Da hool meet her at the love parade candy remix letra

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Nico & Vinz - I Wanna Know (Alesso & Deniz Koyu remix) (part of Jess Glynne - My Love Da Hool - Meet Her at Love Parade. Sebastián Yatra - Traicionera - letra DJ PELIGRO - Candy Perreo Ft Dj Kelvin & Kazu. Meet Her At The Love Parade - Radio Edit Lyrics: The love parade / The love parade / The love parade / The love parade / The love parade / The love parade. "Meet Her at the Love Parade" is a song recorded by the German artist Da Hool. in August as the lead single from the album, Here Comes Da Hool. A second remix by Fergie reached number 11 in the same chart in July . so by the inclusion of implied themes of adultery and erotic temptation in the lyrics.

da hool meet her at the love parade candy remix letra

I rocked up to a sea of people pretty much anticipating the festival trap sounds of Slander, but they were kind enough to give a slight fist-pump after every noticeable drop. He could take two very mediocre tracks and turn them into a turbulent maelstrom of sound via his knowledge of knob-turning. After a massive collaboration with Chris Lake under his belt this summer, Lorenzo lived up to the hype and brought it strong to the Nocturnal crowd ready for the bassline vibe.

da hool meet her at the love parade candy remix letra

Throwing in some of his own classics, along with other notable UK slammers, the Birmingham selecta had the crowd moving to the throwback 2-step and current bass house sounds.

From one record to the next, Lorenzo set the mood just right, leading up to L. It was a true blast from the past with a new-school twist, right down to the dude that hopped onstage to take a pic with Rap… only to skip the needle on the record.

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Never go into a Tensnake set with any expectations. He can dive into the deepest trenches of house or take you through a journey of the rarest disco and funk known to mankind. And by god, did he deliver! I think I found my new home. The night sky was set ablaze with sparkling shimmer as Headliners throughout the festival all turned their attention upward to catch the dazzling display.

Indeed, DJing is an art all its own, but a live performance with live instruments adds a whole new level of diversity and flavor to the electronic game.

da hool meet her at the love parade candy remix letra

It was perfect, then, to go from the hip-hop traptronica beats from Canadian trio Keys N Krates to the minimal techno of German duo Booka Shade.

Flo—unleashed havoc with their trap-influenced, hip-hop-centric electronic jams, which sounded like a melodious war zone cutting through the thick air of the night.

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Down by Sunken Garden, Booka Shade took the opposite route and instead opted for a more stripped-down performance, with Arno Kammermeier manning an electronic hybrid drum kit and Walter Merziger steering the live synths and electronics setup. It was two stages at opposite ends showcasing two distinct sounds, all unified under one love and powered by human emotion no USB stick could ever hold.

Da Hool - Meet her at the loveparade 2001 -Official video HQ

These collectibles were created by hand throughout the three days of Nocturnal Wonderland, meaning no two posters looked alike. I first chatted with the guy creating these posters a little after doors opened. Later in the night, he was still going at his craft, carefully constructing each poster one by one.

Considering today was the last day to get one of these sweet sheets, I hope those of you who did happen to swing by the Toyota booth got your hands on one. The stage is packed. After negotiations with several German cities, on 21 July, it was announced that the parade would move to the Ruhr Area for the next five years.

The first event took place in Essen on 25 August. The parade in Essen saw 1. The event was planned as a "Love Weekend", with parties throughout the region. For the first time the Turkish electronic scene was represented by its own float, called "Turkish Delights". The official estimate is that 1. Attempts to introduce other music styles, such as hip hophave failed. Hardcore and gabber music were part of the parade in early years, but were later removed.

They are now celebrated separately on a counter-demonstration called " Fuckparade ". The parade was seen to be louder and more crowded than most concerts. With its water-cooled sound systems on every truck, the parade produced an extremely loud sound floor. After the arrangement, veterinarians at the Berlin Zoo blamed the parade for giving more than half of its animals diarrhea. Chairman Heiner Kloes said veterinarians told him the heavy bass was to blame for disturbing the animals.

It had become a rule that only trucks that had sponsors from a techno-related field, such as clubs, labels or stores, were allowed, but advertising space was increased after the event to offset the high costs of equipping a truck. The trucks were usually open on top and featured dancers, with box-systems mounted on the side or rear.

The parade was a place where some exhibited and enjoyed other people's exhibitionist tendencies. Often the crowd was imaginative in terms of clothing or lack thereof and appearance.

One famous picture from the parade is people sitting and dancing on streetlamps, trees, commercial signs, telephone booths, which gave the event's nickname "the greatest amateur circus on earth". During this time all trucks usually about 40 were connected to each other and set online to the statue of victory where the turntables are. This was one of the few chances a DJ can ever have to play for a crowd of about one million people. Disturbances The parade was quite peaceful for an event of its size, seeing few arrests.

Meet Her at the Love Parade

Infor example, charges were pressed for six robberies, three sexually related offences and forty thefts. Twenty-three participants were caught with drugs and forty-nine were charged with bodily harm.

There were parade visitors provisionally arrested by the police. Inafter the parade, a girl under the influence of ecstasy was run over by an S-Bahn after she had been leaning on the door too hard. At least 20 casualties resulted from suffocation, caused by crowd pressure.