Hiring millennials meet the parents wsjm

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hiring millennials meet the parents wsjm

Pro-tip to millennials: You might want to leave your parents at home when And half of recent college graduates work jobs that don't require a. Jimmy/episode/jimmys-moving-back-in-with-his-parents/ -all-about-your-tribe-millennial-music-chat-with-shaed-ask-shannah / .. /Pulsion-Digital/episode/recruiting-y-rrhh/ / Garret-Lewis/episode/prestrump-cancels-noko-meeting-jeff-flake- . Parents of millennials are too involved in their kids' careers He'd never met the woman, but her last name looked familiar. A quick check of.

The competitive landscape for information, as well as audio entertainment, has changed dramatically. And yet, our rules are based on that era. After all, on the internet, none of our competitors are subject to any of these limitations, nor were Sirius and XM subject to similar limitations to prevent their merger ten years ago.

For radio companies to continue to serve the public interest by providing local news, local sports, local weather, and essential emergency programming, these companies need to be economically viable entities, free to compete for assets, capital, and resources on a level playing field with their competitors. This serves the best interests of both audiences and advertisers.

Companies will use their additional stations to experiment and develop new and micro-targeted formats, rather than compete with their existing stations. These new formats will serve specific communities and demographics in ways that most of commercial radio does not do today.

This will help radio serve its audience better by providing greater consumer choice, serve its advertisers better by offering broader audience reach, and help our industry compete with the virtually unlimited channels and micro-targeted audio audiences offered by digital and satellite competitors.

Cross-ownership only makes sense if it is also accompanied by the opportunity and choice to expand within our own industry, and in the form of media that we know best.

As significant owners of AM radio stations, we have an abiding interest in the value of these assets. Nevertheless, our self-interest does not override the fact that media ownership rules were not intended to provide economic subsidies or determine winners and losers, and to use them in that way today, to advance the interest of one class or company in particular, is a perversion of their intent.

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Rather, the best way to ensure the value of AM stations, and to deliver for the listeners of this service, is to provide essential and important programming, and unique and valuable benefits to advertisers.

In that regard, we can point to several AM stations that continue to be successful: These were four of the top ten billers in our industry in She posted on her Facebook page that the format would change and all current hosts would be gone from the station.

Rush Limbaugh Salutes U. Military with Tractor Giveaway. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on May And God bless all of you who protect our freedom.

hiring millennials meet the parents wsjm

We are pleased to join with Mahindra USA in giving away one of their spectacular tractors to a deserving active duty or veteran of our military. The drive to raise funds by a group of independent filmmakers to produce a film about controversial Philadelphia abortionist Dr.

Millennials Now Bringing Their Parents Along On Job Interviews

The new lineup takes place later this month. This show will be the only sports radio program in New England that offers listeners insight from a former major leaguer and a former NFL player.

hiring millennials meet the parents wsjm

When you add in the sports radio experience of New England native Tim Benz, listeners will hear a brand new sound in the market. Benz was born in Boston and is a graduate of Syracuse University. His background as a successful media executive and innovator makes him ideally suited to lead NPR as it continues to expand its reach and play a unique role in public service journalism and cultural programming.

Millennials Now Bringing Their Parents Along On Job Interviews | HuffPost

Jarl has a deep commitment to the public radio system, love of radio and passion for quality journalism. He has demonstrated throughout his career a keen ability to identify media and consumer trends. He has exhibited a strong track record on diversity and fairness. I love public radio and NPR.

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It is a national treasure and it is more important now than ever. I want to make sure that the NPR staff, the member stations, and the others who make it happen have everything they need to do their best work.

hiring millennials meet the parents wsjm

The response has been incredible and humbling.