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eluveitie meet the enemy shirt

Tag: eluveitie. Jul/ Eluveitie joins the IndieMerch family! from a ton of fresh designs, including “Meet The Enemy” shirt and “Quoth The Raven” zip up. Complete song listing of Eluveitie on posavski-obzor.info Santonian Shores; 6. Scorched Earth; posavski-obzor.info the Enemy; posavski-obzor.infoand; 9.A Rose For Epona; Havoc; Eluveitie LP – Buy now at EMP – More Bands available online - Unbeatable prices!.

I'm gonna break it down approximately by band.

eluveitie meet the enemy shirt

I could make a whole blog post about meeting her but to sum it up I waited outside the venue for 4 hours and I was very cold. I have an autographed drawing of Floor that I bought from my friend Michi. The only person I didn't meet was Emppu. I don't know where he was because the rest of the band came out eventually. I also didn't meet Jukka but he wasn't playing at the time, it was Kai.

I also have 4 Nightwish shirts: I saw them in Silver Springs too but they were sold out of those shirts.

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The little flyer for the Nightwish show doesn't have Sabaton on it because I got it before they announced they would also be on the tour.

During the Nightwish show where I stayed til 3am, I also got there at around 2pm.

eluveitie meet the enemy shirt

Delain was willing to chat while they were loading in and I got a bunch of autographs too. I've seen them around 5 times now and I keep getting more merch. I also have 3 Delain shirts: I have 2 LC shirts but only one of them is a tour shirt since I didn't get a shirt at the Hottest Chicks show.

I also have a LC beanie. I've only seen them with Vicky as their vocalist so I have her autograph a couple of times. I also have like 5 t-shirts and an Eye of Providence sweatshirt. I've only seen them with Alissa but I did get to meet her! I also have a tshirt.

eluveitie meet the enemy shirt

And a good surprise. It is a very small symphonic gothic metal band from Germany, from the Black Forest area Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttenberg so I consider them as neighbors in terms of my hometown.

I consider them as the micro-brewers of metal. A small band, that is touring in the local scene and try to get a reputation. Delain is one of this young generation band rising and after exploring their own style got what I think in this one their best shot and maybe are holding the magic formula.

Its loud, its heavy much heavier than their previous album and an enjoying experience. In her songs, Charlotte talks about deluded love, heartbreaks and how it hurts badly. Even any tough headbanger remains a child at heart and you really feel miserable when you set back on your feet after a too-long crush.

And what is make it a great album.

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The good news is Delain is coming to North America next year with Nightwish with Floor as front singer! All three in the same concert venue?

Thats a deal breaker.


That was a nice moment to listen, as the mix of celtic instruments with guitar riffs and growls as fusing so well. The most surprising part was to learn that Eluveitie is far from being Celtic at its root. They are from Winterthur, Switzerland, the second most populous town in Zurich canton, just after Zurich-town.


Nevertheless they are fairly amazing. If you are fond of folk-metal and are deep into the Celtic culture, I strongly recommend to discover this group.

Iliana has a very powerful voice and deserve to gain some more public attention. I would give this band a software metal tone, almost a gothic aspect. Simone Simons and Mark Jansen can be resumed into one sentence: Simone and Mark just keep refining their trademark and just ages as wine: It is loud, powerful, the chorals are not too much abused and the symphonic arrangement is great. If you are looking for something stronger than Evanescence or Within Temptation, but not nihilist as death metal because you appreciate classical musicthis is the one.

And if you like it, I strongly recommend to explore their discography. I wanted to attend their concert in Dallas last fall, however a last minute cancellation from Children of Bodom vanished their USA tour. In the same time, it was heartbreaking that they came to my hometown Strasbourg last November with Dragonforce.

Really looking for their coming here in the Lone Star State. A band that gives me some troubles because I find their music quality inconsistent to my ears or fails to make the chemistry. The problem that I have with Leaves Eyes is that for most of their albums I would like a couple of their songs but despise the rest. Maybe is their lack of heaviness int their sound that was missing.

Their latest album seems to have solved that.

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Its like Leaves Eyes went on steroids and thats good enough for me. The only problem I have with this album is its cover. And the graphic designer in general.