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Male nurse Greg Focker meets his girlfriend's parents before proposing, but her Niro in Meet the Parents () Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents () Greg .. The original opening of this movie was too expensive to film. A simple trip to the movies turned in to a five alarm experience. Bella Thorne Raves Over Meeting Gregg Sulkin's Parents — Getting Serious?. Meet the Parents is a American comedy written by Jim Herzfeld and John Hamburg and Meet the Parents is a remake of a film of the same name directed by Greg Glienna and produced by Jim Vincent. Glienna—who also played.

What is the character's full name? Focker Greg, a nurse, is forced to deliver a baby when no doctor is available. The proud parents want to name their child after Greg, until they see his nametag. Also, Jack Byrnes is highly suspicious of anyone who would name their son, Gaylord. Moses Moses is the little dog that winds up turning blue when he gets flushed down Jack's RV toliet by Jinxie.

It is this scene that we discover the dogs name because Bernie exclaims, "Moses! What special trick has the cat been taught to do? Flush a toilet The cat's special talents were utilized in an altercation with the Focker's dog. Fortunately, the blue-stained canine was safely retrieved from the R.

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Bernie This part is funny because Jack is unaware that Bernie is even in the bathroom with him, but he finds out as he is about to get out and dry off. Bernie is in the bathroom "taking care of his business". Sex therapist Roz's specialty is treating and counseling senior citizens. This is very helpful when her husband, Jack and Greg are put in jail.

It turns out that one of her patients is a very appreciative judge. What song does it play? Puff the Magic Dragon We hear the custom horn when Jack is showing off his new RV and honks it to speed things along, so they can go to Greg's parent's house. The song on the horn was a reference to the first movie, when Jack and Greg are in the car on the way to the store, and the song comes on the radio.

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Jack then tells Greg he really likes the song. What was Bernie's job while Greg was growing up? Stay-at-home dad Actually, Bernie was a lawyer by profession. He quit his job the day Greg was born, and became a househusband. Jack Byrnes was not impressed by the fact that Bernie allowed his wife to be the family breadwinner. Awards and ribbons As Jack Byrnes studied Greg's very mediocre childhood achievements, he commented that he didn't know that a ninth place ribbon even existed.

Bernie and Roz proudly exhibited their son's somewhat lackluster accolades, including a dubious summer camp award. When Greg says no, what does the employee tell him? At this point in the movie, Greg and Pam are having really good luck, so he doesn't feel the need to buy the insurance.

However, their luck turns bad at Jack and Dina's when Jack is showing the durability of the RV's windows by throwing a brick at them.

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The brick that he throws bounces off of the RV's window and breaks the rental car's window. Jack then says, "Good thing you got rental insurance huh? With whom had this taken place when Greg was a teenager? The American Humane Association oversaw the filming of all scenes where the cats were used and ensured the animals' obedience and well-being by keeping two trainers and a veterinarian on set at all times.

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The name was written into the script after Jim Carrey came up with the idea for the Focker surname during a creative session held before he abandoned the project. The filmmakers were asked if they had made up the name or if they can prove that such a name exists.

The aspect ratio is 1. English language audio tracks available with the film are a 5. Additionally, English language subtitles are provided as well. The director discusses issues that include working with the cast, utilizing the best camera angles for comedic effect, discussing scenes that were improvised and scenes that were scripted, and commenting on issues surrounding shooting on location.

The editor speaks about putting together the best functioning comedy from material that was filmed and discusses some deleted scenes that were excluded from the DVD release. In addition, the DVD features a twelve-minute outtake section, three minutes of deleted scenesand Universal's Spotlight on Location featurette. Spotlight on Location is a standard minute-long featurette about the making of the film which includes interviews with the cast members and contains behind-the-scenes footage.

A region 1 "Bonus Edition" was released on December 14, and contains three additional featurettes: Meet the Parents soundtrack The original motion picture soundtrack for Meet the Parents was released on September 26, on the DreamWorks Records record label.

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John and a hidden bonus track. For which Meet the Parents is to be commended — it's a bouncy, loose-limbed, families-do-the-darnedest-things sitcom that elicits ungrudging laughs without invoking water boys, pet detectives, or Klumps.

On his website, Berardinelli wrote that "Meet the Parents is put together like a TV sit-com," [82] that Roach "strings together a series of hit-and-miss lowbrow gags with little care for whether any of the connecting material is coherent, interesting, or enjoyable in most cases, it's none of those three " [82] and concluding that "even with Stiller and De Niro, Meet the Parents is an encounter that can be postponed until it's available on video.