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Check out our list of the Top 25 Chris Brown songs of all time! eight mixtapes, movie soundtrack appearances, dozens of singles, unnumbered unreleased tracks, and .. He pleads listeners to help reach his ex. “I don't know if she's coming home/ My luck's up, I know/ Tell me what to do to get her back. WESTFIELD, Ind. — Two distinct soundtracks wafted over the Colts scorching Perfect song to accompany this practice, this player, this summer. .. p.m.: Just before entering his first Panthers team meeting at Wofford So the Browns have the right plan—play Tyrod Taylor and let Baker Mayfield sit. A stadium singalong song is best when it has no words. "It's a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game" "Mr. Touchdown, USA" . And the allusion to Chuck Berry's " Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" makes up for name-checking noted . Andrew Luck explains why the Colts are having so much recent success.

In other drills, he might throw one or two reps, with Jacoby Brissett and the backups taking more. The Colts are being cautious. Luck is on a regimen that will have him approximate the rhythm of a regular-season week consistently: I asked him how he feels day to day.

There is nothing holding me back. There are some things that feel really good, like an old sweatshirt that you put on that just fits well. And there are some things that still feel awkward and new and wobbly, per se. Did he flex his arm or rub his shoulder after any of his work? I saw none of it, and he told me later he is pain-free after a nightmare I know it killed him. That gave Ballard time to re-survey the field, and Reich was a huge, pleasant surprise.

The signs are all good now. Watt will play in and beyond. In his best four consecutive seasons rushing the passer, Lawrence Taylor had 63 sacks. All-time sack leader Bruce Smith had 55 in his best four years in a row. So I call time. We get a breather. That next play, J.

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The last two years were two very bad years. There were some dark moments in there. What was the darkest moment for you with that severe leg break last year?

You pretty much lay on the couch 24 hours a day. You have to have people help take care of you. I watched TV for most of it. But my girlfriend, my family, some of my buddies, you literally have to have people help you get food, clean up the place.

I needed help getting a shower. I needed help cleaning up. There is this beautiful thing about humanity. When they see their fellow human going through a tough time, they step up to help out. All the different ways that I saw people step up and help out. I saw a beautiful display of positivity, enthusiasm and hope during that time.

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My family, my friends, my teammates, and my girlfriend, they all know the answer to that question. Why the close relationship with Jose Altuve? I love the guy to death. I watched Butler make two very good pass break-ups Friday night in a team practice. Cleveland had 11 first-round picks in the eight drafts between and None are left on the team.

Trading Corey Coleman to Buffalo for a bag of footballs—um, actually a future draft pick—Sunday proved the Browns should keep John Dorsey in power for years. The mayhem of impatient change just has to stop. But opening with Pittsburgh and New Orleans could be a recipe for two bad losses early, and at over two-plus years, how resolute will Jackson be?

Ryan and his wife welcomed twin boys in April, so he stuck close to home through the off-season. And anytime Ryan called looking for a throwing partner, Hooper was there. He had 68 catches in his first two pro seasons, and could have that many this season alone.

Instead of writing something lengthy about the Falcons, I thought about a video idea, and Dimitroff went along with it. I knew he loves cycling and takes long bike rides in and out of season. So I asked him if he would ride his bike at least part of the way with me to work while I was in town for training camp. We did it Friday morning, riding the last 13 miles together, and NBC videographer Annie Koeblitz made the video magic happen.

Interesting what Dimitroff says about his friend Lance Armstrong. My thanks, by the way, to the fine people at Free Flite Bicycles in Atlanta for outfitting me with a great bike and helmet so I could do this.

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The Annie Koeblitz story: About the Helmet Rule 20 It took 4 minutes and 37 seconds for the new helmet rule to come into play Thursday night in the preseason opener. Obviously the league has ruled this as unnecessary. Make it clear and concise. The intent behind the new call is good—further emphasis on taking helmet-hits out of football. The other day, I sat in on a session at Panthers camp—a group of officials explaining to media the new rules and points of emphasis this season.

You don't need to get on the elliptical in order to get in shape; just put these songs in your iPod and go for a walk instead. This song, from the album of the same name, made its way into the U. See what baby steps can accomplish? Since then, the song has been covered by a wide array of artists, including Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.

The second track on the album, "Brand New Sun" is an ode to embracing a new chapter in life. The song is so sweet and melodic, it could almost pass for a lullaby. An acoustic guitar starts things off with a seraphic melody before Lytle joins in his dazzling, breathy voice about running "to a brand new sun".

Listening to the song, it becomes clear Lytle was always the brains behind Grandaddy. The song paints a classic Lytle-esque panorama with a swooping score of cosmic synthesizers and a dash of Lytle's delicate harmonies. In short, it's a stunning pop song, one that is capable of making the dourest curmudgeon smile. In comparison, this song has a slower pace, due to the production of the MeKanics and Khemasis.

Nae-Naeing is often done in accompaniment to the track. Not many of Brown's love songs speak from a place of vulnerability, unless referring to a break up. More focus on an admiration for a girl, descriptive of her eye-catching features and personality. However, "Should've Kissed You" is ballad completely comprised of his own actions and movements. As complex as this love song is, "Should've Kissed You" ties as a personal favorite Chris Brown song.

Instead, Problem acts as the featured artist on this house party staple.