General william ginn on meet the press

Meet the Press - Obama & Flag - Sept 7th True or False?

general william ginn on meet the press

During the interview U. S, Air Force Retired General Bill Ginn allegedly asked candidate There was a Meet The Press program that day but Senator Joe Biden. of Meet the Press and naming the interviewer as “General Bill Ginn, USAF (ret.) ”: EST, Televised “Meet the Press” the THEN Senator Obama. Dr. William Ginn is a Family Medicine Doctor in West Milton, OH. Find Dr. Family medicine doctors are primary-care physicians trained to meet the diverse health needs of children and families. Subspecialties. General Family Medicine. Primary .. U.S. News & World Report. About U.S. News · Contact · Press · Advertise.

But my thirst for truth commands and demands me to research everything and I mean everything that comes my way even if it means coming to the aid of and defending the enemy.

general william ginn on meet the press

The Sword of Truth will topple Obama and the Democrats. Unfortunately propaganda like this only aids the enemy. Obama and his kind are fighting the army of The Lord God most High.

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Truth will prevail and they will be defeated. The Holy Catholic Church. Many of these empires, movements and ideologies are long gone and have been destroyed and those that remain will meet the same fate. But the Church is still standing and She will stand until the end of time. She is the light on the hill and she proclaims Truth which is unchanging and constant. I will save this topic for another time. Mr Obama, you may have the powers of hell on your side but they are no match for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Evil has already been defeated and as of today you and the Democrats have chosen which side you are on. If you all continue down this path until you leave this world then your fate will be sealed.

A fate I would not wish on my worst enemy. One thing is assured, I will pray for those who have chosen to embrace lies and darkness that they may turn to the light and embrace truth.

general william ginn on meet the press

So what should you take away from this? This action can destroy credibility and aid the enemy.

William H. Ginn Jr.

The Anti-Christ forces will ultimately destroy themselves. The Truth will always prevail and only the Truth will set them free. Verify, research and check everything for Truth. Proclaim the Truth, for in doing so you are advancing the Kingdom of God.

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Air Force, Washington, D. During this assignment he was involved with a special three-month study for the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He then was assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense as assistant for logistics guidance. In September General Ginn went to the Republic of Vietnam, where he flew more than combat missions in 17 types of aircraft while serving as deputy commander for operations of the 14th Special Operations Wing, Air Commandos, at Nha Trang Air Base.

He was responsible for combat operations from 10 bases in Vietnam and one in Thailand. In April he was appointed vice commandant of the Squadron Officer School and in December he assumed command of the school. He was named deputy chief of staff for plans in June From August to Januaryhe was commander of the U. Logistics Group at Ankara, Turkey, where he had command jurisdiction over all U.

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Air Forces in Europe units in Turkey. In January he became deputy chief of staff, plans, Headquarters U. He was responsible for operational readiness and training of Allied Command Europe forces.