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Read more about our studio, what our team is all about, and how we work to Target + Transform within You!. Come meet us at the “Barre” the hottest workout around!!! (The intro Barre Class for $8 doesn't include the Mama & Baby Class). CALL or EMAIL us to book . Barre classes take place in our non-heated studio in Stoney Creek. Barre fitness classes use small, isometric movements and incorporate props to strengthen.

I hope that my classes help students discover what makes their yoga practice fun, experiment with new ways to move intuitively, and find a safe space both in the classroom and in their minds. See you on the mat soon! After dedicating herself to her practice and earning her teaching certifications in yoga she continued to expand her teaching abilities by becoming certified in aerial yoga, spinning, barre and many other disciplines.

meet me at the barre stoney creek

Cassandra began her teaching career in the Halton region, and recently has expanded to Stoney Creek with this studio. Cassandra continues to expand her practice, delving deeper into her spiritual practice in tandem with her physical practice, and is constantly inspired by the people she meets in the studio and in the classroom.

Her students continuously motivate her and lead her as she tries to grow with their practice. For Cate, teaching yoga feels as natural as breathing. After seeing how regular practice was reflected in her soccer game, yoga quickly became a part of her routine.

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Her aim is for students to walk away from class feeling balanced in their bodies and present in their minds. Yoga is not about how far one can push themselves, but rather recognizing personal boundaries and building strength and awareness to eventually shatter them.

Yoga Instructor, Osteopath M.

The Barre - Mud St W, Stoney Creek, ON

She began practicing yoga in with little expectation of how this practice would change her life. Inspired to share yoga with others, she went on to complete her Hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training in Teaching yoga enables her to share the joy of yoga and the freedom that it brings to ones mind, body and soul.

meet me at the barre stoney creek

Natalie is a firm believer in the holistic approaches to health care and recently completed her studies at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Natalie has earned the designation M. Her education has transformed her approach to teaching and her understanding of the body.

Natalie's classes combine her passion for yoga, movement and breath. Come practice with her! When yoga was introduced to her, she fell in love with the way it made her feel not only physically, but mentally, energetically and emotionally. Yoga began to open her eyes to a world of self-care she did not know existed. Samantha brings softness, creativity, and kindness to her classes.

She challenges you in her gentle ways and sprinkles obstacles throughout the practice for you to overcome. Expect to take a journey through your body, challenge your limits and connect with real life relevance on and off your mat. Yoga Instructor I found yoga in the summer of Nicole Ciralo-Wilson had been bugging me for years to start yoga to relieve my low back pain and tight hips.

After being pretty nervous I gathered up the courage to try one of her classes at Moksha Yoga in Dundas Ontario. I was immediately hooked. After one class I started practising yoga at least 3 — 4 times a week which eventually led up to an everyday practice. After about a year of steady yoga practice I decided to become a yoga instructor.

I felt it was my life calling. Since then I have gone on to become certified in Restorative Yoga as a well as a unique style of yoga called Forrest Yoga. There are quite a few things that draw me to practising yoga. One is definitely the physical aspect and making really fun shapes with my body. The second things is the mind to body connection which also falls under the physical aspect in every way you can imagine.

Yoga has helped me to face a lot of my fears that are deep within, let go of judgments and learn not to take things so seriously. From American barbecue and cuisine to Mexican specialties, they have a little something for everyone.

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I finally found out why! It was so dreamy! The four of us enjoyed our cups and cone on the way over to see The Avengers. Stoney Creek Metropark Sunday was a mix of on-and-off rain all day long. We are looking forward to visiting the park and beaches a lot more this summer and year!

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