This manual is published for the information and government of the Regular Army and Organized Militia of the United States. By order of the Secretary of War. Rifle, Caliber MA3 contract for , rifles was for- years was accomplished with the by the U.S. Army on May mally established in June This manual differs from TM , Ordnance Maintenance: Rifles, U. S., cal, , Still later, the Rifle MA3 was modified by removing front and rear sight.

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The one is the Bayonet M which is furnished with either the fabric covered Scabbard M or the plastic Scabbard M3 figs. If horizontal cross hair is above the mark the rear end m19033a3 the m1903s3 must be raised. This must be done carefully to avoid removing too much wood. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. As production increased, the Garand began to be issued in growing numbers, but a surprising number of ’03s remained in front-line use. From a general historical perspective the year is perhaps best known for the Wright Brothers’ epic flight at Kitty Hawk, N.

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Assemble butt plate cap and pin to butt plate. Check wings of sight base and windage yoke for de- formation, burs, and rust, and aperture for burs, rust, and foreign matter. The mount base of this rifle is alined and leveled with respect to the bore line of the rifle to which it is assembled at manufacture, and should not be removed except for repair.

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Disassembly will be considered under two general heads: With brass plug screwed into bolt and gripped by jaws of bit brace or breast drill, rapidly rotate bolt, applying freely OIL, lubricating, preservative, special, only, until extractor collar is entirely free.

If these rings should become loose or detached while the sight is dis- mounted from the rifle, they can be assembled to the sight as explained in subparagraph b, below. The adjusting mechanism is located in the rear end of the sight tube. Inspect band for deformation, burs, stripped threads in band and on screw, and security of screw in m11903a3.


Whenever a new bolt, which does not have notches, is installed in a Rifle M or MA1, it is necessary to remove and discard the bolt stop assembly.

As the rear mount ring approaches the mount base, move the sight backward or forward in the front mount ring until the rear ring will seat squarely in position on the mount base. Reposition escutcheons in grips, if removed, and seat right grip on blade handle and insert grip screw through grip, blade handle, and bayonet catch.

Full text of “Ordnance maintenance : U.S. rifles, cal. , M, MA1, MA3 and MA4”

To use the device, the front sight screw and movable stud are removed and the dovetailed gage A 20 inserted in place of the movable stud, being pushed in by hand until tight. K1903a3 aperture slide, spring, or screw are damaged so as to prevent proper opera- tion or retention of the slide, the damaged parts should be replaced.

If the 3-pound weight pulls the trigger, or if the 6-pound weight fails to pull the trigger, the rifle should be repaired in the manner described in paragraph 47 f 2. Hand Guard Assembly, Inspect hand guard for splits and missing manal guard clips. Looseness at ,1903a3 point may be remedied by lightly peening the dovetailed lug on the front mount ring par. The windage yoke should move freely the full width of the base, and the slide aperture should move the full length of the yoke ramp and be retained positively and without shake at the gradua- tion notches.

Insert group into receiver from bottom and thread in guard screws evenly manula tightly short screw forward. Aside from dipping the whole rifle, application of the protective film to the bore of the rifle is best done by dipping the cleaning brush in the preservative and running it through the bore two or three times. Remove front sight pin by driving out from left and remove front sight fig. A broken or bent swivel should be treated as described in subparagraph b, above. Mqnual should be no loose- ness.


Disassembly and assembly of these sights are covered in the group in which they occur. The Springfield in.

Under no circumstances should a rifle con- tained in a cloth cover manuao with a plug in the bore, be placed in storage. It contains detailed instructions for disassembly, assembly, inspection, maintenance, and repair of the materiel listed below.

When metal sliding loops or hooks become spread or pinched, they should be corrected.

Great care should be used when removing oil and grease from the telescopic sight used on the Rifle MA4. These instructions are supplementary to those in Field Manuals and Technical Manuals prepared for the using arms.

If leather is pliable and in good condition it may be treated with a thick lather of saddle soap, rinsed with clean water, and when thoroughly dry, rubbed briskly with clean, dry CLOTH, wiping.

It consists of a pair of tweezers for squeezing together the two sides of the undercut slot on the fixed stud, and a dovetail tapered gage A which, when in- serted in the slot of the fixed stud, serves as a stop for the tweezers at the desired point.

Check tension of rear sight base spring. Adjustment of cross hairs and sight tube for vertical and horizontal alinement is explained in paragraphs 56 and Press in rear end of lower band spring and move lower band forward fig. With the bullet end of a cartridge or pin drift, press on floor plate catch through hole in floor plate at the same time drawing bullet to rear; this releases the floor plate. This prevents double feeding.