Blessthefall meet me at the gates ending

Blessthefall lyrics

blessthefall meet me at the gates ending

Video clip and lyrics Meet Me At The Gates by Blessthefall. The sky will open up I' ve We're saying goodbye but this is not the end. Your body's sinking, oh my. I never wanted it to end this way. I wish that I Blessthefall - Keep What We Love & Burn The Rest lyrics. I try to tell . Blessthefall - Meet Me At The Gates lyrics. This was in reaction to Blessthefall's rendition of “Awakening”. Beau shared with UrbanWire, “'Meet Me At The Gates', as far as instrumentation energy. for Beau himself kept sprinting from one end of the stage to another.

Coming the distance they did, they brought a heartfelt aggression to keep the night moving. At one point during the performance while band members Ahren Stringer bassTroy Brady guitarand Ryan Burt drums continued to play, Birch took a knee and had what looked like to be a personal reflection in the middle of the stage.

blessthefall meet me at the gates ending

These boys are performers through and through, and few are so consistent and right on in a live setting. Watching them on stage is a spectacular event and they always seem to please fans by playing an assortment of tunes from all their albums.

blessthefall meet me at the gates ending

Since the band has such a large discography, six studio albums to be exact, they had a lot of ground to cover. The noise level from the audience was so deafening at times you could barely hear the band with fans singing every word out-loud. Silverstein was grinning ear to ear and so was everyone on the floor as this was another grade A performance.

The album has been a massive success worldwide and just about every critic and fan has had nothing but good things to say about it. Coming out and feasting their eyes on a sold out Irving Plaza in the heart of New York City, the stakes were high, the blood was flowing, and Blessthefall was ready.

Blessthefall - Meet Me At The Gates Lyrics

With guitars flaring, out of nowhere, front man Beau Bokan flashed out like a bolt of lightning onto the stage. Bokan showed so much energy that it was impossible for him to stay still as he bounced around and nearly had his shirt ripped off by fans before the end of the first song.

blessthefall meet me at the gates ending

With force and precision, Blessthefall dominated every aspect of their performance. I do not own the song or any of the rights.

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I only made this for users to see the lyrics of this song. Honestly, I could sing you a song But I don't think words can express your beauty It's singing to me How the hell did we end up like this?

I don't own anything from the video, I just edited it with the lyrics for promotional reasons.

blessthefall meet me at the gates ending

By the way, I've seen a lot of comments from people asking me where I found this video. When I made this video, there was on youtube as "studio video" of this song. If you can't find it now, I really don't know what happened. Buy the album on iTunes: All around I see, something's off inside of myself.

I see it in their faces.

blessthefall meet me at the gates ending

Say anything that can make this all okay. Take away all of this emptiness I feel, because I will never find another you.

Meet me at the gate . lyrics

I still hear you in this house, whispering. I still feel you in my bones, in these veins. Like the portraits in the halls, can't help but think, I wish you were staring back at me, but you're gone.

Take away all of this emptiness I feel, because I will never find another.

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I may never find myself. I will never find another you. So I'll carry you with me, in my dreams, my memory.