Big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of duck

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big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of duck

Winston Showan, Helen Wood and Tamara Stewart-Wood are among this year's Big Brother housemates (Channel 5) Tonight Big Brother returned to Channel 5, as Emma Willis welcomed the first eclectic bunch of contestants to the futuristic and decidedly green house. A great cast, so what could ruin the night? . Read my blog: http:// 1/9/, Free, View in We meet the first transgender person to ever be on Big Brother except Nadia, . 11/21/, Free, View in iTunes BB14 Duck squad FTW, Will the Quack Pack get their beaks in the finale?. Refresher: The Mighty Ducks centers around Gordon Bombay (Emilio In , he was accused of punching his ex-girlfriend and trying to pee on her. Sister, and Boy Meets World — Brandon hasn't been very active as of late. Though he was less outspoken than his older brother, he wasn't afraid to.

The food types that the HouseGuests managed to fit into the container were the foods they earned that week.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of duck

They also won a mystery prize in the game, which later turned out to be a supply of Subway sandwiches for the week. This week's Power of Veto competition was known as "Pool Sharks.

Eric was the winner of the Power of Veto competition. The HouseGuests were given paddles with the face of each of these HouseGuests on them, and one paddle that stood for "none of the above.

If a HouseGuest was incorrect, then they were eliminated from the game, and the last HouseGuest standing was the winner. For this, HouseGuests split into two teams of four, and would face off with a member of the other team.

They were given a specific amount of time to eat a certain food, and must wager how many bites they can take of the meal in the given time. If they were successful, they earned their team a point, and would give the other team a point if unsuccessful.

Ultimately, Chiara, Roddy, Josh, and Danielle were on the peanut butter and jelly diet this week. That same day, Gerry chose to nominate Eric and Lisa for eviction.

HouseGuests stood on a square on the board, and would take turns taking one step to another square. Once a square had been stepped on, it was flipped over, thus removing it from the game.

When a HouseGuest could make no more moves, they were eliminated from the competition. Chiara was the winner of the competition. Chiara later chose to leave the nominations intact, ensuring either Eric or Lisa's eviction.

On Day 34, the vote came down to a tie, with both Eric and Lisa receiving three eviction votes. If a HouseGuests ball went off the runway, they were eliminated. Each log had a specific food item on it, and each item they successfully pulled from the pile without collapsing the other logs in the process would be food that the HouseGuests earned for the week. There were two rounds to the competition, and HouseGuests had to get a perfect score in order to advance to the second round and ultimately win.

Lisa later chose to leave the nominations intact. On Day 41, Josh became the fifth evicted HouseGuest by a unanimous vote of five to zero. Ultimately, Lori and Tonya failed to give up as much as Amy and Eric, thus were eliminated. The HouseGuests decided to allow Amy to return in a vote of five to two. Following Josh's eviction and Amy's return to the game, the HouseGuests began competing in the "HouseGuest Soup" endurance competition.

HouseGuests could not stand, get out of the tub, or sleep, otherwise they would be eliminated. Chiara, as the outgoing Head of Household, would dump various buckets filled with items such as dead squids into the pool. Amy was the eventual winner of the competition.

For this, HouseGuests would one at a time get in a booth, and numerous dollars would swirl around them. The white dollars represented money for food, while the green represented actual money for the HouseGuests to keep.

The HouseGuests later decided to give all of their money to Gerry, as his wedding anniversary was coming up. The HouseGuests were later given a luxury competition, in which they had to find CD cases throughout the house and combine them to form a message.

They were successful, and were rewarded with a concert by singer Sheryl Crow in the backyard. HouseGuests were required to put on their bathing suits and slide on their stomach in an attempt to be the closest one to a line at the end. If a HouseGuest went over the line they were eliminated. Gerry was the winner of the Veto, making him the first person to win two Power of Veto competitions.

On Day 48, Chiara became the sixth HouseGuest to be evicted from the house in a four to one vote.

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The last HouseGuest standing without getting a question wrong was the winner. Ultimately, Jason was the winner of the competition. One of the donuts featured a special prize, later revealed to be a supply of coffee and Dunkin' Donuts for the week. The HouseGuests earned some food for the week, but did win the special prize.

That same day, Jason chose to nominate Amy and Gerry for eviction. Ex-residents Charlie, Dexter and Gina were still eligible to re-enter. Voting opened to the public as to which duo would enter the Safe House for its second week.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of duck

The pairings for possible entry into the Safe House on Day 31 were: Exits On Day 24, Jackie broke her arm after slipping and falling on it in the garden.

Big Brother arranged for her medical attention and she was escorted to a nearby hospital. Later that day she re-entered the Big Brother House. However, it was later revealed that on Day 26, Dexter and Gina had the power to save one of them and replace them with another housemate of their choice see twists. Subsequently, Dexter and Gina chose to save Charlie and nominate Jackie in her place. Big Brother provided them with additional information files on their fellow housemates to assist them during this task.

For this task, Big Brother placed an oversized remote control in the house. The housemates were instructed to obey all instructions given by the remote control in order to pass the task and obtain a luxury shopping budget for the week. If they went below a pre-determined number of fails, the housemates would fail the weekly task. Big Brother sent in a series of distractions when housemates were carrying out the instructions of obeying the remote control, such as sending in a herd of sheep.

The housemates therefore won a luxury shopping budget for the week. For this task, housemates thought they had to solve a dilemma, using a set of mysterious props and puzzles placed in the garden by Big Brother.

A meter was placed in the garden to measure how close they were to passing and failing this task. Housemates were told they could come to the Diary Room to voluntarily quit the task at any time. However, housemates were unaware that Callum had been set the real task, which was to keep his fellow housemates trying to solve the dilemma for as long as possible.

Twists On Day 31, Hazel and Daley were chosen next to enter the secret Safe House, meaning that they were, among their other privileges, immune from the weekly eviction.

On Day 34, the housemates found two more tennis balls in the garden that contained supposed messages from the outside world; one of the tennis balls read "Daley has slaughtered Hazel on TV and in the press", whilst the other read "Jackie will go on Friday. However, this secretly meant that these housemates would actually be up for eviction.

Housemates chose Sam and Sophie to enter the Safe House. You also clasped Hazel round her neck and then pinned her to the bed by both arms". This was the first time a housemate had to be removed from the Big Brother House since the show moved to Channel 5 in Big Brother then gave the pairs ten seconds, without discussing with their fellow housemates or each other, a chance to smash their box in order to claim their treat.

However, if both members of the pair smashed their glass box, neither would receive their treat. If only one member of the pair smashed their glass box, they would be rewarded with their treat, whilst the losing member of the pair would not receive their treat and instead would head directly to jail. If neither member of the pair smashed their glass box, they would both be rewarded with a much smaller treat.

Some of the questions asked were influenced by the viewers. Each correct answer would earn the housemates money toward their weekly shopping budget; the total amount in the totaliser at the end of Day 42 would be the total weekly shopping budget for the week. Dropping any of the items would mean that they failed the task. They later passed their task, having kept their items in hand at all times, and therefore won the pastry reward.

However, this was a lie; and as a result of passing the task, each pair would earn a worthless or disgusting prize that was another meaning of the word they had thought was a treat, such as letters from home actually meaning lettuce from home.

Unbeknown to them and their fellow housemates, the person they chose would join them against the public vote this week. For this task, each housemate was given some paint and an easel and was told to paint a picture that represented their time in the house. If they were creative enough, they would pass the task and receive their letters from home as a reward. Housemates later passed the task and received their letters from home.

As each housemate successfully followed one another, each of them earned an ice cream. The team that provided the best poses won a takeaway pizza; the team of Callum, Dexter, Gina and Sam won the task. However, as the other team ate the treat too later that evening, this pizza treat was voided for the winners see punishments. In their respective pairs, they were made to trash talk each other, and had to report to: For this task, she had to fabricate fan mail for herself and her fellow housemates and as she completed her task successfully, she won a reward.

However, she was unaware that the rest of the house had been told of her task and that they had to sabotage her mission by refusing her requests.

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As the majority of housemates did not refuse Sophie's requests, they failed the task and earned no reward. But, what they were not told of was that the rest of the housemates could hear this. The rest of the house had to pretend that they could and did not hear anything that had been said; in doing so, a reward would be earned.

Housemates later passed the task. These were in charge of the other housemates, the worker bees, as they had to make jars of honey. To pass the task, they had to follow Gina's instructions and make a specific amount of honey. If Gina was not satisfied with the workers, she could give them all a sharp sting by giving them an electric shock. During the task, Gina was given the chance to make the worker bees work harder by making more jars of honey, by doing this Gina would receive special rewards such as a phonecall from home.

She had to have deep conversations with four of her fellow housemates. He has represented national deaf football teams and has never had a girlfriend. Channel 5 Stage musical-loving twins Jack and Joe Glenny are both Tory supporters, have shared a bedroom for many years and say of themselves: The pair will be counted as one contestant. Before going into the house, Jack told host Willis: She described herself as an "edgy tattooed girl", an "extrovert" and said she is "really, really bossy".

Glamour model has sass Image: Channel 5 When asked how she would differ from the programme's previous glamour girls, she said: I don't wear push-up bras. Before waving goodbye to the outside world, she wished her mother happy birthday and told Willis she was "definitely looking for love". She said she was "looking to get married this year". The third contestant introduced proved to be the show's big twist - year-old Michael introduced himself as a postman.

In reality show termshe's an actor who will "spin a web of secrets and lies" and work to make the lives of his fellow housemates difficult as the 'People's Puppet'. Michael will be an interactive mole, the dream of any actor Image: