used in the writing of this article. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now we were getting somewhere. Regarding higher efficiency, it is contributed by two factors. Cpmpressor, the space gets smaller and smaller as it moves forward, so Lysholm performs internal compression and enables higher boost pressure than Roots type supercharger.


It works best at high rpm. Unlike a turbocharger which has waste gate to keep boost pressure constant at high rev, centrigual supercharger does not have such device.

Moreover, it does not lyshokm the revvability of engine. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.

Superchargers will always be the best alternative for performance enhancement, not only for the more exclusive vehicles but also for mass produced engines in automotive and marine applications. Register a new account. Genuine Lysholm Technology Multiple OE customers have successfully completed extensive and brutal com;ressor of the Lysholm unit prior to their incorporation into their products.

Lysholm compressor – Oxford Reference

In an oil-injected rotary-screw compressor, oil is injected into the compression cavities to aid sealing and provide cooling sink for the gas charge. As the twisted rotors rotate, they pushes the air from the inlet side towards to outlet side.

Posted December 30, Lysholm is also called screw type supercharger. In the form of apparatus shown, the end walls limit the axial extent of the compression spaces.

Low efficiency, low boost, consumes lots of power cmpressor high rev, ugly noise.