Asu meet the greeks 2014

Some ASU multicultural organizations struggle to recruit new members - The State Press

asu meet the greeks 2014

FOX5 Vegas - KVVU A fraternity at Arizona State University decided to celebrate the national 01/21/ pm ET Updated Jan 25, told CBS5 he will meet with the ASU chapter and school officials “to really flush out the . Australia · Brazil · Canada · Deutschland · España · France · Ελλάδα (Greece) · India. Multicultural Greek organizations face some difficulties recruiting new members "I joined in the Fall of and back then, there was a little bit of an Reach the reporter [email protected] or follow @gofishgetgone on Twitter. May 30, She wanted the best for everyone she met and will continue to inspire us Greek Life at ASU in Fall All-Greek GPA ().

Girls are hot and rich. Our frat castles are some of the best in the nation. At no other university in the country will you have Formal Invites to Catalina Island on a private chartered yacht with all the glorious alcohol you can drink, the Playboy Suite rented out for your Spring Vegas formal accompanied by rooms at the Palms Hotel, 4-star reservations in San Francisco for the yearly weekender when we play either Cal or Stanford and the campus migrates northor go on invites and exchanges with sororities filled with undeniably the most attractive women in the country to top clubs and venues throughout the greater L.

Bottom line is that no one is getting the experience we are. As a kid from the Midwest, I love gloating to my friends about what we do on a weekly basis, all of whom go to schools on the various top party school lists and most of whom are ranked higher than me. Given the opportunity I know for a fact that any single one of them would leave their frigid schools and head back to Cali in Notorious B. No where else in the country are people having the partying experience that we live week in and week out.

Also Andy Enfield and his smokeshow of a wife are our new basketball coaches. The one aspect that I believe makes our campus such a great party school are these bars, and the fact that the admittance age is only 19 still 21 to be served alcohol. With other campuses, many underage party seekers are forced to resort to house parties and smaller apartment parties. While there are still many house, apartment, and fraternity parties, the bars are by far the most popular hangouts.

Not only do the fraternities and sororities here party very hard, but they also basically run the bars. Almost every person working at the bars is in a sorority or fraternity, which draws large crowds of Greeks.

On any given week night certain bars are packed, and Thursday-Saturday every bar is extremely crowded. The holiday began when students realized St.

The day is marked by bars opening at 8 in the morning, kegs on front lawns, students from nearly all Big Ten schools flooding the campus to celebrate by drinking obscene amounts of alcohol.

asu meet the greeks 2014

Testimonial 1, via Waffles McButter: Girls represent the majority of the student body by a narrow margin and they come from all ends of the earth and all parts of the country.

On top of all that, if you are looking for a college experience where promiscuity is the norm, the females at University of Miami can certainly help to fulfill all your carnivorous needs. Its mediocrity can most likely be attributed to Miami being a private school with roughly 10, undergrads and an abundance of foreigners who attend the school and have no real interest in Greek life.

But to be blatantly honest, Greek life at UM, in general, is sub-par. Football Saturdays Testimonial 1: In terms of house parties, anything great goes through a fraternity house first, and the biggest shit fests are always fraternity related. When students are in the mood to head to the bars, they usually go to the Strip or downtown T-town.

Some bars frequented by students include: The fraternities on campus can be fractioned into two groups: Old Row and New Row. Old Row has bigger houses, more money, and more bros, so naturally they pull the best ass on campus and throw down the hardest. This is a classy, dressed up affair. Charlie Bear, Ugly Tuna, and an Irish style pub place that seems to have a different name every other week.

Those are always a good time, mainly because the sororities are not that far away. There are also some great dive bars like the Library and the Sloppy Donkey. Other than cheap beer, there are no real highlights.

The 50 Best Party Schools In the U.S., Ranked and Reviewed (#25 – 1)

The area around the shoe is flooded with people, whether they have a ticket or not. The night after a win the bars are their own particular brand of crazy and the girls are normally in rare form. A good party school needs three things to consistently be placed in the Top 10 of the best party schools in the nation: Huge ragers, a kick-ass bar scene, and lots of hot girls. U of Iowa has all of them covered. Tailgating at U of Iowa is an unreal experience. Beer bongs and keg stands on the front lawns of Melrose Court, giant-ass turkey legs, girl-on-girl tailgate mud-wrestling, and hell, we even have a TRAIN dedicated to taking people to and from the stadium.

Iowa City is also a huge attraction for music artists. Last, but certainly not least, the girls. They are not as strict on marijuana around here, but students do get tickets, especially in the dorms. We have an great bar scene here with over 20 bars between the Hill and Pearl St.: Pearl Street is a 10 minute walk from campus and has the most bars and restaurants. Absinthe is a dance club that plays techno music. Denver also has Casa Bonita, which was made famous in South Park, complete with actual cliff divers.

In the summer, lots of students usually stay in town for summer school. Elitch Gardens is a theme park in downtown Denver that is also fun to go to in the Summer. Lastly, Vegas is driving distance from Boulder about 12 hours and I feel it should be a rite of passage for year-old Boulder students.

We have the Flatirons and gorgeous girls looming in front of us everyday. Everyone is so chill, and everyone is down to smoke, drink, and party whenever. Not to mention Amendment 64! Thursday is the biggest party night so we basically have three days of partying every weekend.

CU is also pretty even as far as Greek life. Basketball team is good again so everyone is getting hammered for every game. Football team still sucks, which means we tailgate even harder. Last year we brought Tiesto, Alesso, Afrojack, etc to Little IU is widely known as having some of the best looking girls in the Midwest and in the Big Ten. A porno was filmed on campus. Going to ASU is essentially being in the chillest frat: When life gives us lemons, we add fucking vodka, girls in bikinis, some green and maybe a bag of blow.

Arkansas State University

How the fuck will I wake up for that? One of the largest schools in the country and has the best weather to host parties both day and night. Booze is super cheap and plentiful.

There are drink specials and something to do every night of the week. Like, being fat is just not an option. So you tend to want to get hammered and show off your body, as a culture. When they call last call in Tallahassee, some people with DDs just jump across the border to go buy more beer.

We go hard every weekend, not just on one of the numerous fest weekends. Thousands of people flock from all around to come to our notorious fest weekends of which there are many.

The girls are hot and have loose morals. There is simply no better school for partying than OU.

Some ASU multicultural organizations struggle to recruit new members

Our number fests include 20, people drunk in a field. We have been the number 1 party school every year! You can go out any given night and find a party or a rowdy bar crowd. Everyone wants to add to their extensive list of drinking buddies so you are constantly finding new places to rage.

Fugitive Fest, Water Main Fest, any weekday… Also, we have this bad habit of ending parties in riot gear and setting things on fire in the street. This process is intended to be a positive, fun, and enriching experience for everyone who participates. It can sometimes prove quite a challenge for potential new members and members to balance Formal Recruitment with new classes, new experiences, and--for some--a new temporary home.

Is Sorority Life Worth the Financial Costs?

We want to make this experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible! You will be able to move into your residence hall anytime between 10am and 2pm on August 12th.

asu meet the greeks 2014

A-State Panhellenic Gives Back Philanthropy and service is a foundational value of fraternities and sororities. All of our A-State Panhellenic sororities host highly successful and beneficial philanthropic events and participate in hands-on community service. The Circle of Sisterhood is a non-profit organization founded and empowered by sorority women across the United States on a mission to raise financial resources to help remove education barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression around the world.

For more information on this non-profit organization, please visit https: As a Potential New Member, you have the opportunity to assist our sororities in their fundraising efforts.

asu meet the greeks 2014

In order to be eligible for A-State Sorority Recruitment, you must complete the below checklist: Attach a personal photo to the end of the online application, as directed.