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I've even written a walkthrough of the entire game, which covers everything in . game in which the player has to rescue the princess, Felicia that was turned to stone. Muralla Town (Cavern of Malicia) Cangrejo (Giant Crab) 2. .. reveals advantages and weaknesses for each small monster you often meet in the caverns. Often board game nights. He and I are Whenever I meet people from smaller towns, and farm towns, I'm usually struck by this. It's rather And inexplicably, there was a princess. When the sexy Russian stud next door offers to plow her driveway, she can't afford to pay. . My stepdad has a dark secret. Barbie: Video Game Hero: Code Racers. 'K $ Blaze And The Monster Machines: Meet The Machine. 'PRE $ Book Of Dragons: Secrets Of The Dragon Domain (W. 4-UP. $ French: Malicia Peps #1: Concours A Canal Sorcie. ' $ .. Haunted: House Next Door, The. '5-UP. $.

In addition, certain areas such as the My Alibi nightclub can cause the map-loading to fail and eventually drop you into an infinite black void, which of course is treated as the basis for the next autosave, forcing you to start a new game because the Arkham series does not back up its saves. Fortunately, there is a pile of unstable meteorites right in front of it, so you can lay down a thermal detonator and wait a few seconds for it to explode, clearing the way for you to proceed.

Unfortunately, this pile of unstable meteorites will sometimes be located near the ceiling of this cave mouth, and not the floor. Thermal detonators can only be placed on the floor, and other explosive weapons like the rocket launcher have no effect on these meteorites. The only way to proceed is to either start a new save file and hope that the meteorites spawn on the floor this time around, or to use the cheat codes conveniently included in the game's readme file for just such an occasion - simply turn off clipping, fly through the barrier, and turn clipping back on again.

Shadow of the Colossus has a number of ponds littered about the game world for atmospheric purposes. However, if you climb up a structure near one and dive into one from sufficient height not too difficult to dothe game simply freezes. Doing this on certain emulators—which are apparently more stable than the PS2 itself—causes you to be teleported into the middle of the sky.

Suffice to say, once you finally make it to the ground, your death will be swift. A Crack In Time has a nasty bug that apparently makes two lines of code continuously conflict in the background while both attempt to resolve. Long story short, never use the Dynamo weapon in the Battleplex Arena fights, especially the ones that have re-spawning ammo crates. It can lead to crashing your PS3's operating system and causing a player to have to factory reset. Also, unfortunately, some copies of the game crash during loading screens.

The most common place for the game to constantly crash is during the loading screen right after the " In the PS3 HD Remaster of Up Your Arsenal there's a glitch where entering first person mode in the casino film set can cause the screen to become covered in a peach tone, which can follow you around the level after and is easily dealt with by not pressing the first person button throughout the level. But occasionally the game may cause the glitch and extend it after Ratchet exits first person making the game unplayable unless the game is reset.

Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank have an unfortunate tendency to soft-lock while saving when being played on NTSC Slim PS 2 models, which not only leads to a corrupted save, but also a giant circular scratch on the disc, leaving the game unplayable. Shooting at the small floor-sliding globs he summons will cause the game to freeze. Hope you've slept in the Cave's bed beforehand! Luigi's Mansion has a nasty glitch with the final portrait ghost, Van Gore.

If you beat him, open the chest, and leave the room without picking up the key from the chest to capture a Boo, for instancethe key will vanish and you're unable to reach the Final Boss. However, this is only game-breaking if you don't know how to resolve it: The 3DS e-shop version of the first Shantae has a nasty bug where touching a Warp Squid would occasionally make the game crash and delete the player's save files.

The good news is that it happens so rarely that most people won't encounter it. The bad news is that no one knows what triggers it so there are currently no known ways to prevent it. Action Game An entire page could be spent listing the various game-breaking bugs in Hidden And Dangerous ; fortunately, this got better with patches and an eventual free re-release. Characters in vehicles often grew to twice their normal sizes, causing half their bodies to stick through the roofs.

One mission featured a vehicle that had to be driven. It might be larger than the hole that this vehicle must pass through, forcing the player to cheat past the level.

If you ran out of ammunition, you fell through the ground. The result is instant destruction of the boat containing your whole team.

Affected missions are still winnable if you can kill all the enemies before they can attack. Most of them were merely agonizing, but there was one place where, in order to progress, you need to save the game during the Fade Out between scenes.

If you time it wrong, you lose the save file. Too many items in your Hero Stash and it'll freeze upon taking out any Giant Mook. Keep it below Max Payne sometimes had a glitch on the final stage where the cutscene would fail to activate, resulting in Max firing a couple shots at Nicole and the game freezing. Alternatively, Nicole could snag the wall next to the gate leading to the helicopter and stop. Max would then catch up and unload hundreds of bullets into the back of her head until you reloaded.

Final Zone II, at least on some copies, had a problem where a horrible buzzing sound would sometimes start after the intro cutscene and continue throughout the game. This may have been due to a defect in the CD. The Cursed Crusade, at least on the Xboxwill corrupt your save if it crashes during a chapter load, preventing it from loading anything beyond the crash point.

In Alone in the Darkthere is a sequence where you must drive a car from a building near Central Park all the way through some of the nearby streets in order to escape a gigantic fissure wreaking havoc on the city. However, during the very last part of the ride, a very nasty bug will sometimes prevent the map from correctly loading during the last jump, making you fall to your death and forcing you to repeat the whole driving sequence.

It is possible for dogs to somehow walk through a wall and get stuck in the void outside the level. There's no way to kill them when they're trapped like this, so if the stuck dog is the last enemy alive, you cannot clear the level and there's no way to get killed which is necessary to restart a level either.

You have to begin the entire chapter anew. What will happen is, the wooden nickel that's supposed to highlight at the Mockturtle store owner won't highlight and you're forced to start chapter 3 over. This can also happen with Rosella in Malicia's house; if you take too long and try to go out the back way, you're stuck with Malicia zapping you every time, and you're forced to start chapter 4 over.

In Laura Bow 2: Dagger of Amon Ra, there is an "error 5 glitch" that can crash your game if you open the transom over the door and go into the mummy room in Act 5 while Mr.

X is chasing you. Luckily, you can bypass the error by just clicking on the transom window once. But remember to have an extra backup save, or else your current save will keep crashing you out of the game. In Faxanaduthe rewards for beating dungeons are items which can be used to clear certain blockades or obstacles in certain screens. However, these items disappear after being used, and if you leave the screen from the left side probably to refill on health since the level layouts often sport monsters camping near ladders, from where you can't attack the blockade will reappear, but the items won't respawn anymore even after beating the dungeons again, making the game unwinnable.

The Beast Within features a crippling bug at the end of Chapter 4 that prevents the player from progressing to the next chapter. The original Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness was originally rushed out, bugs and all. Most of them were fixed in one way or another, but by the time the dust had settled, a few remained: The most infamous is the bane of gamers everywhere, Error Midway through the game, thanks to issues in dealing with faster computers, one crucial area in the swamp becomes impossible to leave without crashing the game.

QFG message boards then-and-forever had a new favorite topic. This is also one of the few Sierra games that has a bug that occurs at the end of the game. When fighting Ad Avis, the hero has a staff that turns into a spear; this spear sometimes turns into the now dead Ad Avis about halfway back to the player character, who then kills our hero with a spell shot from a different area of the screen.

This bug appears to occur randomly. A variation of this glitch also occurs due to a bug in the game's timing. For some computers, the timer in the scene that determines how much time left the player has before Ad Avis will kill them will continue to keep running even if the player is speaking to Ad Avis or checking their inventory otherwise which normally should paused the game until either the dialogue box is closed or the inventory is closed otherwise.

Depending on what the player is specifically doing at the time, either it will cause Ad Avis to quickly kill the player instantly, even if it interrupts a current action the player is doing at the time such as while turning Erana's Staff into a spear or, if killed, instantly revive himself just to kill the player, causing the game to assume as if the player was killed by Ad Avis in the first place.

The glitch both variants can be seen in its entirety here. If you haven't met the Domovoi by then, or, god forbid, you haven't finished the Domovoi's quest and received the necessary key itemthen you're stuck The worst part is that the Domovoi's appearance is supposed to wake you up in the middle of the night, to clue you in that there's something that you need to do outside your room in the inn.

But there's several safe places to sleep in the game the town square, the magical gardenand even if you sleep in the inn, you will sleep through the night without interruption because of another bug. Basically, if you don't know about the Domovoi and take specific actions to meet him, then you can't finish the game.

While the CD version fixes most of the bugs, it also introduces one particularly glaring one: The only way to get past this bug which happens every time is to cast the certain spell again, then summon the staff.

But what most walkthroughs don't tell you is that if you cast the spell at certain specific places, the game will consider those casts as "misses" in the final battle, resummon Ad Avis, and have him kill you instantly. And those specific places cover more than half the screen. Quest for Glory III doesn't have quite as many, but a few irritants still show up. The only way to bypass that point is to fight the monster that the Dispel Potion is meant to take care of for you, which for a Wizard is often lethal it's a tough fight even for a Fighter.

In the same line as Error 52, there's Error 4 that crashes your game during the Simbani initiation. King's Quest IV has a bug that only shows up on slower computers, thanks to the odd way in which the game calculates time for various characters.

Rosella and all the other characters move slowly because the computer isn't fast enough to draw everything at full speed. The game is still playable, just slow. The one exception is the ogre, which uses a more real-time timing method — he travels across the screen in a certain number of seconds no matter how slow the computer is. In one plot point, Rosella is in the ogre's house and must reach the door before he catches her, only possible on PCs which run the game at the intended speed.

The only way around this is to take the saved game file to a faster computer and play that scene there. Playing Eco Quest 2 on a computer that is too fast results in an ' This can be fixed by using a slowdown utility. Looking for Love in Several Wrong Places snuck into the game just the night before the game shipped: Near the end of the game, the player is expected to combine an airsick bag with a bottle to make a Molotov cocktail, the bag serving as its wick.

The only acceptable input is some variation of "put airsick bag in bottle", because a the parser is badly written specifically to understand fully formed English phrases instead of "adventure game shorthand", b a completely unrelated bug had just been fixed by another coder by turning the word "bag" into a verb and c no one cared to fix it in time, because Sierra's testing policy at the time was to use the longest possible phrase in a situation and see if it worked.

Contrary to popular belief, the input does not require the word "the" several times; the point is that "airsick bag" works, whereas the common shorthand "bag" doesn't since it's a verb. Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals is notorious for its speed bug.

The faster the CPU cycle, the longer you have to endure some sequences. Exercising on the machines. Originally, you only need to do 20 of each. With the speed bug, you'll be doing this forever with no resolve. Waiting for the damn elevator to get to the penthouse. It will never come. This skips a large chunk of game and messes up many dependencies.

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In The Curse of Monkey Islandone of the tasks on Blood Island requires you to pull some loose hair off a dog with your hand so it will bite you. If you try to cut it off with the scissors you get the Blue Screen Of Death. In copies of the game that don't have this bug, Guybrush just mistakes your intention and chastises you for suggesting he harm an innocent dog. Escape from Monkey Island has a nasty bug in the PC version of the game. At one point you're in a sushi restaurant, and you have to stick a fork in a track on a table to stop a sushi boat moving.

This is intended to cause the chef to come out of the kitchen and if you are quick, you are able to grab something from the kitchen. In the PS2 version, this is fine. In the PC version, however, you can hear the chef say his dialogue before you've actually done this task, and far worse, when you've done it there is nowhere near enough time to go into the kitchen and get what you need before you get thrown out.

Talking to Otis on Jambalaya Island has no negative effects the first time you do it, but talking to him again at any other point in the level will crash the game. The PS2 version has a nasty and seemly random glitch that causes Guybrush to be permanently rooted to the spot and nothing seems to get him moving again.

The original 8-bit text adventure of The Hobbit is terminally bugged in early releases - among many weird glitches, Gollum will ask you riddles, but pay no attention to the answers, making it impossible to get the ring. Grim Fandango has an elevator which the player needs to stop at a certain point. However, if you had az computer with a fast CPU, the elevator would move too fast to be stopped, and the player won't even realize stopping it is possible.

This was luckily fixed with a patch. In Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, there is one point where you have to ride a log raft to the other side of the river.

The version introduced a bug where, when you make it to the other side, if you simply click on the space where PuttPutt gets off instead of going somewhere else, he starts talking. Skip it, and the raft disappears and never comes back. You don't have anywhere to go either, so your only choice is to reset the game. The original Colossal Cave got ported to many, many systems. Somewhere along the way, one version picked up a couple of bugs, and then the bugged version got ported further by people who didn't check that the version they were copying could be completed.

Several of them are potential game-breakers, but the simplest example is one of the many treasures you need to collect and store in order to unlock the endgame. The treasure is just lying in a remote chamber, and all you have to do is pick it up. In the bugged versions, typing "get spices" gives the response "You can't be serious! The adventure game Valhalla on the Spectrum, which has you as a minor Norse god trying to get into the titular Norse heaven by earning the favour of the other gods specifically, by going on six quests to gain various itemshas a limit on how many items can be in a location at once, which is enforced by a simple mechanism — if one item too many is dropped in a location, a NPC with the decidedly non-Nordic name of Klepto Greek for "thief" will appear from nowhere, steal the item just dropped, and vanish, permanently removing the item from that game.

Woe betide you if the item is a quest item which you need to fulfill a later quest. Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender has a well known bug: The player then can't proceed because they don't have the item, even though it's no longer needed.

Remember that part about physics engines messing you up by sending important things flying where they're not supposed to go? Jazzpunk guess it fits here has possibly the ultimate version of this: It's possible to accidentally launch yourself high in the air and land outside the field of play.

Jim Sterling managed to do this in the first mission area and wound up on the street between the park and the sidewalk, unable to get back to either because of the fences. Earlier editions of The Amazon Trail have a glitch where the basilisk will appear peeking around the edge of the screen but won't cross the water so you can snap a picture of him. Another bug comes up if the medicine man gives you loo-to-me instead of ipecacuanha or chondrodendron.

You don't need to use any of them until much later in the game, when you're "trading" with Lope de Aguirre. These three medicines are dangerous if you overdose, and giving them to Lope incapacitates him so you can get away. The glitch traps you in the scene if he takes the loo-to-me.

The medicine man is the second checkpoint in the game, so anyone who knows about the glitch knows to restart if they got loo-to-me. In The Longest Journeysome actions have to be done in the exactly right order, even if the game seems to accept any order. Usually it's no big deal, except for one puzzle that doesn't allow disassembling a partly-assembled contraption.

It requires you to inflate a rubber duck, pull it over a steel clamp, tie a rope to the clamp and use the device while the duck is still inflated. Since there's a time limit, many players reverse the order: But this way the game behaves as if there is no rope, and April can neither use the device, nor untie the rope. The device is required to finish Chapter 2, but the mistake can be made early in Chapter 1.

In other words, a player has to restart. There seem to exist several different versions where the bug may or may not manifest. The build sold at gog. Beat 'Em Up Akiba's Trip: Having too many clothing items of a certain type in your inventory while attempting to strip an article of that same type has a high chance of crashing the game.

Thankfully, it's at least easily resolved by selling clothing at any of the many shops. Since you need to defeat everybody on a floor to move on, that's as far as you can go.

After the glitch was discovered, you could send SNK Playmore your bugged copy for a fixed one. The EU version fixed the bug. Likewise, if a certain percentage of your duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul end in losses, Yugi's grandfather will never be unlocked, even if you fulfill the requirements. Even after you unlock him, if you ever reach that ratio of losses, he will disappear. Duel Monsters and its sequel Yu-Gi-Oh! But on the bright side you might be able to get a copy of Blue-Eyes White Dragon early on in the games.

The Gathering occasionally releases a card that has to be reworded after printing because they either cause infinite loops or don't work for whatever reason. There was even one card Fatespinner that was fairly mundane by the game's standards, calling on the opponent to pick a handicap each time they got a turn. When the card was first added to the online version of the game, it didn't provide them with a way to resolve that decision, and they could do nothing but wait for their time to run out and automatically lose.

Needless to say, decks built around doing nothing but getting that card into play became wildly popular over the next few days to the point that they had to ban the card online until they could fix it.

The original wording of the card effect was that the Floral Spuzzem itself not the player got to decide which card got targeted by its effect. Guess how long you'd have to wait until a piece of cardboard spoke up to give you its opinion on the matter? Driving Game Forza Motorsport 4 had a bug in online player where players may hang up in loading screen - sometimes up to five minutes, until the game boots them out to the lobby or pukes up a "disc is dirty" error.

When this happens, the entire lobby gets stuck in the loading screen until the person causing the delay get booted out by the game.

This was patched in the March 23rd update, which then introduced If your car's decals are not visible in a race, your Xbox will crash when you return to the lobby. How often it happens varies by player, from every other race rendering the game effectively unplayable to every dozen or so races. Unfortunately, the money requirements to encounter two particular opponents were not adjusted; as a result, one of these opponents, Whirlwind Fanfare, requires more money than you are allowed to hold—you can hold up to 99, credits, she requires million.

Since you need to beat the first opponents, including her, to challenge the Giant Space Flea from Nowhere Final Bossit's impossible to beat the game without an Action Replay. Mario Kart Wii also has the game freeze should you use the Bullet Bill item in battle mode, though the item can only be used there through cheats.

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Since this item was not programmed to be used in battle mode, the game crashes since it doesn't know what to do. Doing said trick is highly frowned upon because it literally breaks the game—specifically, the card reader. If you know what the trick is, please don't do it. The whole of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. It would be easier to count which features actually work. Within a few years, the game was impossible to play. A Game Breaking Patch was released which claims to fix this and add local multiplayer, but also seems to require the game to be installed in c: As the goal of the Boost Challenges is to pass through a certain number of checkpoints, they become impossible to clear.

The first Boost Challenge appears near the beginning of the single-player mode as a mandatory mission, so this glitch effectively stops Wii U players from accessing much of the game. However, it is possible to skip these challenges by failing three or four times on Easy difficulty. Then usually we get to doing I'll let you use your imagination. We usually have lazy week-ends. Often board game nights. He and I are big nerds that way.

When did you first start writing? Back then I did a lot of plagiarizing, mainly from my mom and dad's Archie and Disney comics. My English teacher at the time seemed oblivious to this, and so she used to read my stuff at the front of the class to show off how brilliant and creative I was. Of course this was horribly embarrassing for me, since I basically copied everything.

She once read mine in front of the class next to another creative journal, to show how creative I was, and what a terrible writer the other girl was.

That girl hated me from then on of course, and I sort of started hating my teacher. A teacher should never humiliate her students like that. Incidentally, that girl dropped out in grade 4 and became a model. Apparently she was mad when she realized I wasn't listening during a lesson. I've since been diagnosed with ADHD. All of this is true, but you can believe it or not. Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing? I'm a city slicker, so that's why my stories are so often set in NYC or a similar international city.

I think it's made me kind of spoiled and impatient, actually. Whenever I meet people from smaller towns, and farm towns, I'm usually struck by this. What do you read for pleasure?

A wide variety of things I'm kind of a huge nerd. I like to think that comes out in my books as well. What's the story behind your latest book? So I'm working on a fourth installment. If they keep selling well, I'll keep writing them. The heroine and her husband are, in a way, mirrors of me and mine. I like being tied-up, and being dominated, and made to perform all kinds of degrading acts and receive all kinds of punishments.

At the same time, we occasionally switch, so the BDSM swingers series follows a cocktail of our fetishes, both as tops and bottoms. What motivated you to become an indie author? I like writing porn and getting paid for it. This just seemed like a really good way to do both. At this point, I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. Despite being a mostly, but sometimes bratty submissive, I don't exactly like working for other people.

I absolutely hated being a secretary. Who are your favorite authors? Without getting too crazy, I suppose I could list a few. I'm quite fond of some of the classics like Jane Austen and Mary Shelley. I also like E. James, despite all the hate she seems to get from the literary community.

I think she's a bad-ass bitch! What inspires you to get out of bed each day? Usually the need to use the toilet gets me out of bed! Otherwise I mightn't bother. I'd write in bed if I could. But then I probably wouldn't be able to stop masturbating Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

There's the first story I remember I'm not sure it's necessarily the first I ever wrote, but it was inspired by an episode of Star Trek. I remember I called the team they beamed down an "O. I don't know what I thought O.

Zeliard manual

It was about flying monkeys taking over their space ship. And inexplicably, there was a princess. What is your writing process? First I have an epiphany. Then I write something. Then I edit it. Then I design a cover for it. Then I publish it.