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7 hours ago The soundtracks to all three Bridget Jones's Diary films are worth your The Star -Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy knows what's up Standouts include Jamie O' Neal's All By Myself, Gabrielle heartbreaker Out Of Reach and the loved up song that plays when Jones and naughty Daniel Cleaver hook up for. Fittingly, in , Newton visited China and, while he didn't meet Mao, In the film, we see Cleaver as a charismatic but unpredictable leader. Bridget Jones is a franchise based on a fictional character of the same name created by British Bridget repeatedly flirts with her boss, Daniel Cleaver. After Bridget and Mark reach an understanding of each other and find a sort of happiness together, she gains some self-esteem and cuts . The Guardian. Soundtracks.

One or more of them was always in jail or exile. They never got to sit down eye to eye and work out their problems.


The other two are Huggins and, perhaps the most compelling of them all, Elaine Browna former cocktail waitress in a strip joint who joined the Panthers, like many black Americans, after the assassination of Dr King in April Despite their self-consciously macho image, the Black Panthers did attempt to involve women. We did not want to say that the Panthers succeeded in doing away with sexism. But we did want to say that it was at least on their minds. Though shot by outsiders — the white, sandal-wearing European opposites of the film's very American subjects — the footage offers an incredible insight into the lives of the western world's foremost black radicals at an incendiary time in US history.

There's "political prisoner" Angela Davisspeaking bitterly from her jail cell about the oppressive legacy of slavery. And there's a battle-weary Eldridge Cleaverco-founder of the militant Black Panther party, on the eve of taking himself into reluctant exile.

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On the soundtrack we also hear contemporary interviews from Erykah Badu ,? The film came to Glover via his production company, Louverture Films, and, by chance, the actor was shooting in Sweden at the time, making a low-budget indie called Dear Alice.

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I wanted to tell him about my own experience, because the period is reflective of my own political maturation as well. I was in San Francisco at the time of the formation of the Black Panther party. Not one bit of it. But what it did for me was revitalise some of my own memory about this period of time. Because for myself and others, we've kind of looked at the period ourselves before and tried to digest it.

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There have been several 'reunions' of the members of the Black Student Union, and in our deliberations we've talked about what happened during that period. And often what happens when you go through a period like we did, most notably the San Francisco State [campus] strike ofyou tend to embellish what happened. And there are ways in which you don't grasp the full meaning of it, and its relationship to the day.

But what does that all mean, before the movement and beyond the movement? What this film has done is kind of put into context a whole period for me.

They must really love soot. Freddie and Tommy have a brief Reservoir Dogs-style stand-off by the canal but nothing is resolved and they both just sort of give up. The dramatic tension supposedly generated by the Ada and Freddie relationship just isn't there at the moment. Meanwhile, the Peaky Blinders set off for Cheltenham in a van with Tommy and Grace heading there in a borrowed car.

Even though Tommy has dropped a fair few hints "It's not me you're dressing up for. Wear a red dress to match his pocket handkerchief" Grace is horrified to be offered up to Kimber as a sweetener if he agrees to go into business with the Peaky Blinders.

Tommy's boys teach the Lee family a lesson as a display of muscle for their new protectee. Terms are discussed and Kimber takes Grace back to his house.

At the last minute, Tommy averts Grace being raped by Kimber, bursting into the room and declaring that she has the clap. As Tommy and Grace drive away, she asks him why he changed his mind about letting her sleep with Kimber.

What are they building in there?