Alameda swap meet directions to the hollywood

First time at the Alameda Swapmeet in Los Angeles - VideoZoos

alameda swap meet directions to the hollywood

GET DIRECTIONS. From: To: Hours of Operation. The Original Los Angeles Flower Market is open Monday through Saturday—to both the trade and general . new to LA from northern Ca, and I'm looking for a swapmeet/flea like the ones im Look for The Roadium in Torrance, or the Alameda swap meet in LA. Luky hardware in burbank.. about 3 blocks west of hollywood way. 14 reviews of Phoenix Tat2 Supplies from North Hollywood, CA. Lol the guy at the alameda swapmeet didn't even wanna get up to sell me anything lol he said.

Swap Meets Galore

Yet, a brief drive through Vernon's wide, pot-holed boulevards shows hints of life that a Census Bureau can't capture. First comes the smell of the roadside asaderos that dot the street corners come weekends, grilling over modded oil drums and scenting the air with thick plumes of poultry-flavored smoke.

alameda swap meet directions to the hollywood

Drive further, and men waving day-glo flags directing cars into empty lots appear, operating with a finesse that might suggest they moonlight as LAX ground crews.

Beyond that, hidden in plain sight amongst rows of unremarkable looking warehouses, is the Alameda Swap Meet. Snyder Continue Reading Each building house dozens of stalls selling, well, pretty much everything: There's a petting zoo for the kids. Shiastu massages and acupuncture are available out back.

On Sundays a live church service blasts out of loudspeakers, competing with the constant clamor of wandering Mariachis.

The Los Angeles Flower Market

The crowds swell to what must be twenty times Vernon's "official" population. Spanish is preferred, but the language of bargaining is universal. Quesadilla de Flor de Calabaza G.

Snyder The real show, as you may have guessed, is the food. Not just any food, but what is probably one of the most comprehensive and superb collections of Mexican cuisine heaped together in one place outside of Mexico.

The food stalls seem stretch the length of the complex. In one corner, stands a hulking red tornado of al pastor spinning on a spit crowned with fresh pineapple. Nearby a row of grandmothers work slabs of blue masa into oblong huraches or quesadillas, then stuff them with gracious handfuls of squash blossoms, a malty smear of huitlacoche, or slow-simmered tinga de pollo.

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Beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables abound in the produce stalls. This is the spot to find ingredients and cooking utensils for Latin recipes. Exceptionally large exotic tropic fruit and vegetables are the standard here including jicama, coconuts, papaya and pineapple.


Traditional market staples are easy to find as well. Most goods are sold at very reasonable price points. We found two pounds of bananas for 99 cents.

The butcher offers great savings on chicken, pork and beef. While the signs are in Spanish they are happy to translate or simply pack up whatever you request.

alameda swap meet directions to the hollywood

Clean, fresh seafood covered in ice is continually dug into by fishmongers who continually show off sea creatures to customers who examine them with an eagle eye before choosing the winners and taking them home.

A cheese counter displays Latin specialty cheeses and cremas, all for considerably less than the traditional markets charge.

alameda swap meet directions to the hollywood

Packaged nuts and snacks line shelves near the fruit stands that blend juice and smoothies from the abundant fresh fruit and vegetable displays. Food stalls offer all types of prepared foods from Mexican to Salvadorian dishes and one of the best ways to end a meal here is with churros from Churros Jalisco. These freshly fried curved gems are warm and newly coated in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

alameda swap meet directions to the hollywood