Meet the counselor kindergarten lesson

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meet the counselor kindergarten lesson

After seeing grades over the last three weeks, it's finally time to share my first lesson with Kindergarten. I usually schedule them last. Classroom-Based Counseling Lessons at the Beginning of the Year. Results 1 - 24 of 53 Meet Howard B. Wigglebottom, an adorable bunny who has a hard This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson is for.

I use this time to give examples of which secrets I can keep and which secrets I have to tell. I share these cards one at a time and explain what each one means.

This is another activity I use before the main lesson. I always bring the cards back for the next lesson to review. This leads me to believe it is no longer being sold.

meet the counselor kindergarten lesson

You can also use these cards with first or second graders. For this game, use 4 x 6 index cards.

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You can hand write the cards, or type everything, affix each question to the cards, and laminate them. Some example questions are: If I tell the counselor I got into a big argument with my brother before school, he or she will: You can decide how you want the teams to earn points.

meet the counselor kindergarten lesson

I enjoy bringing a Nerf basketball and hoop set for points to make it extra fun. First, I ask the student the question. If he or she is unsure of the answer, he or she can ask the team for help.

This guarantees the team will get one point. Next, the student gets to shoot the ball for a bonus point for the team.

An Elementary Counselor's Beginning of the Year Introduction

We discuss at the beginning how to respond to a missed shot appropriately. One team just ends up with the most points. Either way, use the questions to jump start discussions about important information your students need to know about the school counselor.

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This meet the counselor game is available in my TpT store. It comes with 26 pre-printed game cards. My "School Counselor Toolbox" lesson can be as short as 15 minutes.

meet the counselor kindergarten lesson

The idea is that I explain the job of the school counselor through symbols, such as a puzzle eraser or a heart. Older students are asked to work together to guess what the symbols mean, while the younger students are guided through the process.

You want your students to be excited about what's to come. You can reuse your toolbox throughout the year by, for example, carrying your classroom-based counseling supplies from room to room. Objects "I care about every student.

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I was inspired by this poster I found on Pinterest. Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series. If you haven't read the books, Harry is a wonderfully complicated character who tries to manage extremely difficult circumstances.

For this lesson, I would dress up like Harry Potter. Then, I could have all of my students think of their own fictional character they relate to. Potato Head Here is another opportunity to dress up!

I have always loved Mr.

meet the counselor kindergarten lesson

Potato Head and with Pinterestyou can find countless ways to use the classic toy characters in your school counseling practice. For this lesson, start by finding your costume.