How did michael franti and sara agah meet the fockers

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how did michael franti and sara agah meet the fockers

Michael Franti, 48, asked Sara Agah to marry him in Bali after Mr Franti's sweet gesture is a reminder that love is about life's I hope it inspires gratitude through the ups and downs of relationships for couples, friends, parents and kids. .. is awkward' while Kim insists her sister had to 'rush to a meeting'. Michael Franti (born April 21, ) is an American musician, poet, spoken word artist and .. Taj is Michael's third child, and his first one with Sara Agah. Coming off her parents' property, which was a Limousin stud run by Singer Michael Franti and his partner Sara Agah launched the Do It suffer life- threatening illnesses to attend a live concert and meet their music stars.

Even though she joins him on tour, she wasn't willing to give up her career.

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That is the biggest misconception," she said. The concept began after the couple met Steve and Hope Dezember at the Wanee music festival in Florida this past April. Steve is in the advanced stages of ALS Lou Gehrig's diseasean illness that attacks and paralyzes the nervous system. He and his wife had been Tweeting to Franti, saying this might be Steve's last concert and that he hoped to meet the rocker. Franti welcomed the couple backstage where both he and Agah gave the couple a big hug, and spent several hours together.

Franti shared their story with the crowd of 20, and brought them onstage during Life Is Better With You, a song he wrote for Agah. Hope lifted Steve out of his wheelchair and held him; there wasn't a dry eye in the house. There is no known cure for the devastating disease. Steve is currently in the intensive care unit. The couple dated for six months, during which Hope remembers Steve struggling with severe pain in his wrist.

When Steve was diagnosed with ALS he was given two to five years. He told Hope she didn't have to stay with him. But we didn't have a lot of time. The disease has no known cure.

Serving the Greater Good: Meet Michael Franti

To date, Steve has received a small amount of disability covering roughly half his medical expenses. The couple relies on the blessings of others to get by. You have to have something to live for and you've gotta want to live.

So to keep a positive attitude about the worst prognosis you can have is very vital," he said later in the video. Franti and Agah check in frequently with the Dezembers, sending regular updates back and forth.

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  • Michael Franti's Anniversary Note To His Wife Is So Sweet And Relatable
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Witnessing how music can bring joy to people facing incredible adversity was a pivotal event for them. Also inFranti released a mostly acoustic album, Songs from the Front Porch containing rearranged versions of older songs from Chocolate Supa Highway, Stay Human and Everyone Deserves Music as well as a couple of new tracks.

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Michael Franti at the Bonnaroo Festival, — Photo: In an effort to share his experiences from his trip and to explore the human cost of war, Franti produced a movie entitled I Know I'm Not Alone, using the songs from his album Yell Fire! The whole album is available for listening in his website.

how did michael franti and sara agah meet the fockers

Franti and Spearhead have gained a worldwide audience through touring and appearances in alternative media like Mother Jones magazine and Democracy Now!

Franti continues to tour in addition to producing the annual Power to the Peaceful festival each year since Lyrics from his song "Bomb The World", written in the dark aftermath of September 11 such as "You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace" have found their way onto protest signs and t-shirts all over the world from Los Angeles to Berlin, San Francisco to CNNat demonstrations for peace large and small.

Songs from Yell Fire and All Rebel Rockers are on the soundtrack to The Edge of Never, a documentary about extreme skiers mentoring year-old Kye Peterson in his quest to ski the route in Chamonix, France that killed his father, Trevor Peterson, nine years earlier.

Michael Franti's Proposal Story

The band worked with ubiquitous rhythm team Sly and Robbie and featured multi-talented vocalist Cherine Anderson on the set which entered the Billboard pop chart in September at number Franti announced [18] in November that he would be joining musician John Mayer on the Battle Studies Tour in spring As part of the band's commitment to environmentalism, Michael Franti and Spearhead avoid the use of water bottles on national tours and run their tour bus on biodiesel.

The album was originally set to be released on August 24, but was pushed back to September 21 [20] to give the album "more runway. He continued to record on the road and then test his ideas in front of live audiences to see if they liked it before going back and revamping it the next day.

It was released July 30, Politics[ edit ] Franti is also an advocate for peace in the Middle East. Franti decided to embark on this three week journey with friends to view the human cost of war in the Middle East first-hand.

how did michael franti and sara agah meet the fockers

Do you believe in miracles? I believe that working as a registered nurse is a great privilege. You are given the responsibility to help someone heal from trauma, welcome their birth and sometimes transition from this life. It could be an event, a feeling, or a shift in perspective.

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It is a world I love and have a lot of passion for. I am currently working on my Masters in Public Health. I hope to be more involved in policies which can help empower communities to reach high standards of health and wellbeing.

how did michael franti and sara agah meet the fockers

During the show Michael invited the couple to join him and the band on stage. Although Steve is now wheelchair bound and with little mobility, he asked Hope to lift him out of his chair.

how did michael franti and sara agah meet the fockers

There was not a dry eye in the house, and that included me! We went home that night and decided we wanted to create the same experience for as many people as possible. We wanted to keep giving that gift of live music to inspire joy and healing and to help families create these lasting memories.

how did michael franti and sara agah meet the fockers

It is now a non-profit network of musicians, health workers, concert promoters, and music venues dedicated to giving the gift of live concerts to wounded veterans, children with severe challenges, and people living with life-threatening illnesses. Through concerts and one-on-one meet and greets with their favourite artists, Do It For The Love offers fans and their caregivers an opportunity to laugh and dance, to sing and celebrate, and to break away from everyday hardships, and to create vivid memories.