Animal planet documentary meet the sloths becky

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animal planet documentary meet the sloths becky

Nursery manager Claire, sloth scientist Becky and “chief sloth savior” Judy “ Meet the Sloths” airs Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET on Animal Planet. Animal Planet is home to Meet the Sloths, a documentary-style TV show But biologist Becky Cliffe's assessment of her current work place is pretty accurate. Music · Theatre · Comedy · TV · Film · Arts · Wrestling Rebecca Cliffe, sloth biologist, holding sloth wearing sloth backpack while traveling in boat Her work was even featured on the Discovery Channel, as well as the BBC, . me sleep over in the jungle during the filming of Meet the Sloths, but I said no.

She run that sh Only difference is that if you like it, you should put three rings on it. A few neighborhood kids brought her by about 20 years ago, and she was the sanctuary's first resident.

Though she initially slept on the couch you know, before her big breakshe now reigns from a large wicker basket that hangs right in the thick of things. In celeb years she's like,but she dutifully greets the paparazzi daily and hasn't given into pressure to tweak her appearance. She's got a Stacy London gray streak thing going on, and she's workingit. Meanwhile, in the nursery, two-year-old Cory is dealing with a major annoyance. Orphaned baby sloth Jesse is a stage-five clinger, and the creepy bromance is not being reciprocated.

Jesse is smothering Cory both literally and figuratively, because he considers Cory his mom. If Jesse were a person, I think he'd be Woody Allen. Lots of issues with boundaries. See ya in therapy, Jesse Sloths are very solitary animals; they don't even hang with their babies. So basically, this is Cory's living nightmare. He's screaming, but nobody hears him. By the time he gets his mouth open all the way, everyone has left for the night.

Becky Cliffe – The Conversation

If he tries to text Buttercup, Jesse prepares to slowly fly into a jealous rage. A week later, he flies into aforementioned rage.

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Next, there's a whole segment on how sloths only poop once a month. It gets a little too descriptive for my tastes, and I begin to gag violently. With so many sloth faces for us to just look at and feel good about, I'm not sure why we need to focus on the other end. I thought we'd move on after a commercial break, but now we're just getting a closer, chopped-up look.

I feel like we're all at the Gastroenterologist together, and it's not going well.

animal planet documentary meet the sloths becky

Just when I thought we'd hit our threshold for grossness, the baby sloths have caught a bug that gives them diarrhea. I don't want to know about that! I just want to keep thinking you're perfect!

Is there some anti-sloth subterfuge going on here? Was this show produced secretly by teacup pigs? I assumed a sloth epidemic would be really adorable, but it's terrible! She stayed here for several weeks taking some incredible shots of the resident sloths and also a few wild visitors. On her very first day here, one of our rehabilitated and released 3-fingered females Esmerelda ever so kindly gave birth, came down from her Cecropia tree, crawled right by us showing off her teeny tiny new born baby, then proceded to climb the tree directly infront of us - amazing!!!

She is still hanging around literally giving us a nice peek at how the baby is doing every now and again. Also during Suzie's stay here, all of my study females managed to come into heat simulatenously, all yelling for a boyfriend - as 3-fingered females do. We must have had almost 15 wild males decend on my girls over the course of one day!!

Now this is great for Suzie, but a problem for manyyy reasons.

animal planet documentary meet the sloths becky

Firstly, they have a habit of groping my girls through the cages, and I DONT want a pregnant lady sloth in my study nor do we want pregnant captive sloths full stop. This was terrible news for Esmerelda and her baby since she was harrased by a fierce 'rapey' male for days.

All this tension in the air ment that sloth fights were erupting everywhere, and when two males fight the aim seems to be to throw the other one out the tree.

Unfortuntely it rained male sloths for a couple of days. This is a horrible thing to watch happen, but luckily most of the fall-ees were perfectly fine, just a bruised ego.

One of the wild males determined to get into my room never keep sloth poop in your room Volunteers who have been to the sanctuary may be familiar with Randy. He is a wild male that so frequently visits the females he has been named approprately. Obviously, he was on the scene during all the unfolding female drama, but was clearly a lover not a fighter since he sadly was thrown out of his tree during a sloth brawl. As he fell, he hit a branch on the way down, completely smashing all the bones in his upper arm it was hanging as the most sickening angle He valiently attempted to climb back up the tree, but our staff scooped him up and brought him into the slothpital.

The sanctuary couldn't leave him in such a state so sent him on a holiday to San Jose with our vet, Marcelo, for surgery. He is now the proud owner of one bald, titanium-held-together arm sporting impressive scars. The good news is that he is well on the road to recovery and after his final X-ray in April, he will be released back into the forest to be randy once again. While speaking of release, we released the 2-fingered female fondly known as 'Mom' this month.

Becky Cliffe

She arrived almost 7 months ago with a baby and a badly infected dog bite on her shoulder. The wound was treated and she regained full use of her arm but sadly rejected her baby in the process who is still here and doing fine.

After a few complications with the healing, she was ready to go and is now a happy resident of one of the Almond tree's on the sanctuary grounds. Now the part that everyone loves the best The twins that I mentioned in my last post are doing brilliantly named Sebastian and Violet - they are adorable.

To add to the pile of cuteness, on valentines day we recieved the smallest little bundle of fluff on record; a tiny tiny new born 3-fingered baby weighing just g and measuring a minute 12cm from nose to teeny tiny tail.

Meet the Sloths 2of8 New Documentary

She is named Mirra short for miracle and is fully formed and perfectly healthy! New borns aren't usually that small, so we think she was probably a twin who was rejected as the weaker one. She is happily paired up with another very small baby recieved this month named Velcro he is clingy Half way through the month, we had a group of people bring us an adult 3-fingered female with a baby.