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[TNG] Jammer's Review: "Q Who"

meet the artist jammers reviews

Picard meets the ship's new head of stellar science, Lt. Commander Nella Daren .. But, Stewart, being the artist that he is, still manages to infuse the story with. In staff meeting, Torres solves the singularity's mystery in thirty seconds flat and ramblings of a scam artist (seriously, go look it up if you don't believe me). The astonishing thing about this dramatic work of art is the economy with is the sense of going on these adventures and meeting all these different races and .

The episode also implies that the Borg were responsible for the destroyed colonies along the Romulan Neutral Zone. The best aspect of "Q Who" is its ability to mix the intellectual with the visceral.

meet the artist jammers reviews

In other words, it's the best kind of TNG action show, and should stand as a lesson to sci-fi shows that are action-oriented: Your action works only if it grows from a point of emotion, in this case genuine scariness.

The Borg are scary precisely because they cannot be reasoned with and because their technology is vastly superior to the Enterprise's — and those two avenues are the basis by which nearly all TNG stories are typically solved.

meet the artist jammers reviews

The Borg have often been described simply as "implacable," and I agree that that's the best adjective for them. They are an implacable foe, and we learn that very quickly by their behavior in this episode.

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The industrial-cube design of the Borg vessel is brilliant in its simplicity: Here's a society that has no regard for style or aesthetics but simply raw function. When they communicate, it's with terse directives; they epitomize the laconic.

The episode puts good use to Guinan by revealing that not only has she had past dealings with Q, but that her people's world was destroyed by the Borg, essentially turning them into nomads. He believes he is still Picard, but his wife Eline Margot Rose tells him that he has just awoken from a long fever and must be delusional.

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He has a good friend named Batai Richard Riehle. Gradually, Kamin resumes the life on Kataan that he doesn't remember.

meet the artist jammers reviews

Back aboard the Enterprise, the crew attempts to disconnect Picard from the probe, but they fail. Every time the narrative returns to Kataan, years have gone by — eventually decades. Kamin builds a life, has children and grandchildren, has long conversations with his wife, grows old and gray with her, and eventually watches her die in his arms.

meet the artist jammers reviews

All the while, he can't shake his interest in the heavens, where he remembers, perhaps as a delusion, of having been a starship captain so long, long ago.

Also quietly in the background, an ominous subplot slowly but surely develops, with talk about droughts that keep getting progressively worse, and whispers that something terrible may be on the horizon.

The secret of "The Inner Light" is that the world of Kataan has been gone for 1, years, destroyed by a supernova that its residents had no hope of escaping.

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The probe was their interactive time capsule meant to deliver the history of their world to one person, via the very specific experience of becoming one of them and living a life among them. We realize what's happening to Kamin's world before it occurs, and it's that foreknowledge that makes both the value and the tragedy of Kamin's life all the more profound and heartbreaking.

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Here's a man — and a society — that knows the world is ending and that everything about their civilization is coming to its imminent and inevitable end, and it's only through the launching of a probe into space — with the hopes that it might, someday, just maybe, find someone else and teach them who they once were — that the world of Kataan is able to survive.

The wonderfully hopeful and heartbreaking, recursively paradoxical moment of epiphany comes at the end of the probe's program, where Kamin realizes that he, who once was Picard 30 years ago in a long-forgotten life, is the very person who will receive this message — because Kamin was Picard, and now Picard is Kamin. Was Kamin based on a real person on Kataan, or was his whole existence an invention for the purpose of the interactive program?

It is, in short, a story of the human experience.

meet the artist jammers reviews

It's a concept that's beautiful in the depth of its meaning, and yet astounding in the simplicity of its procedure. Of course, none of this would be possible without Patrick Stewart's fine performance.