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Unlike other cartoons in this list, The Jetsons aired on Prime-time TV on . Lyrics. Meet George Jetson. His Boy Elroy. Daughter Judy. Jane his. “Meet George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, Jane (his wife). . several sentient alien characters as placeholders for the average awkward lesson .. the production process featuring this lyric at some point in the movie. Meet George boy posavski-obzor.infoer, his's's mostly instrumental.

Did I really just watch those same episodes over and over again? This nostalgia for the futurism of yesteryear has very real consequences for the way that we talk about ourselves as a nation.

Why is there a misconception today about Americans being more supportive of the space program? Why Only One Season? Or, more accurately, a lack of color.

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NBC also had an incumbent advantage. What if George took a flying bus or monorail instead of a flying car? What if Jane Jetson worked outside of the home? What if the show had a single African-American character?

The animation simply has a different feel and the storylines are arguably weaker, though I certainly remember watching them along with the original reruns when I was a kid in the s.

aliens meet the jetsons lyrics

With talk of a live-action Jetsons movie in the works, it will be interesting to see how a revamped Jetsons might play today. I spell Rosey the way it appeared in merchandise of the s. Meet George Jetson The Jetsons, of course, represents a nostalgia for the future; but perhaps more oddly, it still represents the future to so many people who grew up with it.

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We, the audience, don't really get to know The Jetsons as characters, or at least not in a sense that goes beyond their gimmicks. For example, Judy is the stereotypical teenage girl who's into cars, clothes, hair and boys, and she has a passion for music, but we rarely if ever got to see anything beyond that until Rockin' with Judy Jetson, which I'll get to later.

aliens meet the jetsons lyrics

Also what does Jane like besides shopping? What are her passions? We know he's a terrific pitcher in space ball, a great bowler, a hard worker, a good provider, but what is he really like? Same with Elroy, he's a boy genius and very precocious, but not very strong.

aliens meet the jetsons lyrics

You see, we don't really get to know these characters very well, we're only supposed to identify with their gimmicks and follow them as they do stuff and we're not sure why. This doesn't take away from the show's entertainment value, but it leaves a bit to be desired. Spacely, oh boy, the meanest boss in the universe and a really deplorable character.

He must have been put there for the little kids, because all he does is yell, scream and jump around a lot. Astro was the same way, a very flamboyant character, and I know a cartoon show needs cartoon characters, but these guys are often shoe-horned into scenes where they don't really belong, other than to liven things up.

Comic relief, if you will.

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It's apparent, particularly in the later episodes that whenever the writers couldn't think of anything engaging to do with the Jetson family, they'd always bring in Spacely and his ever-growing rivalry with Cogswell Cogs. Yet another gimmick and a chance to throw in gags for no real reason other than to move the plot along. I think Cogswell was added just to try and make Spacely seem like a good guy and at times, he has expressed some affection for George and his family, though not very often.

Now, I've already said which episodes are my favorites, but I'll go ahead and recap right here. I liked "The Swiss Family Jetson" because it took the characters out of their element and showed them having to thrive off instinct and know-how, which I had said should have been the movie, but it worked out fine as a 22 minute episode.

Most of the shows were pretty good, but one episode I've always hated is "The Wrong Stuff" purely for the way it was set up, the story was stupid, the plot was weak, what should have been a great opportunity for character development was cast aside so Spacely could show up and exploit Elroy for no reason other than to allow him to be in an episode where he didn't belong.

aliens meet the jetsons lyrics

Character is definitely where the show falls flat. Overall, I love The Jetsons, it's a great show and the characters, while not very deep, are still enjoyable and even the horrible episodes are better than most cartoons coming out today.

George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Rosie and Astro are all endearing and you enjoy watching them do what they do. I also liked Orbitty, he was a nice addition to the cast, I don't know why they got rid of him in Season 3. Did they think he was the Jetson's answer to Cousin Oliver? Spacely, you love to hate him. He's so mean and cruel, yet he has his endearing moments.

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I would also like Mr. Cogswell if I got to know him better. Just once I would have liked to see him without Spacely and see what he's really like.