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aljunied mp meet the people session

*No Meet-the-People Sessions on public holidays and the eve of public holidays. For more information, click on advisers' photos. Teck Ghee Prime Minister Mr. Mr Pritam Singh MP for Aljunied GRC Eunos Division Vice-Chairman, Town Council. Meet the People Session* First and Third Monday from pm to pm. What happens at the Meet The People Session (MPS)? aljunied-grc-commencement-of-meet-the-people-sessions/.

A lot of the load is taken off me by the volunteer core.

Let’s ask… what happens in a “Meet The People Session”

That he initiated this process of meeting the people which now we of course take for granted but it was something quite abnormal at that point. All of us should follow in his foot-steps. To that end, I think MPS is still very relevant to many of us. What are the most important values you can take away from your weekly MPS?

I asked him what other issues he faced so as to buttress the appeal to the traffic police. He told me that his wife is suffering from cancer. And then you realise, on the one hand, what you thought was actually just a case of a rice bowl issue with regard to the licence of a driver actually has a tail of another issue.

Ang Mo Kio Town Council

What would you like Singaporeans to know about MPS? The MP is that person the residents come to see. I wish they did. Have there been any interesting moments that have stood out? Yes, many interesting moments. I usually come every Wednesday to help out. How many people come down typically to each MPS? The most we hit was about No, more than that!

After any public holiday that falls on a Wednesday, you must see the queue the following Wednesday.

David Marshall and the Dawn of Meet-the-People Sessions in Singapore – The Workers' Party

After the recent election too. Very long queue but we expected it. Will there be more volunteers who come down to help out then? The new volunteers will be here. I can relax a bit too laughs.

aljunied mp meet the people session

How did you get involved in MPS? It was recommended by my friend who asked me to join. He says that driving is his only rice bowl and appeals for help. His appeal was not successful.

aljunied mp meet the people session

What is an MPS? Residents of a constituency or constituents can meet up with the MP and writers will draft a petition letter on their behalf. These are then sent to Government bodies, corporations or registered groups.

They are required to stay late into the night if necessary it is not uncommon that MPs, and their writers work into the wee hours, even as late as 3am.

The reason for this is that letters sent out from their constituency will not carry special privileges for the resident or add extra pressure to the receiver. What happens during MPS? Some will have their appeal heard first by a writer, before meeting the MP.

Meet-the-People Sessions

Some MPs will go from table to table to attend to each resident and writer. Smaller sessions will see the residents meeting the MP directly.

aljunied mp meet the people session

Urgent cases will be faxed out the next day, otherwise all letters will be mailed 5. After the appeal, give about two weeks for a reply What is the Success Rate?

Genuine cases of financial hardship, bread and butter issues, maybe even cut utility bills arising from monetary difficulties can have high chances.

Sylvia Lim's 1st Meet-The-Peoples Session

However, it is difficult to assess if a resident is genuinely needs help…it is not up to the MP or writer to judge. If they are found to be in trouble, financial assistance, emergency utility reinstatement funds and ComCare funds, free healthcare from government clinics etc can be rendered immediately by the CDC not the MPS. Oftentimes, these are from Singaporeans who marry foreign spouses. ICA never tells you the reason for rejection this is because if they put something in black and white, chances are you can find loopholes and work around it.

It is hard to tell the success rate of these — especially with anti-forigner sentiment so high in the country. However, for any court cases concerning traffic or any other criminal offense actuallyno political party including the PAP, has the right to write to the Judge or the Court.