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american colony meet the hutterites marvin

Jun 25, King Colony, Montana: Wesley Hofer grinds up meat for sausage. Hofer, a prominent character on “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites,” said. Meet the Hutterites--a small religious colony in rural Montana who holds desperately to their sacred traditions while fighting the modern temptations of the . Jun 1, On May 29th, the first of ten episodes of “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites” A film crew spent months filming the King Ranch Hutterite Colony from .. of brother Toby and Marvin with their respective wives so wonderful.

She said that the first three segments were accurate enough, but then the producers started feeding the Hutterites story lines. She and her daughter went to Great Falls to investigate the possibility of a college education for the younger woman. She advocates higher educations for her children, something many Hutterites oppose since they perceive that the young people who do get educations are less likely to remain in the fold.

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The NGC apparently exploited this legitimate debate among the Hutterites themselves. Another colony member, Claudia Hofer, released a statement indicating that most of the scenes in which she appeared were staged. Wesley Hofer, another, said in his statement that an episode during which he was rushed to a hospital, the victim of a supposed heart attack, was entirely fake.

Collins, the producer, denied that he created false story lines.

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He believes that the statements by the colony members have all been prompted by their elders, who are pressuring them to disavow the show. An interesting running commentary on all this is provided by Alan Mairson, a journalist and former National Geographic staff member.

Among the many documents that Mr. Mairson has posted in his blog are copies of statements written by members of the King Colony themselves. Outsiders may not be in a position of making firm judgments on this matter, but the 20 signed statementstaken as a whole, present a powerful indictment of the NGC.

A few of them can be quoted briefly to indicate the depth of anger at the colony.

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We love the way our dresses look and we will not wear ourselves another way. Several of the letters expressed regret about going to a bar in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Another Hutterite, Pamela Hofer, expressed her regret at participating at all in the series.

Several other problems with the show. It seems like they picked the people with the stupidest accents for the show and the accents go from Swedish to German accents. These people didn't come to from Germany, they were all born in the U. English on the farm. So why do they have such thick accents? You never see them pray and they swear a lot.

Hardly, Hutterite behavior, especially by the young kids.

american colony meet the hutterites marvin

Finally, the lack of respect by the young kids to the elders would never be tolerated. But here is an expert view on the show: There are dysfunctional colonies and Amish and Mennonite communities with colorful behavior that embarrasses their parent bodies. In a sense they are fair game to secular documentarians and their audience.

american colony meet the hutterites marvin

But this tightly edited series is something else. Scripted scenes are juiced with a music track. If only the quality of the camera work were matched with subtlety of spiritual insight.

The only thingI would differ from them is that I think these are actors poorly imitating Hutterites and they are using stock footage of their farm, though I may b wrong on this one. In the end, American Colony: Meet The Hutterites is a fake show, joining other fake shows like Operation Repo, South Beach Tow, Hard Core Pawn, Pawn Stars and many others in which they insinuate that the scenes are real, but at best, they are cheap reenactments.

When the kids got their deer, and when they came up to the deer- they supposedly found it, correct? Wrong, because the deer was already gutted before the kids found the deer.