How did the band hedley meet

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how did the band hedley meet

The group has been dropped by its management team, blacklisted by Hedley lead singer Jacob Hoggard performs during the band's final concert of on the dating app Tinder and agreeing to meet him at a hotel in Toronto. Hedley was a Canadian pop rock group originating in Abbotsford, British Columbia, originally . Kiss You Inside Out was met with critical acclaim and netted the band their highest chart peak to date. To promote Storms, the band went on the Jacob William Hoggard (born 9 July ) is best known as the lead singer of the pop-rock band Hedley. Before Hedley was formed, Hoggard competed on the second season of On 25 February , an Ottawa woman accused Hoggard of raping her after the pair met on Tinder in November Attorneys for Hoggard.

Lizzie Renaud was expecting a little pushback when she posted an offer on Twitter to remove Hedley tattoos for free. The response was from a complete stranger, who warned: She has been busy. Renaud has her own Hedley connection.

The Cult Of Hedley: Why Jacob Hoggard’s Diehard Female Fans Are Sticking By Him No Matter What

In February, several women began sharing stories of alleged sexual mistreatment by Hoggard and his fellow band members. In some cases, the accusers said they were as young as 14 when the incidents in question took place.

Since then, two women have claimed Hoggard forced them into non-consensual sex and, last week, Toronto police announced its sex crimes unit was investigating him.

how did the band hedley meet

When Renaud first heard the allegations, she wanted to help. She jokes that she has become an amateur therapist, doing her best to help these fans work through their feelings. She has also become a major target of social media vitriol.

how did the band hedley meet

Last year a tattoo artist in the UK made the same offer following similar events with the band Brand New and others have done the same. A couple of those artists have reached out to Renaud over the last couple of weeks. Because while sexual harassment and assault allegations against powerful celebrities have become a depressing new normal, the reaction of Hedley fans has been anything but.

In the brief history of MeToo, there is arguably no individual on the planet who has received the ferocious support that Hoggard and his band mates are receiving from their hard-core fan base, largely made up of girls and women.

But Hedley has spent the last 15 years building up one of the most devoted fan bases in modern music. Instead, Hoggard paused for a moment to thank fans for their unwavering support but spent more time playing into the band's trademark antics with thinly veiled sexual innuendoes. Story continues below advertisement None of it appeared to faze the Brampton, Ont.

At one point in the show Hoggard encouraged fans to hold the hand of a friend next to them and profess their interest in having the other person serve them "breakfast.

how did the band hedley meet

I just made it up. During another break in the set he called out a young woman near the front who he saw texting during his performance.

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He jokingly confiscated her phone and rifled through the contacts, stopping briefly on one labelled "Dad. Is that what you call him? Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement "He's here?

Hedley fans back band at last show before hiatus, but not all

Following their second national arena concert tour, which ventured into several major American centres including Chicago and San Francisco, the band followed up with the live album and DVD Go With the Show It also saw the band leave its punk edge behind and move more solidly in a pop direction.

Some reviewers felt the band was developing sophistication by moving away from pop-punk, while others characterized the change as mere commercialization.

how did the band hedley meet

Their touring also included several American cities. The song became a platinum digital download and the video went on to earn three MuchMusic Video awards.

how did the band hedley meet

Inthe band played large urban venues and small towns in nine provinces as part of its city Wild Live Canadian tour. Although Hedley did not achieve the popularity in foreign countries that they have enjoyed in Canada, they continued to dominate the pop landscape at home.

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Wild Life was certified platinum in Canada and reached No. In MarchHoggard hosted the Juno Awards ceremony, where Hedley performed for the fifth time in 10 years. In Marchlongtime drummer Chris Crippin left the band and was replaced by his drum tech, Jay Benison.