Mass effect meet me at the bar

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mass effect meet me at the bar

Meet Me at The Bar. *I don't own anything, I just wrote the story. I woke up with cold chills all over me. I've been having the same dream over. Meet Me at the Bar. Garrus Vakarian was on his death bed. He was 68 years of age. "Garrus, are you sure you don't want me to call the doctor?. This subreddit is for people who love the Mass Effect universe - the games, books , comics, “I once told a good friend to meet me at this bar.

She walked up to the ledge which over-looked the crashed Turian ship, staring at the husk of what was once a great battle vessel, a component in the strongest military fleet ever created reduced to a smoking husk devoid of life or fight. Garrus walked up besides her, matching her gaze towards the ship. The past few hours of fighting he had sounded typically energetic, focused on his next target and the battle around him such as allowed no room for fatigue or exhaustion. But as they talked now, the past three days of fighting he had endured became apparent.

Since they had left Earth she had barely slept, and paused only to take a few nutrient bars to keep herself going, adrenaline and pure determination replacing her need for food and sleep as she scrambled to pick up the pieces of shattered defenses and battered militaries to face the greatest threat the Galaxy had ever known.

She was the first to interrupt the silence, softly, her voice hoarse with dehydration, but no less lacking for emotion and earnestness.

Mass Effect: Meet Me At The Bar, a mass effect fanfic | FanFiction

Shepard turned her head to Garrus as she spoke, her eyes still fixed on the shuttle as she heard the Turian Soldiers scrambling to establish security around the landing zone. But come prepared to lose. It was clear that Garrus had been throw a harrowing experience beyond anything Shepard had ever seen him after, even Omega, the shadows in his eyes going much deeper than exhaustion, reaching back to lost friends, loved ones, a planet burning around him, his voice steely and hard, not with the anger and resentment which the burning bodies and pool of cerulean blood had developed the last time they had been reunited, but rather a determination and desperate intensity which was focused solely on winning the conflict at hand.

The conversation moved quickly beyond their small greetings, promises unspoken of stories yet to be shared of the past three days, big guns and aim. Shepard was slightly startled, if not relieved, when Garrus brought up the topic of their romance, however, the subject one she had been hoping to smooth over but denying the thought, occluded by troop movements and fallen planets, war planning and unanswerable distress calls.

She laughed like she had before, some cross between a chuckle and a giggle, though she would deny the latter playing any part. Alliance Commanders do not chuckle, I would never do such a thing. And certainly, definitely not with a Turian such as Garrus Vakarian watching. She closed her eyes gently against the influx of emotion, turning around and walking back up into the forward battery, leaving Garrus standing behind, baffled and flaring his mandibles in confusion.

Elizabeth bowed her head, the words bitter in her voice as she spoke. Pretty terrible, especially when delivered by a rocket. Her eyes were surprisingly wet. Garrus waited, patiently, having stood up and turned around, leaning his back towards the blank terminal screen, looking to his right down at Shepard as she bowed her head and collected her thoughts. By the time she looked up again, the area around her eyes was red with agitation.

So… I guess I wonder if I want to give this screwed up galaxy the chance to take you. Timidly, she began again, her voice crescendoing as loss and memory seeped into her neutral tones, finishing with a spent emptiness that echoed of a thousand futures she never wanted to imagine with a thousand fateful bullets. Now, after a couple of Reapers tear planets apart and, here we were with the whole crew again.

mass effect meet me at the bar

I pushed the memories away and headed to the war room. This was it, our final chance to take down the reapers. I didn't want any hard feelings at the end of this because I was walking into a certain fate, death. I'm proud to call you my lieutenant. You were very nerdy and, I came to love that in you. Now, your a strong capable woman ready to face any challenges to come. You've proved yourself and I'm also proud to have you in the Normandy.

I'm glad you decided to join us on our journey to the end. What can I say about the one and only Archangel?

Good times Garrus, good times. He knew I was joking and so did the rest of the crew. I did that to lighten the mood.

The Collector Base was risky but, you made the crew and the ship through it. I came around though. Between you and Traynor with all the technology I believe you made the Normandy run so much better. I also wiped tears from everyone. My crew was hurt knowing I might not make it back but, I told them if any one is to sacrifice its me. Millions of lives were on the line and if one life could save them then yes, I'd do it no questions asked. That's how much I want a future for them and for those I don't even know.

When I saw those shuttles shot down on Earth.

Meet Me at the Bar, a mass effect fanfic | FanFiction

I vowed then to make a sacrifice to save those closest and those who never even knew me. I headed back to my cabin. Thoughts going through my head again. What happens to the crew if I don't return? Who will take my place and gain the knowledge if I don't return? I soon found myself writing a letter to the only person I knew who could command a crew as well as I did.

Garrus- If your reading this letter, I gone, for good. We both saw this coming. I don't know if this in my power as Commander Shepard but, I hope you and the rest of the Alliance respects my wishes. I leaving you the Normandy and the crew.

I never thought anyone was more capable then you. I believe you will make a good Commander Vakarian. Please lead the crew in the finest path you can, believe in yourself and them.

They'll look up to you as they did me.

mass effect meet me at the bar

On a more personal note, I'm sorry. I didn't want to leave you but, in a mess like this no choices are given. I know you are very upset with me right now and I get it. I would be too but, just remember I will always love you. I cleaned up for desk area so the letter was easily found if I do not return.

mass effect meet me at the bar

I was interrupted by the sound of my cabin doors sliding apart and closing. And there he was in his blue and black armour. The same one where no matter how many times I want to save the child I can't. He always, always get engulfed in those damn flames and I can't do anything about it.

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Cold chills filled my body. I looked over to the corner of my cabin there was Garrus probably doing some calibrations. I rose up and put my face in my hands, nothing could prepare me for what was about to come. I met the crew who were all ready to face the battle field we once called home.

I gathered everyone and told them my final words. I wouldn't be here without each and everyone of you guiding me and the others, I want you to have no regrets in this mission, treat it as any other. We have a objective and let's get it done. Then, we are going to retire on a warm tropical island. Maybe even find out what a turian human baby looks like? I stood there taken back of that thought.

If I make it out that Garrus wants to start a family? Hmm, a family with Garrus Vakarian. The thought of a warm tropical place with the whole crew would be nice. I suppose I would be retired and have a lot of free time. I always did want to be a mom too.

Hell yeah, let's do it.

mass effect meet me at the bar

He needed me but, so did the rest of the galaxy. I chose my path into the alliance so now I must pay the consequences even if it for the greater good.

mass effect meet me at the bar