I don’t have too much experience with Mage, just recently picking up Revised Mage They have a generally unified vision of humanity’s ascension, and want to The Technocracy saw the Sons of Ether as a liability to their. The Sons of Ether are a strange group to exist in the Council of Nine, but their open approach to the possibility of anything makes them a. All Sons of Ether must use Foci for their effects until they surpass Arete 5. possible in the paradigm of the other; this is known to others as the Ascension War.

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Reality is narrowed down to what they declare is possible. Search in titles only. So naturally they should all “do science” together. So I guess fundamentally, I’m not too clear on why the various Traditions all take different approaches setting-wise, not the obvious more fun for game mechanics reason to magic.

Or am I mistaken in that? So say the Sons of Ether, and they practice what they preach. A lot of this will depend on their Avatar’s Essence, as well as the kind of things their Etherite engages in, and what sort of lesson the Etherite has to learn. Chances are, an Etherite can scrounge up a replacement, prototype, discarded model or something to get his hands on whatever scientific gear he needs. Astronaut, gadgeteer, medic, natural philosopher, social scientist, theoretical engineer, trucker Stereotypes Akashic Brotherhood: Ideally, the Technocratic vision of the world is a crystalline end-point, and everything else is just leading up to it.

The Technocrats would chalk this up to human science being “primitive” and needing to catch up to “Enlightened Science”, wait for the next theory to roll out and try again all the way up until science was “ready” for it with the Soviets and NASA. Even if the character’s capabilities are meager at the moment, they still have a Focus Paradigm, Practice, and Instrumentswhich dictate what they believe the universe to be, and how that lets them do Magick. Who could get so caught up in death as to want to live it?

They share a common lineage with Mages, the Techncorats actually emerged from the Order of Hermes. It’s been touched on elsewhere already, but it really can’t be overstated that the reason the Virtual Adepts and Sons of Ether split from the Technocracy is only tangentially related to their methodologies. For the better part of a century, the Engineers advocated the wonders of electricity, the value of perception in experimentation and the power of the questing spirit.


Pseudo-Psychologist — Handwriting analysis, color theory, facial analysis, if there was a personality test that became a fad before, you knew it by heart.

By inches, the Technocrats sought to rein in their Web gurus and haxxors, and by inches they only succeeded in alienating their fellows. Keplerians are eager to prove this and cite superconductivity as one example of this principle. Or to be more succinct, if the Technocrats were really deluded mages, handguns would be magical devices. Prime — Vibration Zero This is the least well understood of the Vibrations.

For example the singing of the Celestial Chorus to channel prime might seem magical, but in actuality they are creating a sonic resonance that collects quintessance from a node. Just as you can use certain techniques which add zero to an equation and yet yield different results and allow certain proofs, so certain Vibrations need Zero added to them to become “real.

Reinventing the Wheel With so many geniuses at work all across the globe, each pursuing their own pet theories and following their own particular procedures, the professional communication between the Etherites is frantic and usually hopelessly conflicted.

For whatever reason, though their methodologies might appear similar in some respects, that is not how I would illustrate the aim of the Technocracy in my games. The spread of these theories has ascenwion set more than one Technocrat to grinding their teeth in frustration as they work to undo the damage the Etherites have done to their tidy little paradigm. Modern Adventurers take on a more pragmatic approach, using their fabulous Science to build fantastic but often concealed armor and weaponry with which to pursue their crusades against criminals, hypocrites and madmen.

Willing to stride off into the unknown on the backs of wild theories and discredited sciences, the Engineers imperiled the Technocracy’s idea of a safe, stable, methodical scientific world.


I mean ideally, everything follows the plan, but as in most cases with long-term plans, it changes over time to cope with the circumstances. Presumably based on the works of early philosophers and translated through several secret forms, the document eventually surfaced in 12th-century Spain, where a pair of enterprising mystics one a Hermetic craftsman, the other a Templar took its teachings to heart. I do recognize the distinction; I was attempting to express that they have bought their own line, at least to the extent they can almost, desperately, quasi-justify it.

The Tradbook is really useful for exploring the diversity of the Houses or brushing up on the paradigm in case you’re the odd Hermetic player who didn’t already know a lot about occultism, but I don’t think it’s good – or even meant – to sell you tue the tradition the way most of the revised books are. I suppose I should’ve been a bit more broad and said that literally everything that relies on any sort of physics or sona is magic.


Sons of Ether – Project Fiction

They may not have nailed down all the specifics, but that just means they need to experiment more. With their incredible mastery of Matter, a few of these pioneers have made some theories about shielding their ships from the storm winds lashing the wall between dimensions, and their once-ridiculed craft may become a potent tool in exploration of the Umbra.

Otherwise, the Etherite hasn’t found a way to incorporate the ally’s Science into his personal studies, and he must wait to try again at the end of the next game. Something does not work as expected? The Sons of Ether either couldn’t or didn’t want to adapt to the prevailing paradigm, and so they were ostracized and ultimately left for greener pastures. I think it makes more sense to see the Technocrats and the Traditions as two ways of interpreting the thing that they actually are rather than seeing the Technocracy as a kind of Tradition.

Every single Etherite has his own spin on — well, just about everything. Generators have the interesting and as yet unexplained ability to generate useful values of zero locked with in Matter or Bio patterns. The ‘antiquated trappings’ are, to them, either the literal truth of the universe or the only useful metaphor for that truth available to humans. Aecension it is a little mystical for the tastes of the Etherites, they feel it better to explore it anyway rather than let it stop them cold as it would the Conventions.

They believe that every possible theory is valid and reject reductionism; okay, sounda good on paper, but then what is there to research? Astronaut, gadgeteer, medic, natural philosopher, social scientist, theoretical engineer, trucker.

Problem is these examples might work for an advance mage and the one I am playing has arete 1 and matter 1 and all this allows me is to only perceive properties, structure, stability.

Both agree, following the basic tenets of the philosophy of science, that nothing is truly knowable. Etherites correspond and publish journals or papers to propound their theories.

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