How did the undertaker and michelle mccool meet press

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how did the undertaker and michelle mccool meet press

Who is Michelle McCool?, The Undertaker, husband, WWE, wrestling news, Royal Michelle McCool has not appeared in the WWE for a number of years, after The couple have been married since after meeting while. The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary today, which the former WWE Diva acknowledged in a. Once considered taboo, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool has been giving News of The Undertaker and McCool expecting their first child.

Sara was used as part of the feud between Diamond Dallas Page and The Undertaker throughout the year and it was well known at the time that she was The Undertaker's real life wife.

The Undertaker's wife - Who is she?

Brock Lesnar even went to The Undertaker's house at one point and after taking 'Taker down with a steel chair, he went on to threaten Sara and her unborn baby. Nowadays, the closest you will see to such a scene involves Seth Rollins only threatening to show up at Triple H's door.

The Undertaker decided to do this with his second wife Sara. The name was there for many years and was even included on many of his action figures at that point. But when Sara and The Undertaker divorced back inthe WWE legend decided it was time to have the tattoo covered up.

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He now has a chain design around his neck that covers the place where the tattoo used to be. Michelle had always been known as a beautiful, athletic WWE Diva and it seemed like a mismatched couple, especially when The Undertaker's WWE character is taken into account. But outside of the company, he is thought to be the complete opposite of this.

It was unknown at the time how long the couple had been together before they allowed their relationship to become public knowledge, but they continued to date for another few years before they decided to marry.

Since then they have welcomed their first daughter together, whom they named Kaia Faith, who was not The Undertaker's first child more on that to follow.

how did the undertaker and michelle mccool meet press

The couple met when McCool was brought back into WWE's main picture in and it seems that is when they truly began to get closer. There are a number of different reports about this couple and not that much is truly known about how and when The Undertaker and Michelle first got together. They married in It is unknown what actually split The Undertaker and Sara up in the end, but it is thought that when Michelle McCool made her WWE return inthe couple were already getting closer.

At years-old Michelle was also going to have had her own history.

how did the undertaker and michelle mccool meet press

Michelle married her high school sweetheart Jeremy Louis Alexander when she was much younger and remained married to him for much of her professional wrestling career. The couple's divorce was then finalized the same year that The Undertaker and Sara's was, in From there, Michelle was then free to begin dating The Undertaker, whom she went on to marry four years later. Oftentimes, it takes a few tries to get it right as is evident with The Undertaker and Michelle McCool's relationship.

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Luckily, they found each other. The couple met when they were both full-time wrestlers for WWE back in the early s.

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Michelle returned to WWE TV in following her divorce and while it is unknown when the couple officially began dating, it is thought that it was around this time period.

They then made their relationship public and married four years later in and welcomed a daughter in They have been together now for six years and are seemingly going strong.

Photo: The Undertaker And Michelle McCool In Dallas Cowboys Owner’s Office

But since they are such a private couple, problems within their marriage would probably not make it to the public at this point anyway. The inaugural Divas Champion seems to have been recovering well since the official diagnosis but there were rumors that TheUndertaker was thinking of retiring from WWE to help the former Superstar recover from her illness. Michelle is the mother of The Undertaker's youngest child and it would make sense for him to want to spend more time at home to look after her, but it seems that given her progress, Undertaker will still be making his return to WWE as part of the 'Road to WrestleMania' next year since a match with John Cena has already been heavily rumoured over the past few weeks.

The Undertaker's undefeated streak came to an end at WrestleMania XX back in when he was defeated by Brock Lesnar in what was considered to be an incredibly emotional match.

how did the undertaker and michelle mccool meet press

After the match The Undertaker was taken to the hospital after he collapsed backstage. He was released the following day and his wife was by his side the entire time. Michelle must have found the match incredibly emotional as well since she wasn't told that he was going to lose prior to the event.