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christmas meet the cast of ghost

Meet the cast of the Doctor Who Christmas Special Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Time Lord is joined by old and new faces in The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is a American romantic comedy film whose plot is based on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. . of the same character. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was cast by veteran Hollywood casting director Marci Liroff. The Ghosts of Christmas Eve (TV Movie ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

As he disappears after midnight strikes, he warns Scrooge of the coming of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come before saying in a variation of the ghost's well-known line "Go forth and know him better, man. In the Alvin and the Chipmunks episode, released as Alvin's Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Present is portrayed by Theodorewho dresses in a Santa Claus suit and carries a sack which Alvin presumes is full of gifts.

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Through his sack, he shows Alvin how his family is celebrating Christmas while coping with his desire for personal happiness, much to Alvin's surprise, and how he is Mr. Carroll's only visitor with his paper route. Ignorance and Want do not appear in this rendition. In Ebbie the spirit is portrayed by Lorena Gale, who also played a gift wrapping employee of Dobson's.

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Bob" who habitually spouts off cliches appears before Carol Cartman as the spirit later in the movie. In the film Disney's A Christmas Carolthe ghost greatly resembles the version in the novel. Jim Carrey voices all three ghosts, and Scrooge himself. This version mainly transports Scrooge around London via the room they are in and depicted dying at length when midnight strikes at the end of his visitation to the point of dissolving into a skeleton before the twelfth strike and his warning about Ignorance and Want is also shortened, only saying "Beware them both" as the forms of Ignorance and Want rapidly turn into adults and each repeat Scrooge's unkind comments he had said to the charitable gentlemen from earlier, "Are there no prisons?

Are there no workhouses? In the Doctor Who 's Christmas SpecialAmy Pond dressed up as a police officer presents herself in a hologram as the Ghost of Christmas Present, eventually getting interrupted at some reprises by Rory Williams dressed up as a Roman after some remarks.

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In the My Little Pony: As the Ghost dies, he warns Scrooge about the evils of "Ignorance" and "Want", two demonic children who manifest themselves before Scrooge as two wretched children. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come arrives, appearing as a tall, silent cloaked figure, and takes Scrooge into the future.

christmas meet the cast of ghost

At the stock exchangeScrooge's acquaintances discuss the death of an unnamed colleague, but would only attend the funeral if lunch is provided. In a den, Scrooge recognizes his charwoman Mrs.

christmas meet the cast of ghost

Dilber, his laundress Mrs. Riggs, and the local undertaker trading several of the man's stolen possessions to a fence named Old Joe. Later, he sees a young couple who owed the man money are relieved he is dead, as they have more time to pay off their debt.

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The Ghost escorts Scrooge to a cemetery, where the Ghost points out his own grave, revealing Scrooge was the man who died. Realizing this, Scrooge vows to change his ways just as the Ghost disappears. The grave opens, and Scrooge sees his dead self lying in a coffin. He falls into the grave, then clings to his own dead body as he falls through the earth into Hell.

Awakening in his bedroom on Christmas Day, Scrooge finds the ghosts had visited him all in one night instead of three. Gleeful at having survived the spirits, Scrooge decides to surprise Bob's family with a turkey dinner, and ventures out with the charity workers and the citizens of London to spread happiness in the city.

The following day, he gives Cratchit a raise and becomes like "a second father" to Tiny Tim, who escapes death.